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Your first meteor package


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How to create a package in Meteor

Published in: Software
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Your first meteor package

  1. 1. Your First Meteor Package Michael Lazarski twitter: lazarskiDOTme
  2. 2. Unipackage Since Meteor Version 0.9.0 Loads only on Version of a Package Eingebauter “constraint solver” Webfrontend:
  3. 3. Discovering packages meteor list meteor search lampe meteor search bootstrap meteor show lampe:purecss or Webfrontend:
  4. 4. add/remove/update a package meteor add lampe:purecss meteor add lampe:purecss@0.0.1 meteor add lampe:purecss@=0.0.1 meteor remove lampe:purecss meteor update --packages-only
  5. 5. Creating a package meteor create --package <username:packagename> this creates a package from scratch Quickie about Versioning: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH = 1.0.0
  6. 6. testing meteor test-packages ./
  7. 7. running localy ln -s /Zieldatei /Referenz mkdir packages ln -s /home/micha/dev/tmp/lampe:pretesting/ lampe:pretesting meteor add lampe:pretesting
  8. 8. Publishing / Updateing meteor publish --create meteor publish