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Digital Finance Sitecore Finland: Michael Leander keynote presentation


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Michael Leander's keynote from the Digital Finance Event in Helsinki, Finland.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Digital Finance Sitecore Finland: Michael Leander keynote presentation

  1. 1. Digital  marke,ng  trends  for   financial  services  marketers   Keynote  speaker  Michael  Leander   Helsinki,  Finland,  24  April  2014     >     >          
  2. 2. See  pictures  from  the  event  here  
  3. 3. Get  the  Digital   Maturity  in  the   Financial  Sector     in  Finland   Infographic  here    
  4. 4. This  slidedeck  does  not  contain  the   videos,  but  you  can  go  to   www.marke,  to  find  them      French  viral  video  “Paper”  here     Catherine  Tate  “The  Translator”  here    
  5. 5. The  importance  of  E’s  in  the     online  space   1.  Expecta,on   2.  Excellence   3.  Exci,ng   4.  Experience   5.  Emo,ons   (leading  to   acHon)   6.  Enablement  
  6. 6. Concepts  &  Ideas     Digital  Finance   Threats,   Trends,   OpportuniHes   One   customer  at  a   Hme     Mobility     Social,  Local   (SOLO)    Michael  Leander:  @michaelleander    #digitalfinance14  @sitecore      
  7. 7. Key  points   •  Key  differen,ator  is  delivering  an  excepHonal   customer  experience  throughout  the  lifeHme  of   ideal  customers  providing  preferenHal  service  to   high  LTV’s     •  SOLO  –  Social  is  Local  and  so  is  Mobile;  bringing   local  to  social  empowering  individual  employees   to  effecHvely  service  individual  customers   •  Omnipresence  is  the  game  you  play.  It’s  difficult,   but  with  the  right  strategy  and  proper  tools  in   place,  it  is  a  winning  posiHon  
  8. 8. The  Future  is  Here  Now,   it  is  just  not  evenly  widely   distributed  
  9. 9. DifferenHate  and     stand  out  
  10. 10. Financial  Services  Trends  &  Innova,ons    
  11. 11. Financial  Services  Trends  &  Innova,ons     Source  here:   h*p://www./.com/cms/s/0/0e0ef050-­‐c16a-­‐11e3-­‐97b2-­‐00144feabdc0.html#axzz2zljZJxYX    
  12. 12. Get  10  Facebook   friends  to  vouch  for   you  to  get  your     quick  loan  
  13. 13. First  Na,onal   Bank   innova,on   through   consumer   insights   SEE  VIDEO  >>>  hZps://  <<<    
  14. 14. Bank  Audi   (Randa  Bdeir)   50+  credit   cards  each  with   own  site  and   communica,on   plan  
  15. 15. Empowering   customers  –   integra7ng  in   all  touch-­‐points   =   Omnipresence  
  16. 16. Content  driven,  engaging  and   differen,ated  approach   Bedre  Råd  (Be*er  Advice/More   Affordable)  portal  engaged   customers  and  ulHmately   lead  to  more  qualified  loan   applicaHons  at  a  cheaper   acquisiHon  cost  
  17. 17. Bedre  Råd  worked  because  it  solved   THE  OTS  CHALLENGE   Message   AcHon   Message   Message   Message   Message   Message   AcHon   Increase  opportunity  to  see  by  3,  5,  10  
  18. 18. THE   CUSTOMER   Experience   OMNICHANNEL   RELEVANCE   EMPOWERMENT   InnovaHon   reflecHng  the   Hmes  we  are   living  in  
  19. 19. Now  &  Next  Genera7on  Online   Presence  Centers  Around  ….   Customer  journey  /&     persona  driven   approach   • Align  content  to   solve  customer   needs   • DifferenHate  based   on  prospect  &   customer  status  +   win-­‐back   Content  in   context   • Match  buying  vs.   selling  cycles   • Relate  content  to   campaigns   Community   engagement   • Establish  sHckiness   • Social  engagement   • AZract,  sustain  &   grow  membership   based  community   Engagement  &   campaign   automa,on   • Personalized     • Relevant   conversaHons   • One  data  repository   Prerequisite  =  Strong  technology  setup  
  20. 20. iQuestion  Time       A  quick  marke,ng  IQ  test  for     financial  services  marketers  
  21. 21. Which  presenta7on?   A  –  With  fun   B  –  Without  fun  
  22. 22. Which  reads  the  most     words  per  minute  –  the  eye  or  the  ear?   2.500  words  per  minute   125  words  per  minute  
  23. 23. People  talk  about   pictures,  share   them,  LOL  at   them  
  24. 24. Let’s  show  the  world  how  amazing  we  are   •  Take  a  picture     •  Have  a  chocolate   •  Leave  your   business  card  or   email  address  to   get  case  studies   •  See  your  photo   on  Facebook  and   other  places  ;-­‐)     Trondheim,  Norway   Sydney,  Australia  
  25. 25. Your  market  is  both  men  and  women.  You     can  only  use  one  picture.  Which  do  you  choose?   Man  also  known  as  male   Woman  also  known  as  female  
  26. 26. The  power  of   social  is  in  the   share  
  27. 27. AID+LIRA  Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement   Share  is  good   Ac7on  is  best   Like  is  NOT  a  currency,  engagement  is  @michaelleander  
  28. 28. The  power  of  social  is  in  the  share   Page  likes   5.000   Shared   222   Reach   23.168   Clicks   ?   Likes   74   Call  to   acHon  
  29. 29. Make  the  onsite  share  easy  -­‐  >     and  make  it  count   Think  about   -­‐  Images   -­‐  Shared  text   -­‐  How  to  make   the  share   convert  
  30. 30. What  is  the  biggest  reason  for   customers  defec,on?   •  Price  of  service   •  Dissa,sfac,on   •  Don’t  get  aeen,on  
  31. 31. Reasons  for  customer  defec,on  
  32. 32. Own  The   Experience  
  33. 33. The  experience   starts  and  ends   with  marke7ng  
  34. 34. No  more  one  size  fits  all  –     no  more  pretending  
  35. 35. Personalized  with  7tle  and   name   Targeted    relevant  offer   Image  and  copy  based    on  life  stage  
  36. 36. Personalize  and/or  customize   the  online  experience  
  37. 37. Sta,c  approach:  Homepage  
  38. 38. Sta7c  approach:  What  does  your   visitor  want  to  do  next?    
  39. 39. Model  for  content,  customiza,on    and  personaliza,on  planning    
  40. 40. FURDIC  -­‐  >  The  feel  good  feeling  related  to   your  online  presence   •  Can  your  visitors  FURDIC  ?     – Find   – Understand   – Relate   – Do   – Interact   – Complete  (transacHon)  
  41. 41. FIND,   Serve,   Convert   Dynamic   Entry   page   Campaign   Google   Social    
  42. 42. Am  I  in  the  right   place  ?     Looks  for   signals     Finds  signal   quickly   No  signals   found   Good  experience  
  43. 43. Use  commonsense  >  increase   your  conversion  rates   Banner  adverHsement     Landing  page  
  44. 44. The  Danger  of  Band   Wagon  &  The   Urgency  of   Mobility,  Local  
  45. 45. New challenges, new opportunities, new fads Touch
  46. 46. New  opportuni7es  to  interact   and  get  a  response  from  your   audience  using  QR  codes  (or  not)  
  47. 47. Drink  and  scan  –     if  you  can  !    
  48. 48. Scan  and   download   a  book  
  49. 49. How  does     mobile  &  relevant   ”7me  and  place   offers”  7e  in  with   the  overall   customer   experience  and   your   webpresence  
  50. 50. Your  role   in  the   mobility   space   LocaHon   based   services   Local  (branch   level)   interacHons   Content   opportuniHes   Customer   service  point  
  51. 51. In  Summary:  Own  the  Experience   >  AnHcipate   customer  needs   >  Provide  Hmely   service     >  DifferenHate     communicaHon   >  Personalize     communicaHon     >  Understand     preferences  
  52. 52. What  to  think  about  next   1.  How  do  you  outline  the  buying  process  of  your  audience?  And  how  to   align  that  with  your  selling  processes?  Customer  journey,  personas   2.  What  are  the  main  drivers  for  delivering  a  personal  customer   experience  online?  (match  customer  expectaHons)   3.  How  can  you  take  the  first  step  towards  beeer  targe,ng?  Online   onsite,  in  direct  communicaHon?   4.  What  does  contextual  content  mean  for  you  and  how  can  you  embrace   that  concept?   5.  How  can  you  ensure  beeer  control  of  what  people  share  from  your   web  presence  –  pictures,  headlines,  text?     6.  How  can  you  establish  one  data  repository  containing  profile  data,   behavioral  data  and  transacHonal  data?   7.  How  can  you  establish  an  effec,ve  work  flow  for  allowing  you  to  create   and  test  content  pages,  product  pages,  e-­‐commerce  pages  on  the  fly   and  with  minimum  effort?    
  53. 53. Want  to  know  more?     Here’s  what  to  do   •  Sitecore’s  resource  secHon.  Lots  of  great  content  there   hZp://   •  Come  say  hi  &  join  the  fun  over  at  my  Facebook  page   hZps://   •  Stay  tuned  for  more  content  on  Twieer   hZp://     •  Join  our  CMO  Group  on  Linkedin  here   hZp://­‐MarkeHng-­‐ Officers-­‐Exclusive-­‐2268050   •  QuesHons  or  need  input,  send  me  an  email    
  54. 54. I  knew  you   would  be   awesome  !