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Taking a brand mobile


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Published in: Technology
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Taking a brand mobile

  1. 1. • A PRIVILEGED WORLD for the simply PerfectA PRIVILEGED WORLD for the simply Perfect
  2. 2. All Existing Mediums Are Losing Share to the Internet RADIO- Declining listenership: lowest level in 25 years. NEWSPAPERS- Declining readership: circulation peaked in 1987. MAGAZINES Declining subscriptions: circulation is at 1994 levels. TELEVISION Declining viewership: audiences down 33% since 1985 INTERNET Increasing activity: in last five years, usage has grown 150%! Anheuser-Busch has committed to a strategic partnership between Here's to Beer campaign which is tied into a social networking site that focuses on the 21 to 35 year-old night-clubbing demographic. The site connects users to locations through social networks to allow them to find what sort of club is right for them. Users can upload their pictures of friends clinking beer glasses together to the site. The community is not moderated, nor is the content controlled. The first two month (Jan & Feb 07) 500,000 users signed up. Anheuser-Busch most recently launched BUD TV & Bud Radio.
  3. 3. Patron Social Club Enhancing your customer’s experience Virtually by offering a 24-7 Privileged Experience
  4. 4. Patrón Tequila is the world’s #1 Ultra Premium Tequila, outselling it’s nearest competitor by 8 times in the United States alone. Patron’s Value as a Partner is Priceless We understand the Quality and Class Patron has built it’s reputation on, If we are selected as a technology partner we promise to represent Patron as a Premium Brand in a wireless global market. Which will enable Patron to access the smallest possible shop window on the largest inventory of stock
  5. 5. A PRIVILEGED WORLD for the simply Perfect A Privileged World is an invitation-only Virtual online & mobile community that brings together the world's top demographic to share trusted information and recommendations on a wide range of products and services. All members must be pre-approved And meet certain requirements to join
  6. 6. OVER 21 & OVER ONLY • Same security steps used on Patron Social Club Multi-step process- • Users/Visitors must enter a user name • Password • Date of birth • Full Address • E-mail • Complete a questionnaire of their interest areas and brand preferences, which will enhance the experience by the user and better understanding of who they are. • This will full fill the required information needed by law to keep underage users out of our PRIVILEGED WORLD
  7. 7. Why consider mobile as a Brand Extension • UBIQUITOUS- Everyone has a mobile phone over 21 yrs old. • INTERACTIVE- Gets consumers actively involved in your brand • TRANSCATIONAL- Unlike web, consumers have embraced notion of paying for content. People will pay for the official Patron logo on their phone as well as exclusive Patron Ringtones, which will be an additionally source of revenue. Set-up Cost & enabling this service Zero. • DATABASE- Ability to build & leverage a valuable database of consumers that will become a lifetime customer. • Promote new campaigns with new multimedia features- • Keep Existing marketing campaigns and link them up with interaction features to keep the user engaged. • User generated content & file sharing • Making your Brand available 24-7
  8. 8. Primary Member Benefits: Connect and stay in touch with each other • Communicate and share trusted information • Discover the best people, places, and products • Each user receives a visual representation of themselves • A virtual space in the Privileged World • An email address to be used in-world and real world • SMS sending using in-world tools to any phone • Personalised web and WAP site creation • Uploading audio, video and images • MSN style Chat and WAP chat • Handset syncing of contacts & SMS messages • Buying & selling of in-world locations • Customizing their avatar (character)
  9. 9. Virtual communities are places on the web that people can come together to chat, make friends and share information. • Virtual communities come in two forms: • Text based (Facebook, Myspace) • Graphic based (Secondlife) • Virtual Communities can also be built around sites that have users who have specific interest or focus to their discussion bringing together similar minds and interest groups • In the Privileged World you can flick between virtual and real at the click of a button. Providing the best of both worlds Why Virtual? Virtual or Real at the click of a button
  10. 10. What makes this so Privileged? • Users can interact with the community from their mobile handset or the web • Users with no technical skill can create and run their own WAP and web pages directly from the web • Users can manage their handset directly from the world and send SMS messages • Users receive a dedicated email address • Users can upload their own content and publish it through the web & WAP tools
  11. 11. • Key Features: Main Web Interface • The main web interface controls the map which can be viewed as either virtual o r real. • Single clicking on any location provides you with additional information on the locations owner. • The map is navigable via the movement controller • Current friends are listed on the left and if they are highlighted, they are currently online • A search tool is provided to find people from the same interest groups as you. These are listed out with a quick click link to jump to their location on the map • A core menu structure is provided on the top left and lets users customize and handle their own personal information • Advertising slots have been built-in, on the interface as well as inside the world locations
  12. 12. • Key Features: Main Menu Options • Once inside the world, users can customize their location, their character and add their personal information. This is all driven by the pull down menu system in the tools section. • Choose the terrain, or upload your own picture • Change your character • Change the color of the interface • Change the audio effects and sound effects • Add personal information about yourself • Buy and sell locations • Access the main help menu • Set up email account, send SMS & email
  13. 13. • Key Features: Web Site Creation • One of the key tools provided inside our world is the web and WAP site creator. This provides a simple point and click interface for anyone to set up their own web and WAP site. • Choose a layout • Add text and links • Upload an image or video • Add video or audio to a player • Drag and drop images and players on the pages • Add up to 5 web pages • Automatically get a WAP site as default
  14. 14. Key Features: WAP Site The main challenge was to make the Privilege World a function fully on the WAP site so that users can receive a complete experience without having a PC. The WAP site achieves this with the following functions: Log-in (same account as PC) Virtual World displayed (dynamic handset check) Full search tool Edit your location and character Upload content directly from the phone Chat directly into the WAP interface Automatically get a WAP site as default
  15. 15. Key Features: Trading In your own Privileged World comes it’s own built in economy. A users ‘Pix credits’ increase over time they are logged in, keeping people immersed in the world. Pix credits can be exchanged for the following: Buy and send SMS messages Buy and sell property locations Buy heads and bodies for your character (avatar) A user can also charge up their account using PayPal, should they wish to have more credits available. The purpose of the credits is for users to buy content, Mobile & PC applications that are exclusively offered in the Privileged World and earn exclusive offers on their favorite brands. There are also golden number locations in the world that command additional status. Locations such as 007,007 and 1000,1000 for example cost more
  16. 16. Key Features: Chat Our all in One Chat feature stands over the rest because we offer 2 flavors inside our world. Room Chat Friends/Buddy List aka Bzz list ‘Room Chat’ occurs in a specific users room. The chat is ‘free for all’ in that anyone can chat in that room at any time ‘Friends Chat’ is the same as MSN chat. You invite people to become your friend and if they accept, they then appear in your ‘friends’ list If a friend is online, they appear highlighted and you can chat to them at any time by double clicking their ‘head’ A PRIVILEGED WORLDA PRIVILEGED WORLD BZZ LISTBZZ LIST
  17. 17. Key Features: Uploading Your Content Pixworld lets any user upload their own content. The ‘content’ can be varied and in many files types, Pixworld then formats this to make it available for both web and mobile. Images as JPG, PNG and GIF Audio as WAV, MP3 and AIFF (CD) Video as MP4, 3GP and FLV (Flash Video) Once content is uploaded, it can be used across the web and WAP sites. The web material can then be used by people in the traditional way Total space provided for each user is currently set at 10 meg. This could be 100 meg for live
  18. 18. Marketing Opportunities Our Virtual World is more than Unique. It enables many individual functions and services; when collectively brought together, this provides a compelling proposition for: Mobile Play - Adding our virtual community onto the Patron brand will provide an all in one web and mobile play that is one of a kind. It’s your Customer- - faced with partnering and handing over their customer base to an existing online partner such as YouTube; this provides an excellent fully brand-able alternative where you control your own customers. Patron 24-7- the opportunity to brand the service would enable the user to continue to experience the Privilege Lifestyle 24-7. Direct to Consumer – A better understanding of your customer, offer them extra discounts, & inform them of events in locally. Main objective to enhance the Patron Privilege- A PRIVILEGED WORLDA PRIVILEGED WORLD
  19. 19. Your Virtual World can be seen as a framework for delivering any content type and service to a large community all in one place. With this in mind, the service has been built to handle: Multiple languages Delivery of all ROK Services from inside the community, both on WAP and web WAP, application and desktop delivery of content Unique email addresses for every person, the majority of the developing world will not yet have an email address, this will become their default one! Cheap and easy SMS sending from inside the world on both web and WAP Flash Lite interactive version being built as an application install, ideal for handset manufacture
  20. 20. EXTRA REVENUE TOO! YES IT’S TRUE The virtual world is an immersive experience, that comfortably houses advertising if treated sensitively. Advertising in the interface: Advertising in the virtual world Selling ROK products that are white labeled as Patron Product from the inside the virtual world Selling virtual locations, objects and bodies (Hip hop stars selling their characters) Selling additional storage services like ISP’s PROVIDING POSITIVE SERVICES Allow Mothers against drunk driving to have their own space to allow users an option. AA- Video’s and a link where users can sign up to help with problems & addictions Global warming & Recycling Partnerships - to prevent and inform the users-
  21. 21. In A Privilege World it doubles your marketing reach and builds a close understanding of who your clientele is and their likes or dislikes. The WAP version will work on almost all handset with WAP access, opening up the service to the developing markets Next generation web2 features will encourage web savvy sub 25 year old western users, the best demographic market available for advertising A suite of features, so comprehensive that the ‘stickiness’ of the services will retain customers as they upload and control more and more of their personal information Providing mobile email for users and giving them access to email through WAP without having to have a POP account or a ISP account Handset syncing (contacts & files) SMS ‘message File uploading from the WAP site Walk on and walk off character animation in rooms
  24. 24. Upon request by brand- features can be added on to Virtual community PATRON RADIO – FOR MOBILE & PC PATRON TV- ad-supported mobile PATRON MEDIA STORE- Ringtones & images sold in a branded storefront PATRON TALK (P-TALK)- Up to 30 people on a conference call ANSA aka Concierge- Ask any question & will be answered Patron comics- Comics can be created or read for Mobile & PC. P-TUBE- File uploading 2 WAP site And many other new applications / technologies if interested Virtual World Sales - Blizzard Entertainment - 6 million players, each paying $15 a month Habbo Users - a virtual world with no web or wap space - 50 million registered users
  25. 25. • Need Advice • Need Answers • Hot Spots to be at • Events going on in your city Ask the concierge and text 83830 on your phone now. 24-7
  26. 26. Patron-sponsored text services ANSWER - send a text message with any question, receive the answer in a text response Send: “What is Bill Clinton’s middle name?” Response: “Jefferson” Rock Star Movie Star TEXT 83830
  27. 27. • Patron-sponsored content • Give-away free content through vouchers or answering surveys Example- Similar to Coke Rewards- 3 million hits a day • Earn revenue on Patron logo screensavers & ringtones – Music videos, drink recipes, shopping guide, sold out of the store – Sell merchandise and seasonal Limited edition sets
  28. 28. • All our software is fully customizable for third-party brands • Many tiers of involvement, based on the level of commitment desired • Easily integrated into existing marketing campaigns – Tie into POS, web, TV, print and mobile • All our products generate revenue • All our products build 1:1 relationships with consumers – YOU keep the data for future programs Patron-branded TV Service – Fully branded ROK TV client with a collection of Patron- approved programming – Integration into Patron’s website for the distribution of the software, and provisioning of channels – ROK maintains the service on behalf of Patron
  29. 29. P-TubeP-TUBE •EVENTS- A way to make Patron sponsored events come 2 life.
  30. 30. The World’s Most Valuable Demographic Psychographic Profile • Highly social, well-educated, accomplished, affluent • Discerning in taste and expect superior service • Always in search of the best, the newest, the coolest • Particularly strong index in high-end travel • Would never normally join an online community • Are not even described as heavy Internet users • Are highly skeptical of the mass market and media • But… are influential and highly influenced by each other 1. Exclusive clubs 2. High-end magazines 3. Notable social events OUTLOOK
  31. 31. Thank you for your time You have just been