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  1. 1. Version 1 | 10.01.08 Allowing Access to the smallest possible shop window on the largest inventory of stock
  2. 2. Version 1 | 10.01.08 Never before have brands, information providers, and retailers been enabled with the technology to send content and direct response advertising directly to a consumer's mobile phone. All consumers within relative proximity of a particular destination, retail store, or area. The ROK BlueBox is a secure, permission-based system. Our Server is a fully hosted proximity marketing solution that services the installation and management process. Our product has already changed how consumers interact with brands in the UK, India, South Africa & China. Bluetooth Advertising & Location-based proximity marketing provide: • Speed - Content is delivered to mobile phones in instantly • Cost - Significantly cheaper than direct mail or other media • Interactivity - Interact with or engage consumers nearby • Proximity - The mobile phone is always with the consumer • Viral - Content Shareability factor allows for epidemic phenomenon.
  3. 3. Version 1 | 10.01.08 BLUETOOTH HEATING UP IN 2008 *80% of buying decision is made at the point of sale *Only 8% of media purchases are made locally (posters) or at points of sale (PLV, packaging), ROK BlueBox allow the brand to be there where the customer is when making buying decisions. Promotional offers, competitions and information increase traffic at points of sale and create customer loyalty for the products or the brand. With an adapted content offering, it is also possible to increase the recognition or develop the image of the company. *Opportunity to leverage Bluetooth wireless connectivity to deliver relevant advertising to relevant people in relevant places at relevant times. The benefits are immense and unparalleled when compared to other forms of direct response advertising. Our Bluetooth network gives you the ability to deploy advertising, marketing, or messaging campaigns in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. BLUETOOTH SUMMER 2008 Starting July 1, 2008, driving while holding a cell phone can result in a ticket. "It will be illegal to use a wireless telephone while driving," said CHP Officer Rick Quintero. "Unless it's configured where you can use it hands-free." To do it legally, many will simply use Bluetooth wireless headsets. These work OK while driving, but there are other solutions specifically made for the car, which include car-audio dealers are offering solutions to retro-fit your existing vehicle.
  4. 4. Version 1 | 10.01.08 A small Bluetooth unit is deployed into the location or event If a consumer has their Bluetooth turned on, their phone will receive a permission greeting If a consumer agrees, they then receive information Ideal to deliver offers for products, free content and services to your customers Helps initiate regular dialogue with the consumer and extends the sales cycle outside of retail Bluetooth Server (Central location) Bluetooth Access Points (located in Salons) Ethernet Magazine Application (in user mobile phone) Scheduled installed network of 10,000 static units April 2009 Remote management enabling campaigns to be changed and updated instantly All software developed in-house for complete control and reliability Global reach installations planned Across Europe, Asia and Americas Bluetooth is a broadcast technology built into over 90% of the handsets in the world. The ROK Bluebox provides a localized solution to making contact with the consumer within the retail space. Bluetooth marketing allows customers to gain access to vital information about products and services on-demand. Plus, this Bluetooth-enabled technology allows retailers and service operators to encourage viral marketing. BLUEBOX SOLUTION OVERVIEW
  5. 5. Version 1 | 10.01.08 The BLUEBOX solution reaches consumers in an unprecedented way that talks directly to consumers via Bluetooth via the mobile phone. 89% of major brands are planning to market via mobile phones by 2008. Over half of these brands plan to spend 25% of their marketing budgets on mobile advertising. 50% of people will have Bluetooth enabled on their phones and 40% will download the content. BlueBox offers advertisers the opportunity to communicate directly to mobile phones with appropriate relevant and entertaining content. A promotion tool to be used at Special events, Sponsored Events, Industry Events, or Company Events to make your presence felt. Campaigns can be developed to capture client details and their habits
  6. 6. Version 1 | 10.01.08
  7. 7. Version 1 | 10.01.08 YOUR OWN BRANDED MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE Downloadable magazine application Contains News, Reviews, Free & Paid for Downloads, Vouchers, Competitions, Games & More ROK ON Provide all content tailored to your brand values You receive revenue share on all advertising & content sales.
  8. 8. Version 1 | 10.01.08 THE SOLUTION ‘PUSH’ and ‘INTERACTIVE’ Bluetooth services THE PROBLEM Reaching a target demographic on their phone when it matters and where it matters. HOW IT WORKS A small transmitter is installed in store. Bluetooth-enabled handsets will receive a permission greeting Once agreed, Bluetooth streams branded INTERACTIVE application or PUSH message to the device WHO USES BLUETOOTH? 50% of people already have Bluetooth enabled on their phones and 50% of these are already downloading content. Depending on location and offer up to 60% of traffic could download content. Bluetooth Mobile Entertainment Magazine Server (Central location) Bluetooth Access Points (located in stores) Ethernet Bluetooth
  9. 9. Version 1 | 10.01.08 Wow! Effect with animations and rich multimedia experience Pre-play audio and video content Completely branded look and feel of the application Easy-to-use intuitive navigation Banners and interstitials to promote hot offers PREMIUM USER EXPERIENCE BENEFITS TO ADVERTISER Reach customers in a selected environment Associate advertising brands with venue Initiate regular dialogue with potential customers Extend sales cycle beyond venue, mobile phone taken everywhere application can even be used on the tube Synchronize mobile campaigns with other traditional advertising methods. Enhance your brand by associating with specific movie, game or music releases. Hassle free implementation, management and reporting.
  10. 10. Version 1 | 10.01.08 BENEFITS TO CONSUMER Buy mobile content in trusted venues from trusted brands like yours. Receive exclusive promotional content for free: Free movie trailers Free music videos Free ring tones Free wallpapers Free mobile java games Access to news and articles specifically targeted at their needs and interests Exclusive money can’t buy competitions Special offers and advertising from associated brands BENEFITS TO VENUE OWNER Distribute and sell mobile content, ring tones, videos and other mobile content. Extend sales cycle outside of retail Initiate regular dialogue with customer Encourage customers to return to store to update application for free Synchronize mobile content sales with in-store campaigns. Enhance your brand by associating with specific movie or music releases Hassle free implementation New revenue stream Increase loyalty through redemption opportunities and loyalty programs Lower the dependence on expensive paper-based marketing material. Partner Offers: special offers brought to consumers. Competitions: Give products away as part of our competitions linked to movies, games and film.
  11. 11. Version 1 | 10.01.08 DRIVE TRAFFIC: CLICK TO WAP SITE Drive Traffic: Click to Wap Click links to reach wap site
  12. 12. Version 1 | 10.01.08 BRANDING: DEEP DIVES Branding/Information Dive: Click-for More BRANDING: DEEP DIVES Branding/Information Dive: Click-for More Find out more or skip advertisement Qualifying customers Completely Opt In
  13. 13. Version 1 | 10.01.08 LEAD ACQUISITION: NAME, EMAIL, DOB, & PHONE NUMBER COLLECTION Data Collection: Build opt in lists Competitions Polls Appointments
  14. 14. Version 1 | 10.01.08 Coming soon Phase 2 New features will become available every Month • Branded-sponsored text services – ANSWER - send a text message with any question, receive the answer in a text response • Send: “What is Bill Clinton’s middle name?” • Response: “Jefferson” – TRANSL8 - send a text with a phrase and special “to/from” keyword and get a translated response • Send: e2f “Hello” • Response: “Bonjour”
  15. 15. Version 1 | 10.01.08 How can my company make money through advertising • Our technology allows you to earn money while you sleep, play or work. The easiest way to earn money with our program is find a location to position the BlueBox for an indefinite period of time and earn money in a passive way by letting it work for you. Our BlueBox work for you 24/7 and require no maintenance. The BlueBox will constantly scan an area to detect mobile phones that are capable of receiving ads via Bluetooth and then pushes ads to those phones and offer premium downloads for purchase. It could not be any simpler than that. BlueBox is Amazing will it work at a smaller event or gathering I attend Our BlueBox is very portable and can be used at different social events in your city where large groups of people gather for a period of several hours. An example may be at a trade show or an outdoor Sponsored event. These types of social events provide significant opportunities to significantly increase your earning potential.. Imagine being able broadcast ads via Bluetooth to 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 fans at a trade show or live event. Multiply the number of ads delivered by an average of $1.00 per ad and you see how a Saturday afternoon at a venue can turn into one very lucrative profitable opportunity. How are the advertisers charged? Having other Advertisers is optional but if you do decide to enable this feature advertisers bid on the right to deliver ads through the BlueBox. During the testing period for our clients we offer a free 2 month promotional trial period to our advertisers, so they are assured our service provides results. After the testing period is completed All advertisers are required to prepay for the ads they purchase to insure that you are guaranteed payment. Upon successful delivery of the ads, the advertiser's accounts are debited for the amounts owed and the payments are split so that you will always receive 50% of the ad revenue generated by your BlueBox. All top 5 Bluebox locations who have high Volume of ads & traffic will receive incentives determined by ROK & Client to increase awareness & usage. Are there any limits to how much money I can make? The answer is that you are only limited by the number of money generating ads being targeted at your local network at any given time. The more ads you are able to deliver, the more that advertisers will want to purchase from you over time. F.A.Q.
  16. 16. Version 1 | 10.01.08 F.A.Q. What types of content can the BluetoothServer Broadcast? BlueBox can broadcast any content supported by mobile phones. This includes-but is not limited to text, image, video, audio, ringtones, java applications, games, , and SMS (smart messaging service). Are you limited in terms of where you can place Bluetooth Broadcasters? The market is wide open in terms of determining where you may place a BlueBox. No such limitations in place at this time. Can I bring my own advertisers that I already work with and how can I make money? Endless ways to generate revenue through BlueBox, but the two main ways to make money is either being a Passive BlueBox Broadcaster or an Active BlueBox Broadcaster- Passive BlueBox Broadcaster- Main objective is about location. Simply find places where you would like them to be installed. After that you will start collecting monthly royalty commission checks based on the number of ads that are delivered through network advertising buys. Active BlueBox Broadcaster (Active & Passive)- Opportunity to earn income plus active income. Revenue is earned from pre-purchased network ads that are directed to your BlueBox in the field and, in addition, you may go out on your own and sell advertising to other brands, thereby, multiplying. *We understand the Quality and Class Paul Mitchell has built it’s reputation on. If ROK is selected as a technology partner we promise to represent Paul Mitchell as a Premium Brand and follow all guidelines set and necessary approvals needed to move forward.
  17. 17. Version 1 | 10.01.08 BLUEBOX DEPLOYMENTS
  18. 18. Version 1 | 10.01.08
  19. 19. Version 1 | 10.01.08
  20. 20. Version 1 | 10.01.08 CONTACT DETAILS For further information for ROK ON products and services please contact: Mark Clifford or Scott Sullivan Email Email Main office +44 (0)207 297 9600 USA Contact Michael Jones Main office: 213-867-5907