Western Union Business Solutions Capabilities


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Improve efficiency, reduce risk, lower costs, and increase profits in your cross border payment transactions.

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Western Union Business Solutions Capabilities

  1. 1. MOVINGBUSINESSFORWARD LONDON CHICAGOInternational Payment Services HONG KONGForeign Exchange Solutions SINGAPORERisk Management Consultation PRAGUEOnline FX Payments ROME SYDNEYCorporate Account Management Services TORONTO VANCOUVER WARSAW
  2. 2. ...with a trusted leaderWe enable companies of all sizes to sendand receive international payments, managecurrency exposures, access sophisticated marketknowledge, and capitalize on market opportunities.» A global leader in international financial transactions and foreign exchange» Over 400 million business payments completed in 2010» Over 140 currencies availableBacked by a brand that has a 135 yearhistory of providing financial transactions» A vast financial network that spans over 200 countries and territories» A Fortune 500 companyWestern Union® Business Solutions is a subsidiaryof The Western Union company, a NYSE-traded,Fortune 500 company.For the latest financial information, please visitir.westernunion.com
  3. 3. ...through a global networkthat empowers businessesSpecialized SolutionsAs contacts stretch around the globe and companies venturefarther into foreign markets to take advantage of opportunities,completing payments has become much more complex. Weunderstand the challenges of doing business internationally, andthat volatile currency fluctuations can impact profits. With our suiteof solutions tailored for business, we help companies streamlinetheir payment processes, capitalize on market opportunities,mitigate currency risk, and, ultimately, compete internationally.Additionally, we have created solutions that address the specificneeds of organizations in specialized industries:» Law Firms» Financial Institutions» Educational Institutions» Travel Companies» Insurance CompaniesIndustry ExpertiseThrough our deep expertise in foreign transactions, access toover 140 currencies, and a global financial network that spansmore than 200 countries and territories, we help companiesoperate across borders and currencies in convenient, reliableways - so they can spend less time managing internationalpayments and more time growing their businesses.Client FocusedWith a suite of products and services tailored specifically for businessneeds, our clients have come to recognize us as a leading providerof international commercial payments. Through our specializedresources – from people to systems, our online platforms - thatenable 24/7 convenience, and our vigilance regarding internationalcompliance and financial regulations, we enable businesses tocompete on a global scale.World Class ServiceLet us help you navigate through the world of globalpayments and foreign exchange.We make it easy to find the right solution for yourbusiness.» Excellent customer service» Industry specialist support» Tailored hedging strategies» Online payment platforms» 24/7 online access
  4. 4. FLUENT INFOREIGNEXCHANGEHELP PROTECT PROFITS BYLETTING THE MARKET WORKFOR YOUCurrency markets are always in flux, and exchangerates reflect these continual movements. Marketvolatility, when unmitigated, can pose significantrisks to your business and profits. Knowing howto diminish that volatility can help you to optimizeyour payments and minimize the effects on yourbottom line.Knowing when and how to pay is a crucial, yetcomplicated business. Our experienced team offoreign exchange specialists can help you makeintelligent, informed decisions to help reduce therisks associated with currency market fluctuations.Working together, we can help you anticipatefuture costs, secure rates in advance, and createa strategy that allows you to do internationalbusiness with confidence.CAPITALIZE ON GLOBALMARKET OPPORTUNITIESStay on top of volatile currency markets throughour team of industry specialists. A strategicpayment strategy will let you focus on what youdo best, help your bottom line, and give you acompetitive edge.» Let our specialists watch the market for you» Establish strategies to pay suppliers when the rates are right» Benefit from specialized market knowledge
  5. 5. SIMPLE SOLUTIONSTO COMPLEXGLOBAL FINANCIALTRANSACTIONSSEND INTERNATIONALPAYMENTS ON YOUR TERMSAs the number of companies doing businessinternationally continues to grow, so does the needfor a fast, reliable global solution for completingcomplex financial transactions.Making payments the old wayTraditional methods of sending international SPECIALIZED PRODUCTSpayments can take days—and sometimes weeks. AND SERVICESWhile your funds are in transit, exchange ratescan fluctuate dramatically, resulting in short Wire Transferspayments, additional delays, and frustration for » Access tracking capabilities that allow visibilityyou and your recipient. into transaction processing » Deliver funds efficiently in over 140 currenciesThe new way of making payments » Gain insight into currency cash flows forOur online payment platform allows you to initiate business planningand manage international transactions on yourterms—when and where it’s convenient for you. Electronic TransfersLet us help you with the transfer of funds across » Limit trips to the bankborders and currencies. » Take advantage of efficient, account toInternational payment transfers are crucial to the account transferssuccess and growth of your business. Isn’t ittime you turned to an industry leader and a new Foreign Currency Draftsconvenient way of making payments? We’ll make it » Increase currency delivery options andeasy for you to send payments globally. negotiate better pricing » Pay your suppliers in the foreign currency of their choice Forward Contracts » Secure exchange rates up to a year or more in advance to mitigate volatility » Structure contracts in line with your shifting business needs » Enable better long term planning » Help protect your bottom line Exchange Rate Bids » Secure your ideal exchange rate when it becomes available » Optimize the value and timing of your foreign exchange trading » Ensure you have stable currency rates to facilitate better business forecasting
  6. 6. RISKMANAGEMENTSERVICESTRANSFORM YOUR WITH YOUR GOALS IN MINDBOTTOM LINE RISK INTO Our diverse suite of Forward Contracts and RateNEW OPPORTUNITIES Bid services can help protect your businessReduce risk and protect profits against market fluctuations and allow you to participate in favorable market movements.Whether your company takes profits or sufferslosses shouldn’t depend on the whims of anerratic currency market. » Are you worried that rates will move against your business’ best interests?In an uncertain time, we can help you protect Forward Contracts allow your business toyour profits and control costs. secure exchange rates for up to a year—orBuilding a Strategy more. No matter where the market goes, your foreign exchange costs remain stable.Our team can support you in creating aneffective currency risk management strategybuilt around your unique business needs, » Do you capture a favourable exchange rate as it becomes available?exposures, and goals.With a full suite of versatile hedging products, Request an Exchange Rate Bid for the rateand the support and vision of our industry you want and let us watch the market for you.specialists, you can take the gamble out You won’t miss any market moves occurring inof transacting across currencies and time overnight sessions and you can execute yourzones—and gain a key competitive advantage trade when it becomes available.in the process.
  7. 7. OPEN UP AWORLD OFOPPORTUNITYEXPERIENCE A PORTFOLIO OFSOLUTIONS DESIGNED FORINTERNATIONAL BUSINESSWe connect businesses globally by simplifying thecomplexities of financial transactions. Our diversesolutions suite helps clients of all sizes competeon an international scale. Through our strategicrelationships and expansive financial networks, wecan help you gain a competitive edge in marketsaround the world.
  8. 8. Moving business forward LONDON CHICAGO» International Payment Services HONG KONG» Foreign Exchange Solutions SINGAPORE» Risk Management Consultation PRAGUE» Online FX Payments ROME» Corporate Account Management Services SYDNEY TORONTOFor more information, please visit us online at: VANCOUVERbusiness.westernunion.com WARSAW Regional Offices United States Tel. 1.866.344.4583 business.westernunion.com Canada Tel. 1.877.255.0669 business.westernunion.ca Australia Toll Free: 1.800.887.773 business.westernunion.com.au New Zealand Toll Free: 1.800.887.773 business.westernunion.co.nz United Kingdom Tel. 0845.882.4790 business.westernunion.co.uk Italy Tel. +39.06.8745.0801 business.westernunion.it Singapore Tel. +65.6.438.5355 business.westernunion.sg © 2012 Western Union Holdings Inc. All rights reserved. Canada Western Union® Business Solutions is a division of The Western Union Company. Western Union acquired Custom House ULC in 2009 and the global business payments division of Travelex Canada Limited in 2011. Services in Canada are provided by Custom House ULC (“WUBS”), a company within the Western Union Business Solutions division. This brochure has been prepared solely for informational purposes and does not in any way create any binding obligations on either party. Relations between you and WUBS shall be governed by the applicable terms and conditions. No representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, are made in this brochure. U.S. Western Union® Business Solutions is an operating division of The Western Union Company. Western Union acquired Custom House (USA) Limited in 2009 and Travelex Global Business Payments, Inc. in 2011. Services in the US are provided by Custom House (USA) Limited and Travelex Global Business Payments, Inc. (collectively referred to as “WUBS” or “Western Union Business Solutions”). “Travelex” is a registered trademark of Travellers Exchange Corporation Limited and is used by Travelex Global Business Payments Limited and its affiliates (including Travelex Global Business Payments Inc.) under license. This brochure has been prepared solely for informational purposes and does not in any way create any binding obligations on either party. Relations between you and WUBS shall be governed by the applicable terms and conditions. No representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, are made in this brochure.