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CMA Marketing Course Dubai


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The Marketing Analyst Course is a 5 day chartered marketing analyst course taking place in Dubai. Check brochure for more information and learn why you should attend this course

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CMA Marketing Course Dubai

  1. 1. THE FIRST 5 DELEGATES TO BOOK & PAY WILL GET A FREE TABLET PC REGISTER NOW ! GAFM ® CMA - CHARTERED MARKETING ANALYST ® The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Professional Development Standards Body to integrate double accredited business school education and exams for higher certification Certified By The Global Academy of Finance & Management ® (GAFM). Recognized in over 150+ countries via 1000 Training providers, Universities, Colleges and Business schools. ABMC International is the GAFM Africa Training Provider A Global 21st Century Marketing Perspective in building a World class Brand to Stay Ahead of your Competition ACCESS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONFERENCING INTERNATIONAL LTD A.B.M.C INTERNATIONAL LTD LEADERS IN BUSINESS TRAINING Who should attend? GAFM ® CMA® Course Overview: Why Global Marketing? In the global markets, deregulation and competitive pressures have made it very difficult to differentiate by product and marketing has become an essential component in driving business activity. Home grown institutions in Asia, USA, Europe and Africa have to start with building world-class brands and professionally market core products and services to the right target audience in order to compete with world class players and Fortune 500 Companies Event Overview By Attending This Executive Training Course You Will: » Better comprehend the changing marketing environment » Gain long term competitive advantage 5th - 9th SEPTEMBER 2016, INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL *DUBAI* Endorsed by ADDED + ADVANTAGE: Become a member of the American Marketing Association » Understand the integral role of marketing and gain the skills required to proactively contribute to the continued success of your role » Gain world class marketing and internet marketing knowhow that will allow you to formulate and execute winning strategies and tactics » Get a deep understanding of the main components of a successful marketing mix online and offline » Learn proven methodologies that can help any organization excel at marketing and communications » Take inspiration from successful case studies while deducing what the main components of a highly successful approach to market are Access Business Management Conferencing (ABMC) International, Head Office: Nairobi, Kenya, Westlands, Mpaka Road, Mpaka Plaza, Suite No. 205 Tel No.: +254 20 40 31 000, Email:, Web: This program will add tremendous value to anyone aiming to further their marketing career including CEO’s, CMO’s, marketing managers, marketing assistants and marketing coordinators, internet marketing experts, branding experts, brand managers, market assistants, market analysts ,Sales and Promotions Managers responsible for services marketing and others working or aiming to work in roles that require knowledge about marketing and markets. TAUGHT BY:- Award Winning Marketing Analyst & Trainer
  2. 2. GAFM ® CMA - CHARTERED MARKETING ANALYST ® The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Professional Development Standards Body to integrate double accredited business school education and exams for higher certification Professional Development – Executive Program Outline Requirement In order to be authorized to use the CMA™ credential, you must meet the experience, education, ethics and examination requirements determined to be competency measures for Marketing. The Certification Board for CMA™ Certification has established these standard requirements: Professional & Education Experience Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Sales, Business Development or Any related Business Degree from reputable Higher Learning Education Institute or University with at least 1 year experience or a Higher Diploma in Sales & Marketing with more than 5 years’work experience in the field of Sales and Marketing. GAFM® CMA ® Course Objectives • The goal of this course is to provide you with diagnostic skills that can be immediately used upon return to your respective regional and international marketing departments or agencies. • You will learn to use demonstrated marketing strategies which will enable you to help your organization (or in the case of agencies – clients) compete in an increasingly competitive market. • This course is also designed to enhance the documentation of marketing teams which will reduce planning time and enhance business cases to support new products and campaigns. Marketing Analyst Course Overview The course has been designed to teach the practical marketing techniques and skills required by marketing and customer relationship professionals. It covers major subject areas and utilizes a variety of training techniques. The key areas of the agenda include: • Competitive environment and strategies to compete locally and globally • Customer behavior and how to deal with the ever fledging mobile consumers and business buyers • Developing new products and service – and how to effectively launch these domestically and internationally • Customer relationship management • Effective promotion and communication in an Omni channel environment • Internet- and mobile marketing strategies and techniques for customer acquisition and customer retention The emphasis is practical and pragmatic rather than theoretical, with real case studies from some of the world’s leading institutions. About The Chartered Marketing Analyst ® It is impossible to successfully market any product today without examining the current situation and finding a way to overcome it. Even in the current climate, the world’s largest companies and operators are investing heavily in the emerging markets to capture market share. The global marketplace has become an active investment market for foreign company’s growth opportunities. In this environment, you need to have a clear understanding of your competitive differentiation and be able to create a strong and definitive brand proposition. Much has been done to improve marketing technologies and strategies in the past years, particularly with the introduction of the internet and the strong focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but you also see much more clearly defined customer segmentation analysis and solutions. Chartered Marketing Analyst ™ Program will uncover marketing strategies and technologies which are essential for success in the global changing competitive landscape. On satisfactory completion of this program you will receive your certification from the Global Academy of Finance Management (GAFM), which is recognized in over 150 countries. You will then be able to use the designation CMA™ on your business cards and resume. The CMA ® Training Style This program is delivered using“blended learning”. This involves classroom lecturing, highly intensive case study/role playing reviews, classroom interaction and feedback, and one-on- one coaching from the facilitator. ABOUT THE GLOBAL ACADEMY OF FINANCE MANAGEMENT ® INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF STANDARDS Global Academy of Finance and Management ® , The Advisory Board and the Standards Accreditation Council. Our Global Board Advisors ™ and Certification Body regulates the standards for certification and accredited education criteria for qualified business programs that are a path to our certifications. The Board of Standards awards designations and board certification in the finance, accounting, and management consulting areas. Because our certifications and designation requirements are based on earned degrees and exams from the best global degree programs, our standards are unmatched. Thus we confer designations which are based on accredited degree based education and qualified exams. The GAFM was founded in 1996 by the original founders of the Chartered Graduate Leadership Society. The Founders of our Board are CEOs, Executives, Professors, and industry experts from around the globe. We desire to raise education standards and ethics in the business and management industries. Our Standards Policy Board awards specialized board certifications, designations, and charters in the fields of: finance, accounting, management, and consulting fields to qualified professionals who have completed internationally recognized or accredited exams & education, government recognized degrees and documented management credentials and experience. Read More using this link:
  3. 3. GAFM ® CMA - CHARTERED MARKETING ANALYST ® The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Professional Development Standards Body to integrate double accredited business school education and exams for higher certification MODULES Marketing Analyst - Module One Setting the scene Understand the impact of marketing, its relationship with consumers and business buyer and how it is rapidly changing. • Understand the impact of marketing, its relationship with consumers and business buyer and how it is rapidly changing. How marketing has evolved Future of marketing The internet marketing challenge in an African context and how to deal with it How data influences the modern marketer; opportunities and threats How to formulate a winning strategy to bring you marketing to where it needs to be 1, 3, 5 years from now Plenty of interactive exercises • • • • • Marketing Analyst - Module Two Marketing Research for Management Decision Making Developing and Using Market Intelligence • Market research and MIS • Reasons, needs and Q’s What Kinds of Information a Company Needs • Macro environment • Task environment • Consumers • Collaborators • Competitors • Company environment • Control mechanisms Methods of Gathering Information • Principle research methods • The research brief • Questionnaire design guidelines Managing Company Information • Management information Centre - Organization and mission Marketing Analyst - Module Three Understanding Consumer Behavior and Its Impact on Marketing In The Services Arena Understanding Consumer Behavior • Customers are rapidly changing their behavior to become “Omni channelists” easily moving in and out of channels – online and offline. • • Understand critical trends, which will help you design your contact strategy, media mix, internet presence and how to align your business across all touch points. • Know how to segment based on traditional models.• Understand how to use mood segmentation, the consequence of Google’s ZMOT and other factors impacting how you deal with customers and prospects • • Pricing and distribution strategies and how the changes in customer behavior impact your ability to acquire more customers whilst maintaining an attractive price point Pricing Strategies • Customer understanding of prices and how they can be managed • Competing effectively on price and how to avoid price wars Marketing Analyst - Module Four Brand Marketing and The Marketing Mix Brand Management • Branding for‘me’– the key differentiator, establishing positioning, building and sustaining equity and loyalty • The Brand DNA – what is it and how do you establish a strong brand • Strategies and techniques for establishing an attractive positioning Designing The Marketing Mix • The traditional four P’s and the 7 C’s • The effective marketing communications mix • Briefing agencies; creative, media etc. • Integrated marketing communications planning and measurement Marketing Analyst - Module Five Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Creating and Sustaining Relationship Strategies • Designing a strong CRM plan and key components • How to align marketing and sales in order to build stronger, longer lasting relationships • Understanding changing needs of customer relationships and how to deal with these on the fly • The database and the key components you need to take into account to build a strong database Multi-Channel Relationships • How to communicate effectively using an Omni channel approach ADDITIONAL MODULES: MOBILE MARKETING Uncover exactly how mobile consumers are thinking and how to adapt your strategy for mobile. Learn how to take advantage of mobile by discovering how to harness key mobile assets like mobile websites, apps, sms text and more. All aspects of your online marketing must be adapted for mobile - including email and social media. This training will give you a strong understanding of mobile trends and how to optimize your strategy to take advantage of them. • Understand exactly how mobile is changing marketing • Discover how to optimize your web, advertising, email and social strategy to reach mobile consumers in a meaningful way • Explore the new opportunities that mobile is creating • Learn optimization tips and tricks to implement mobile into your existing marketing How to communicate points of differentiation effectively• How to establish an emotional connection with customers•
  4. 4. GAFM ® CMA - CHARTERED MARKETING ANALYST ® The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Professional Development Standards Body to integrate double accredited business school education and exams for higher certification INTERNET MARKETING Learn best-practice strategies to maximize your organic search engine traffic, and avoid typical mistakes that may cost you having your site banned by Google and other search engines. • Find out how to track and analyze your performance on the web: track your search engine rankings and backlinks, monitor visitor traffic and measure your conversion rate. • Get knowledge in Pay Per Click Marketing and learn how to run successful PPC campaigns. • Dive deep into Social Media Marketing and learn the latest social media strategies and techniques to promote your business through various social media channels. • Get access to Email Marketing best practices and strategies, and learn to plan, organize, track and improve your email marketing campaigns. • Learn Affiliate Marketing secrets and time-proven strategies: make money online as a professional affiliate partner or have your affiliate partners promote your products effectively. • Start offering professional Internet Marketing services as a separate service or add-on to your basic services. Practical Assessment Exercises Tasks will be issued on an individual and team basis that will confirm your skills and ability to apply risk management techniques. The exercise will be by way of team discussion of case studies and individual comments on practical risk problems. Michael Leander Bio – Marketing Analyst An award winning speaker and trainer, Michael Leander has shared his insight with professionals in over 40 countries on 6 continents. He has inspired and educated professionals representing over 10.000 businesses in the past seven years. Michael Leander experience includes consulting withglobal brands such as Philips, L’Oreal, Maersk, Bang & Olufsen, IKEA, IBM, GE and Grundfos. He has trained marketing and branding professionals at successful organisations such as Nestlé, Unilever, Americana Group, Samsung and AkzoNobel – just to name a few. He is a frequent guest lecturer at leading business schools on four continents including University of New York, WeSchool India, University of Lund and others. Past course attendees have described Michael Leander’s marketing knowledge as encyclopedic, his delivery style as hugely engaging, his ideas as highly valuable and his personable style as refreshing. He is one of only a few people who only rarely accepts new endorsements on LinkedIn. Mr. Leander has been recognized by multiple organizations and associations related to marketing and communication. He is a Knight of the DMAI, India, an honorary member of APPM, Portugal and is the past Chairman of FIMAC – a European committee for interactive marketing. With his extensive international experience, few are better suited to understand local market conditions and quickly relate to the dynamics of local or regional market conditions. A highly innovative marketer, Michael Leander has designed multiple methodologies that help marketers better understand how to structure, execute and measure marketing initiatives. Many of these, including the ABOA, the AIDLIRA and the FURDIC model, are being used by companies all over the world. His practical background as CMO and CEO of public and private companies combined with years of consulting and agency experience enables Mr. Leander to quickly grasp a business or marketing problem and provide realistic solutions on the fly. A globetrotter traveling nearly 200 days each year, Michael Leander hails from Denmark. He is married to Viktoria with whom he has three children. AWARD WINNING MARKET ANALYST TRAINER Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Access Business Management Conferencing (ABMC) International, Head Office: Nairobi, Kenya, Westlands, Mpaka Road, Mpaka Plaza, Suite No. 205 Tel No.: +254 20 4031000 / +254 772 22 2004 / 2005 /2007 Email:, Web: ACCESS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONFERENCING INTERNATIONAL LTD A.B.M.C INTERNATIONAL LTD LEADERS IN BUSINESS TRAINING