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Digital Business Transformation Workshop in Rwanda


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Digital Business Transformation Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda. A one-day event for executives.
Attend this workshop in Kigali to fuel high ROI growth for your business.

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Digital Business Transformation Workshop in Rwanda

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE WORKSHOP�FOR THE C-SUITE KIGALI 22 MAY 2018 DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION EXECUTIVE WORKSHOP Mariott Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda�- Invitation only Facilitator Michael Leander (Denmark) Mariott Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda�- Invitation only
  2. 2. FUEL HIGH ROI GROWTH. Get ready to innovate & transform to Your customers now have access to more information than ever before. Customer switching costs are lower than ever, transparency drives buyer decisions, and as a result loyalty and preference can vanish in a split second. To survive leaders and executives must keep pace. Smart executives are now focused on the business- critical tasks of driving enterprise-wide digital transformation. The goals are clear; update and improve operational excellence, deliver better customer experiences and be the change-maker. The Executive Digital Business Transformation workshop will give you action-oriented insight that will help you craft winning strategies. In turn, this will help you future-proof your business. MAIN LEARNING AND DISCUSSION PILLARS What you need to know in order to craft a winning digital business strategy: buyer behavior, ecosystems PREPARE How to create realistic yet strong strategies to catapult your business into the next growth-phase STRATEGY Know essential digital business execution elementsEXECUTION How to continuously leverage innovation, experimentation and digital business transformation to drive solid growth GROWTH DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION FOR C-SUITE EXECUTIVES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT Facilitator: Michael Leander Award winning trainer Digital & Innovation Expert
  3. 3. business transformation KIGALI, RWANDA - 22 MAY 2018 A WORKSHOP FOR THE C-SUITE - CEO / CMO / CTO / CHAIRMAN YOUR NEW DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM EXPLAINED Understand the main components of a high- performing digital business ecosystem. 1: BEST IN CLASS STRATEGIES FOR DRIVING YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 2: Includes inspiring cases and a useful road-map CUSTOMER CONNECTIVITY AND UNDERSTANDING NEW CUSTOMER JOURNEYS How to align all aspects of your business to deliver the best possible customer experience 3: BUSINESS INNOVATION How to create a culture of innovation within your company.�Learn how to lead your business to become a true innovator. 4: CHANNEL AGNOSTICISM Become a true channel agnostic business equipped to handle all types of customers equally well irrespective of channel preferences 5: Take charge. Master these 5 business critical areas
  4. 4. DIGITAL INNOVATOR Experienced facilitator *MICHAEL LEANDER * AWARD WINNING SPEAKER * * DELIVERED VALUE IN 51 COUNTRIES ON 6 CONTINENTS * AFRICA MARKEDU Organized by Digital business pioneer Former Chairman, FIMAC Works with global brands Former CEO & CMO in public and private firms East Africa experience Over 500 endorsements
  5. 5. PRACTICAL INFO W H E N ? 22 May 2018 W H E R E ? Marriott Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda H O W L O N G ? 1 day from 08:30 - 16:00 F O R W H O M ? Heads of marketing, CMO's, VP's, CEO's, CTO's, Chair persons I N V E S T M E N T ? $ 399 + VAT Book and pay before April 15th for $ 299 + VAT Vendors pay $ 999 + VAT S E C U R E Y O U R P L A C E Contact Jimmy Mwambutsa Phone:�+250 788 550 445 TOOLS & TIPS Attending the Executive Digital Business Transformation Workshop means you get proven tools and tips to steer your business in the right direction.� Attendees can download methodologies and guidelines. These will help improve change management and implementation.�� MINGLE & DISCUSS WITH YOUR PEERS Attending means you get an opportunity to discuss high-level issues with your C- level peers. Get inspired by the actions of others. Offer your solutions to critical problems. Engage. Interact. Grow.
  6. 6. WHO IS MARKEDU AFRICA?� Top education & research institute Headquartered in Portugal, Markedu is an international marketing education and research institute.� Markedu Africa is a joint-venture between Markedu and local Rwanda partners.� In Rwanda�and East Africa businesses can rely on Markedu to upskill their marketing and sales teams. Markedu's overall purpose is to help business and people grow. We do that through a multitude of proven learning formats.� As of 2018 Markedu has contributed to the growth of people and businesses in nearly 100 countries around the world.� MARKEDU AFRICA ESSENTIAL OFFERINGS Highly interactive workshops for management, marketing and sales teams WORKSHOPS Inspiring seminars covering essential topics for marketing, sales and management teams SEMINARS �Customized in-company training�IN-COMPANY On-demand training and courses aimed at upskilling teams in vital areas of digital marketing, branding and management ON-DEMAND DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION FOR C-SUITE EXECUTIVES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT This workshop is organized by Markedu Africa
  7. 7. business transformation KIGALI, RWANDA - 22 MAY 2018 A WORKSHOP FOR THE C-SUITE - CEO / CMO / CTO / CHAIRMAN Limited number of seats First come, first served Special early-booking price ends on April 15th� Call Jimmy Mwambutsa +250 788 550 445 Email Avoid disappointment Secure your place today