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Customer centricity and marketing automation keynote presentation at Direct and Digital Marketing Conference Lisbon


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Customer centricity and marketing automation in focus.

Michael Leander's presentation form Direct & Digital Marketing Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Great conference organized by Mediapost Portugal.

Other marketing speakers at the conference included Drayton BIrd, Yonathan Dominitz and Nuno Costa.

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Customer centricity and marketing automation keynote presentation at Direct and Digital Marketing Conference Lisbon

  1. 1. Thoughts  on  customer     centricity  and  marke3ng   automa3on     Michael  Leander     >     >  @michaelleander   >  #ddmconference  
  2. 2. See  your  picture  here    
  3. 3. The  purpose  of  marke3ng   is  to  acquire,  convert,   sustain  and  grow   customers  whom  then  in   turn  will  a.ract  other   customers  through   referrals  
  4. 4. DIRECTION   -­‐  purpose   -­‐  strategy   -­‐  tac>cs   -­‐  execu>on   -­‐  measure     4  
  5. 5. From  wasted  to  wanted   Messaging   Customer  intelligence   Mass   Communica>on   Demographic   data   Customer   history   Contact     data   Personalized   Communica>on   Segmented   Communica>on   Transac>onal   Communica>on   Customer   transac>on   Inten>on/   behaviour   Data  source   Integrated     Web    analy>cs   Web  sales  Mailing  list/   database   CRM  system   Mailing  list/   database   Customer   value   Poten>al  benefit  =   Tailored  promo>ons  (sales)   Loyalty   Informa>on   Relevant   offers   Behavioral   Communica>on   Poten>al  benefit  =   Up-­‐sales/  promo>ons   Triggers   based    on     behavior   Trigger  on     transac3on     Newsle@ers,  surveys  &   one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all   promo3ons     Lifecycle   emails   Targeted  email   campaigns/  offers   97%  here  
  6. 6. Essen3al  prerequisites  in  2014     1.  A  clear  direc9on  and  enough  9me  &  resources   to  get  there   2.  A  strong  database  capturing  essen9al  customer   and  prospect  informa9on  across  all  touch-­‐points     3.  A  da9ng  mindset,  not  a  “sex  on  the  first  date”   mindset     4.  A  relevancy  mindset   5.  Approach  content  contextually  with  a  focused   conversion  objec9ve  for  every  piece  of  content   you  put  out  there    
  7. 7. Know  your  browsers  and  buyers  
  8. 8. Automate  marke9ng   •  Email  marke9ng  >     All  good  marke9ng  automa9on     starts  with  geLng  her  permission   -­‐  Email   -­‐  Mobile   -­‐  Postal   -­‐  Telephone  
  9. 9. How  do  you  earn  a.en>on  in  the  stream?     Ø Content  is  needed  to  get   into  the  stream  of  your   audience   Ø No  content,  no  eyeballs   Ø No  eyeballs,  no   interac9on  (out  of  sight,   out  of  mind)   Ø Timing,  relevance,   customiza9on   Ø Automa9on  ?      
  10. 10. Own  The   Experience   from  A  to  Z  
  11. 11. THE   CUSTOMER   Experience   OMNICHANNEL   RELEVANCE   EMPOWERMENT   Innova9on   reflec9ng  the   9mes  we  are   living  in  
  12. 12. 65  fast  paced  minutes  sharing   thoughts  on  these  areas   Where  are  we  exactly?   What  we  need  to  learn/unlearn   Customer  centricity   Marke>ng  IQ  Test  
  13. 13. Which  presenta>on?   A  –  With  fun   B  –  Without  fun  
  14. 14. What  really  decides   consumers  to  buy  or  not  to   buy  is  the  content  of  your   adver>sing,  not  its  form.   David  Ogilvy    
  15. 15. Using  humor  is  fine,  but  make  sure  you   connect  to  your  core  value  proposi>on  
  16. 16. May  I  be  blunt  ?     •  You  already  know  what  you  are  supposed  to  do   when  it  comes  to  customer  engagement,   marke9ng  automa9on  and  such.  Commonsense.   •  Problem  is  that  90%  of  us  are  not  prepared  to   deal  with  the  technical  details  necessary  to  make   it  work   •  And  50%  of  us  haven’t  the  resources  to  copy   write,  produce  content  and  such   •  But  90%  of  us  have  no  problem  con3nuing  doing   what  we  have  been  doing  for  years  (“the   stronger  the  brand,  the  bigger  the  waste”)  
  17. 17. iQuestion  Time       A  quick  marke3ng  IQ  test  for  Portuguese   marketers  and  a  look  at  some  of  the   changes  you  need  to  embrace  soon  
  18. 18. Which  reads  the  most     words  per  minute  –  the  eye  or  the  ear?   2.500  words  per  minute   125  words  per  minute   Quote:  Eye  reads  20  9mes  faster  than  the  ear  @michaelleander    
  19. 19. Picture   economy  is   here  to  stay  
  20. 20. Let’s  set  a  new  world  record   •  Take  a  picture  of  the   person  siLng  next  to   you     •  Pass  the  camera   around  quickly  –  we   only  have  45  minutes   •  Leave  business  card  if   you  want  Guide  to  get   started  with  Marke3ng   Automa3on  (June)   •  Don’t  want  your  pic  on   Facebook  –  cover  your   face   Trondheim,  Norway   Sydney,  Australia  
  21. 21. Visuals  s>r  emo>ons  in   a  heart  beat  
  22. 22. Find  a  picture-­‐editorial  style  that   works  in  all  channels  
  23. 23. Hero  shots   telling  stories  
  24. 24. New challenges, new opportunities, new fads Touch
  25. 25. Use  humor  and  demonstrate  the   benefit  of  your  product  
  26. 26. Where  exactly  are  we  now?    
  27. 27. Empty  that  old  box  and  rethink     how  to  make  marke3ng  work  
  28. 28. New  genera>ons  have  different   expecta>ons  
  29. 29. 80-­‐90%  of  us  are  not  on  the  right  track,  not   focusing  on  the  things  that  really  ma@ers  
  30. 30. Unsilo  your  email  marke>ng  ac>vi>es   Silos     Make   You   Suck  
  31. 31. OMNIPRESENCE   MULTI-­‐CHANNEL     be  where  your   customers  and   prospects  are  
  32. 32. Internet  access  in  Portugal     growing  steadily.  
  33. 33. Meanwhile  in  Denmark   Door  drops  are  becoming  more  effec3ve   allowing  consumer  choice  of  which   adver3sements  to  receive  
  34. 34. Marke3ng   automa3on:     Retarge3ng  is  the   new  black  onsite   –  but  also  via   “targeted”  emails  
  35. 35. ..  and  what  once   generated   billions  in  sales   was  doomed   dead,  but  now   might  become   fashionable  once   again  
  36. 36. The  biggest  conspiracy:     Hundreds  of  thousands  of  marketers   insis3ng  on  reinven3ng  the  wheel  every  day  
  37. 37. Get  10  Facebook   friends  to  vouch  for   you  to  get  your     quick  loan  
  38. 38. Balancing   between   two  stools    
  39. 39. My  a@empt  to  break  up  with  Qatar   Airways  to  start  a  rela3onship  with   E3had  Airways  started  off  really   good,  but  then  failed  miserably  
  40. 40. Listening  to  the  conversa3on  about   your  brand  should  be  part  of  your   customer  centricity  program  
  41. 41. Big  Data  or  Small  Data?   If  you  can’t  handle  small  data  –  you   can  forget  about  big  data  !    
  42. 42. What  is  the  biggest  reason  for   customers  defec3on?   •  Price  of  service   •  Dissa3sfac3on   •  Don’t  get  a@en3on  
  43. 43. TOP  5  reasons  for  customer  defec3on  
  44. 44. Customer  Expecta3ons   When  are  the  customer  in  touch  with  us  and  why?   Which  expecta9ons  do  they  have  and  how  do  we  live   up  to  them?   How  do  we  communicate  with  the  customers?   What  impact  does  customer  sa9sfac9on  have  on   revenue  and  profit?   Customer  Value   Which  customers  have  which  value?   How  do  we  measure  it?   Which  customers  will  we  ajract,  retain   or  develop?   Which  service  will  we  provide  the   defined  segments?   Knowledge  of  Customers   How  do  we  collect  knowledge  of  our  customers   In  which  touch  points?   How  do  we  use  this  knowledge?   How  can  we  enrich  and  increase  our  own  knowledge   Customer  Experience   How  do  we  ensure  that  customers  get  the   same  experience  across  all  touch  points?   On  which  level  must  the  experience  be   consistent  across  all  channels?   Balanced  effort   How  do  we  balance  our  efforts  in  rela9on  to  the     customers  value?   What  effect  does  that  have  in  our  ac9vi9es?   How  far  will  we  go?   How  do  we  focus  on  loyalty,  reten9on  and  cross   sales?   Integra3on   How  do  we  share  knowledge  of  our   customers?   How  do  we  plan  and  implement   customer  ac9vi9es  across  the   company?   How  close  do  we  want  to     integrate  ourselves  with     customers  and  partners?   Customer   strategy   Knowledge   Customer   Value   Customer   Expecta9on   Balanced   effort   Integra3on   Customer   Experience  
  45. 45. Don’t  count  the  customers    you   reach  –  Reach  those  who  count   #adtechjkt  @michaelleander  
  46. 46. Like  not  like,  like  AIDA     The  power  of   social  is  in  the   share  which  leads   to  tangible  ac>ons  
  47. 47. AID+LIRA  Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement   Share  is  good,  but   ac>on  counts   Like  is  NOT  a  currency,  engagements  conver6ng  to  ac6ons  are  @michaelleander    #ddmconference  
  48. 48. The  power  of  social  is  in  the  share   Page  likes   5.000   Organic   reach   845   Shared   222   Total  reach   23.168   Clicks   ?   Likes   74   Call  to   ac9on  
  49. 49. The  Power  of  Paper   Mul6-­‐channel  really  is  mul6-­‐channel.  Across  the  board  25%  of     consumers  prefer  paper  over  digital  in  cri6cal  stages  of  the   buying  cycle    
  50. 50. Time  to  pay  a@en3on   •  Which  touch  points  can  you  u9lize  to  provide   a  bejer  customer  experience?   •  Which  processes  can  you  automate  effec9vely   without  loosing  the  personal  touch?     •  How  can  you  have  a  meaningful  and  relevant   “conversa9on”  with  your  audience?     •  How  do  you  integrated  paper  and  electronic    
  51. 51. Will  they   get  the  deal?   Omnipresence  means  owning  the  customer  experience  in  all  channels   #ddmconference  @michaelleander  
  52. 52. No  more  one  size  fits  all  –     no  more  pretending  
  53. 53. Changes  in  buying  behavior  impacts   the  sales  cycles  tremendously   OTS*  high  to   get  a  reac9on   No  sex  on   the  first   date   *OTS  =  Opportunity  to  see   Referral  &     recommenda6on   Latency   increase   incuba3on3me  
  54. 54. THE  COLOSSAL  OTS  CHALLENGE   Ajen9on   Ac9on   Message   Message   Message   Message   Message   Ac9on   Increase  Opportunity  To  See  by  mul>ple  of  3,  5,  10   Pre  launch  phase   Hard  selling  phase  Nurture  &  convince  phase   The  “it’s  all  over”  phase  
  55. 55. Increase  OTS  for  results  –     works  almost  all  the  >me   •  Remember:  people  take  longer  9me  to  make  a  decision   •  Higher  frequency  will  not  hurt  you  as  long  as  you  are  well   established  in  the  Mind-­‐Box   •  In  email  marke9ng,  be  sure  to  differen9ate  messages  based  on   open,  clicked,  no  ac9on  
  56. 56. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term BoOom  of  funnel  is  where  the  ac6on  takes  place  –     engagement  need  to  drive  your  audience  towards   the  boOom  of  the  funnel  
  57. 57. In  Summary:  Own  the  Experience  by   an3cipa3ng  customer  needs   >  An9cipate   customer  needs   >  Provide  9mely   service     >  Differen9ate     communica9on   >  Personalize     communica9on     >  Understand     preferences   >  Manage  the    permission  
  58. 58. Personalize  and/or  customize   the  experience  push/pull  
  59. 59. Sta3c  approach:  Homepage  
  60. 60. Sta>c  approach:  What  does  your   visitor  want  to  do  next?    
  61. 61. It  ain’t  over   un3l  it  is   over