Resources for business professors and students including ERP


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Resources for business professors and students including ERP

  1. 1. Main Category Business Business data Sweden and media Business research Business Sweden Business USA Sub category or name Experian market data Retriever Cases Cases TED, with transcripts HBS cases Cases Stanford eCorner with transcripts (partial) INSEAD Cases Cases Cases Cases Cases Cases Cases Cases Economy global ERP lic and doct diss Michael Le Duc Arena för tillväxt SEC Edgar Link redirect=true busers.htm earch/search_cases.cfm INSEAD Leadercast library.cfm UCTV list=PLepHs0thoryPBN7nqyuAUwdGCRAXPp mUH London Business Forum essforum/videos UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business Haas?feature=watch Interview Gates and Jobs in 2007 v=ZWaX1g_2SSQ ESBRI link=gswe&id=20&videoid=98 The case center OECD Annika Granebring Comments Check subscription at your library Special focus growth in municipalities e g search for Apple Inc, international business machines, COCA COLA CO, 10Q is quarterly report, 10K is annual report Speeches have time limits like 6 or 20 minutes Can we ask students to order themselves? Otherwise it will be expensive Emphasis on IT sector e g 240 cases in marketing Global perspective, no transcripts Transcript: The 2012 Global Symposium on Women's Entrepreneurship ERP Migration Structure: an Innovation Process Perspective
  2. 2. ERP Microsoft searchId=1&pid=diva2:121446 Annika Granebring searchId=1&pid=diva2:120950 Einar Iveroth searchId=2&pid=diva2:300564 The Journal of Integrated Enterprise Systems CRM Online v=ZrB7_KZzKs0&feature=c4-overviewvl&list=PL12894291A1BAAC56 CRM ERP Microsoft Book ERP Microsoft DynAA ERP Microsoft DynAA ERP Microsoft MS Dynamics CRM teaching material ERP lic and doct diss ERP lic and doct diss ERP Microsoft ERP Microsoft ERP Microsoft MS Dynamics Nav teaching material ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis MdH SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE: AN INNOVATION PROCESS PERSPECTIVE Leading IT-Enabled Change Inside Ericsson: A Transformation Into a Global Network of Shared Service Centres Dynamics CRM 2011 - Optimize Customer Experience - YouTube Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Weekly Webcasts and Instructional Videos Hans van der Hoeven ERP book in English with ppt essprocesses slides Microsoft - Higher Education: Faculty: Microsoft red/faculty/curriculum/dynamicsaa/student Dynamics Academic Alliance s.aspx Faculty Connection - Article - Suggested Resources yconnection/articles/articledetails.aspx? for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Suggested Resources cid=2208&c1=en-us&c2=0 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV riculum/9111-Use-of-MS-Dynamics-CRM-inan-Introductory-Information-SystemsCourse.aspx?c1=en-us&c2=0 Fel! Ogiltig hyperlänkreferens. Exercises/Case Study for Cronus with Microsoft Dynamics NAV http://www.divaTHE EFFECTS OF SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURES ON COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: A searchId=1&pid=diva2:323337 GROUNDED THEORY APPROACH http://www.divaHandelsbankens användande av CRM -Är det lönsamt? searchId=3&pid=diva2:539334
  3. 3. ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis MdH ERP student thesis ERP student thesis ERP student thesis ERP student thesis ERP student thesis Mac software searchId=3&pid=diva2:534892 searchId=2&pid=diva2:121388 searchId=2&pid=diva2:535763 searchId=2&pid=diva2:331735 searchId=2&pid=diva2:422926 MdH searchId=2&pid=diva2:602722 MdH searchId=1&pid=diva2:429755 MdH searchId=1&pid=diva2:224792 MdH searchId=1&pid=diva2:451487 MdH (PDF can be sent on http://www.divarequest) searchId=1&pid=diva2:442936 iCloud Banks' Counteractions against Customers' Online Criticism How Do Organizations Expand their ERP beyond its Core Capabilities: A case study at ABB Robotics Affärssystemets påverkan på den interna redovisningen: En fallstudie av två tillverkande företag, ABB AB och Outokumpu Stainless AB ERP implementation - Seeing through a lens: A comparative literature review regarding the factors that influence a successful ERP system implementation. Perspective of different stakeholders for a successful ERP implementation- A comparative study Kostnader att ta hänsyn till i samband med implementering av nytt ERP system Empirical testing of selected critical success factors in CRM implementation projects - A study of SMEs in the B2B sector ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING: ERP IMPLEMENTATION: CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS WITH FOCUS ON CHANGE MANAGEMENT EVALUATING THE IMPORTANCE OF A STRUCTURED METHODOLOGY BY MANAGEMENT OF CRITICAL RISK/FAILURE FACTORS IN ERP IMPLEMENTATION ERP post-implementation: risk assessment File repository and sharing. Requires that you have an iOS or OS X device like iPod, iPhone but also PC, 5 Byte free, I have not tested too much
  4. 4. Mac software Database, 4D Mac software Database, Filemaker Microsoft Academic Microsoft Academic Resource Center Software Audacity for recording and editing sound Software Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Software Doodle to schedule meeting Skydrive rriculum/FacetMain.aspx? FT=Technologies&ShowResults=1&TechList= 31133&ResultsTitle=Microsoft %2520Dynamics e g for recorded interviews, downloaded sound, to export to MP3, MP3 encoder LAME Text to Speech, works fine, for English. To transcribe interviews I use Dragon with Express Scribe + Google Translate if you want other languages than English Software Google Docs Software Software Software Software Software Around for a long time, pioneering visual database system FileMaker Pro, people struggle in Excel when a database system is much more powerful and nowadays easy to use File repository and sharing from Microsoft, comes with Nokia Lumia and other devices Google drive up to 15 Gbyte free usp=ad_search&gclid=CIbWrdvusbkCFeR4cA odZG0AdA Yammer Facebook for business, to reduce amount of e-mail, cooperate, etc. Reference management, Endnote, I have used it many years. In web of Endnote science press a button and the refs are put in Endnote. Software is in newer versions of Microsoft Word ExpressScribe useful, free QDAS Nvivo Very powerful, Michael can demonstrate Cooperate in business, Facebook for business, to reduce amount of e-mail, Yammer hat_is_heck_is_yammer.html cooperate, etc.
  5. 5. Statistics Statistics Tillväxtanalys Eurostat Statistics Statistics Sweden e/portal/eurostat/home/ Business, Population and much more
  6. 6. Statistics Statistics Tillväxtanalys Eurostat Statistics Statistics Sweden e/portal/eurostat/home/ Business, Population and much more