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Content marketing workshop in Athens with Michael Leander, part 2 of 2


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Slide deck (part 2) from the content marketing workshop in Athens. Speaker and trainer Michael Leander shared his content marketing and inbound marketing experience with 33 top brand marketers and marketing agency folks.

The content marketing workshop was organized the The Institute of Communication and EDEE Greece.

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Content marketing workshop in Athens with Michael Leander, part 2 of 2

  1. 1. Your  content   concept  
  2. 2. •  Thank  you  for  a,ending  the  content  and   inbound  marke5ng  workshop  in  Athens.     •  My  contact  details  are  in  the  back  of  this  slide   deck.    Don’t  hesitate  to  contact  me  if  I  can   help  you  in  any  way.    
  3. 3. Integra5on  across  all  channels  is  key   –  as  is  a  seamless  user  experience   Content   concept   Social  media   push/pull   Blog  &   Magazines   Apps  &   Gamifica5on   Email  &   Mobiity  
  4. 4. Thin   Which  real   problem  are   you  solving?  
  5. 5. What  are  the   problems   associated  with   this  purchase?     Exclusive  villas   –  email  driven  
  6. 6. Problems  and  considera3ons  associated     with  booking  an  exclusive  villa  in  Paradise   1.  ________________________________   2.  ________________________________   3.  ________________________________   4.  ________________________________   5.  ________________________________  
  7. 7. How  to  help  solve  those  problems     through  stories   1.  Problem  is  _________________________     We  can  help  solve  that  problem  by  wri5ng;   A)  ___________________________________   B)  ___________________________________   C)  ___________________________________  
  8. 8. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term 8 Bo#om  of  funnel  is  where  the  ac3on  takes  place  –     engagement  need  to  drive  your  audience  towards   the  bo#om  of  the  funnel  
  9. 9. Which is more important? Content   Community  
  11. 11. Talk  about  something  of  interest   h,p://­‐marke5ng-­‐is-­‐this-­‐the-­‐best-­‐portugal-­‐can-­‐do/  
  12. 12. Quick  results  –  B2B  case  study   +  3  interview  requests   +  45  newsleGer  subscribers   +  3  registered  for  Lisbon  seminar   +  1  consulJng  engagement   +  2  inquiries  for  speaking  
  13. 13. Your content concept Purpose / strategy Research Content concept Build / create Seed 13
  14. 14. What is our purpose? What is the value of a sale? Which stories support AIDA What is our approach to winners & fillers How do we measure impact? Understand customer needs Selling process Frequency & channel plan Your content concept
  15. 15. Your content concept describes   ü  What  you  offer  and  how  it   fits  in  the  buying  cycle   ü  Benefits  of  your  offering     ü  Why  your  audience  should   engage   ü  Which  stories,  content  you   are  going  to  publish   ü  Frequency,  security,  trust   ü  Media  (video,  cartoons,   ar5cles,  audio  etc.)   ü  Think  like  a  publisher,  act   like  the  best  hostess   The  content  concept  applies  to  all  of  your  social  media  (and  email  markeJng)   acJviJes  
  16. 16. 11 questions to help you build your content concept Catches attention Engages Retains interest Distributes 1.  What general area of knowledge do we have that we can share? 2.  What kind of expertise or even products can we give away? 3.  What can we explain? 4.  What type of content from others can we share with our audience? 5.  Who can we interview that would interest our audience? 6.  What can we have fun with that isn’t a disconnect from our brand or industry? 7.  What sensitive topics may we take advantage of to engage discussion? 8.  What topics are off-limits? 9.  Who in our company connects with customers most naturally? 10.  What is our capacity to produce content? 11.  Our audience’s threshold to consume it? 16
  17. 17. AGractor  example:  Research  reports     •  Build  ques5ons   •  Seed  5l  permissions  +  social   •  Ask  for  permission  in  survey   •  Put  a  price  tag  on  the  final   report   •  Let  respondents  have  the   report  for  free   •  Download  only  with   registra5on   •  Release  contents  and  big   messages  in  tranches  (press,   blogs,  newsle,ers  etc.)   Result  of  Poland  Email  Marke5ng  Report   -­‐  More  than  1.500  leads   -­‐  New  leads  every  month  now  years  later      
  18. 18. AGractor:  Guiding  people   h,p://­‐engagement-­‐rate-­‐benchmark/  
  19. 19. You need a content concept for video channels too
  20. 20. Google Plus – significant SEO impact 21
  21. 21. Pinterest – if popular in your market – drives significant purchase intent 22
  22. 22. Repurposing  of  content   •  Think  about  how  you  can  slice  your  main   stories  into  mul5ple  smaller  stories   •  Seed  them  successively   •  Think   – Prelaunch   – Launch   – Postlaunch  
  23. 23. See  case  study  –  integrated  campaign     See  the  campaign  case  study  here  
  24. 24. Community  aGractors  –  must  be  part  of     your  content  concept   LinkedIn  targets   CMO’s  –  more   than  2.000   members,  very   ac3ve  group  and   growing  steadily   Xing  targets   CMO’s  –  more   than  12.000   members,  very   ac3ve  in  German   language  (6.000+   members)  
  25. 25. More  community  aGractors  
  26. 26. DIRECTION   -­‐  purpose   -­‐  strategy   -­‐  tac3cs   -­‐  execu3on   -­‐  measure     27
  27. 27. Drive  towards  your  objecJves  first  ,   tacJcs  &  deadlines  second  !     See  video  about  being  objecJve  driven  hGp://     If  95%  of    your  effort  is  here,  you  are  wrong  !    
  28. 28. Group  work  for  Save  the  Children       •  Formulate  purpose   •  Define  goals   •  Define  core  messages   •  Decide  long  and  short  term  focus  and  discuss   how  to  build  an  audience  recep5ve  to  the   messages  “indefinitely”   Later  you  will  do  the  actual  content  concept  
  29. 29. Integra5on  across  all  channels  is  key   –  as  is  a  seamless  user  experience   Website   &  Blog   Social   media   Offline   Apps   Email  &   Mobile  
  30. 30. Listen & React •  Customers engage in social media •  You need to listen to the conversation and react •  All the time !
  31. 31. Summary of sentiment
  32. 32. (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 33 Listen to the conversation on Twitter (and other social networks) 1 2
  33. 33. Reacting to mentions •  Monitor across all platforms •  Have tool for managing •  Have tool for reacting Try
  34. 34. My Foursquare message Unexpected reply
  35. 35. Michael  Leander  is  an  interna3onal   marke3ng  speaker.  He  has  spoken  at  IBA  in     Karachi  and  in  40+  countries     Find  him  here   h,p://www.twi,     Speaking:  h,p://     Consul5ng:  h,p://         QuesJons,  Linkedin  contact  requests  etc:    
  36. 36. AID+LIRA  Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement   Share  is  best   Like  is  NOT  a  currency,  engagement  is  @michaelleander  
  37. 37. Quick  Facebook  Jp  for  aGracJng  more     people  to  click  on  a  Link   Get  your  call  to  acJon  link   inside  the  first  3  sentences   Track  all  links  to  be  able  to     measure  conversions  /  effect  
  38. 38. Leverage  research     engagement  factors  
  39. 39. 7  senses  to  consider  for  any  mobile   markeJng  campaign   •  Lust;  the  an5cipa5on  of  pleasure,  (which  we  crave)   •  Mys3que;  an  unanswered  ques5on  that  intrigues  us  and   makes  us  want  to  solve  the  puzzle   •  Alarm:  the  threat  of  nega5ve  consequences,  which  demands   immediate  response   •  Pres3ge:  symbols  of  rank  and  respect,  which  earn  us  status   and  admira5on   •  Vice:  rebellion  against  rules,  which  tempts  us  toward   “forbidden  fruit”   •  Trust:  certainty  and  reliability,  to  which  we  give  our  loyalty   •  Commonsense;  use  your  commonsense    
  40. 40. Which senses do this Westin mobile add play on?
  41. 41. Axe girl wake me up •  Sign-­‐up  via   qualifica5on   •  IVR   •  Different  Axe  girl   calls  every  day     Think:  Solves  a  real  problem  in  a  fun  way    (service)  and  generates  conJnous  awarenesss