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Bulgarian lifestyles presentation


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Study of Bulgarian lifestyles, edition 2010. It could be very useful for companies that want to learn about the Bulgarian consumer markets as it even contains a generic segmentation of consumers based on attitudes and values, not just buying behavior.

Interested parties can also go to the website in English to find out more:

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Bulgarian lifestyles presentation

  1. 1. Bulgarian Lifestyles 2010 The only holistic lifestyle analysis of Bulgarian consumers
  2. 2. Market Compass • Market Compass is the only holistic lifestyle analysis of Bulgarian consumers on our market • In the series of analyses we aim to give businesses deeper knowledge of the people they call their customers and to track trends and changes in their market behaviour • Market Compass is based on nationally representative research Market Compass
  3. 3. Market Compass Businesses concentrate their efforts on studying their customers … And they study them from the point of view of what that business might offer them… Market Compass
  4. 4. Market Compass ... but do businesses know – The world that customers live in? – The people they are surrounded by? – What are the values and attitudes that form their thorough view to the world? Lifestyle analyses present the way of life of consumers. In this approach, individuals are studied a people, and not just as consumers of certain products. This leads to a more accurate and holistic understanding of the motivation and the values that are the overall determinants of consumer choice. Market Compass
  5. 5. Market Compass 2010 • 130 statements about attitude towards all aspects of life • Factor and cluster analyses that specify the major statements differentiating people • Our goal is to flesh out comprehensive images that we can recognize, discover and understand among all consumers on the market So that we know what and how to sell to customers... • Same income • Different motivation • Same education • Different values • Same age • Different way of life Different consumers choices Market Compass
  6. 6. Market Compass 2010 Lifestyle map of Bulgarian consumers • Market Compass 2010 isolates the three Confined Rejective Passive Positive Content Active Indifferent Social Social Social + + + + + status most significant factors that split Bulgarian status status people in groups with similar ways of life and, respectively, with similar consumer behaviours. This is how we place the axes Attitude towards Attitude towards the world and for orientation on the map of Bulgarian the world and the world and new technologies new technologies consumers • Our analysis groups all Bulgarians into seven homogeneous segments on the basis of their lifestyles Attitude towards Sense of towards Attitude towards Attitude • Consistent analysis that studies in depth family values belonging family values family values and heritage the daily life of each group, its motivation and heritage for the choices made and for its values -- - - -- Market Compass
  7. 7. Who is Market Compass made for? The series of analyses Market Compass responds strategically to fundamental business questions • With respect to Top management, Market Compass helps track and analyze the trends and the driving factors in the market and how they might influence business strategy • Market Compass gives Marketing specialists a clear picture that helps with understanding and communicating with consumers • Our analysis helps Business Development specialists see the environment in which they sell their products and services Market Compass
  8. 8. The crisis through the lenses of Market Compass Income per household decreases in segments with mid- to high social status Comparison of household income in various groups - 2009 vs. 2010 Year Active Content Indifferent Passive Positive Confined Rejective 2009 2160 1180 1160 980 650 460 460 2010 2200 1100 1100 970 670 530 480 Diff. in % +2 -7 -5 -1 +3 +15 +5 Market Compass
  9. 9. Methodology • Nationally representative quantitative research with total sample of 2000 direct personal interviews, conducted in two stages in October-December 2008 • During the first stage we tested 130 statements for attitudes toward all aspects of people’s lives with a sample of 700 respondents • After doing factor and cluster analyses, 30 statements were capable of differentiating people in their attitude towards life • Subsequently, they were included in the second stage in order to assign people to one cluster or another • On the basis of these 30 statements we derived two of the three factors that group people according to their lifestyle • During the second stage we researched people’s behaviour in different aspects of their lives by using an 80-question interviews with standard duration of 45 minutes with a sample of 1300 respondents Market Compass
  10. 10. About us Market Compass is a joint project of strategic management consultants MMD Partners and research agency Noema MMD Partners Noema • A team of people with strategic • Professional and experienced researchers management way of thinking of consumer market behaviour • Skilled in looking at the market holistically, • Detailed knowledge of the capabilities and comprehensively and with the aim of constraints of the well-known research establishing long-term sustainable techniques in our market and their advantages successful combination for the needs of the • Extensive experience in studying various customer types of consumers for its customers. • Constant development of new techniques, Understanding the necessity for robust that are adequate to the changing market research and analysis of the fundamental conditions in which businesses operate factors driving consumers Market Compass
  11. 11. Contact Vladimir Todorov MMD Partners Office: +359 2 944 45 73 Mobile: +359 882 509 346 E-mail: Get deeper insights into your customers! Sell more, longer! Market Compass
  12. 12. Do you know... ...where your present customers will be tomorrow? ...who are your future customers? and ...why? Market Compass
  13. 13. Bulgarian Lifestyles 2010 The only one holistic lifestyle analysis of Bulgarian consumers