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Deltalis Factsheet English


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A naturally cooled,
ultra-protected data center
deep inside a Swiss mountain!

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Deltalis Factsheet English

  1. 1. A naturally cooled,ultra-protected data centerdeep inside a Swiss mountain!Enables your company to reduce energy and IT operational coston a large scale. Ideal as main or backup data center.
  2. 2. Extraordinarily Green, Big and Secure. Secured access with 24x7/365 operationsThe Data Center is located 2 minutes from the main North-South motorwayyet well embedded into nature and protected by 1000 meters of mountain Ladies and Gentlemen Deltalis is an ultra-modern, proven Data Center in the Swiss Alpine region. The mountain itself keeps the Deltalis data center energy efficient and ultra-protected. A cool, constant year-round temperature inside the mountain, together with abundant cooling water and an innovative cooling system minimize electricity bills and C02 output. Yet this brand new 8‘000m2 facility is close to Zürich, well connected by road and rail, and has access to the main north- south high-speed fiber Internet route through Switzerland. Experienced staff, highest standards of reliability (Tier IV level) and fastest data connection - thanks to direct access to a main European Internet backbone make this facility unique. Our customers benefit from the high quality standards of one of the greenest data centers in the world, from its superior size and from its innovative technological set-up utilizing extensive natural water resources. Current customers and all new visitors leave our facility highly impressed. The possibility to operate in a highly secure, flexible and efficient data space liberates them from all constraints of legacy Data Center architecture. We cordially invite you to come and visit this innovative facility and ascertain these facts in person. Deltalis SA Best Regards P.O. Box 65 | CH-6468 Attinghausen Your Deltalis Team | +41 (0)21 923 09 96
  3. 3. We are ready for www.deltalis.comyour IT future. Computer rooms and all technical equipment are designed for Tier IVLocated in a mountain, but easily accessiblevia public transport. One hour from Zurich.Energy efficiency— One of the most resource- and energy efficient data centers in the world. It has the highest efficiency ratings for energy and resource utilization. Deltalis’ energy supply is based on green, hydro-electric power making the facility CO2-neutral. By using groundwater and supplying the neighboring communities with heating, the energy efficiency is increased to record levels.Energy & resource supply— Access to abundant renewable energy resources. Direct provisioning of clean hydro-electric power from the Swiss Alps.— Extremely scalable and flexibly customizable floor space.Security— 24x7/365 days monitoring of facilities and services.— Integrated access control system, separation system, biometric readers, RFID access with access list, wireless people tracking throughout the facility, IP video cameras. Permanent water and contaminants detection.— Highly modern facility with high quality equipment using premium brand products from first class manufacturers (racks, cold aisle enclosures, cabling, power supply and air conditioning as well as security technology and engineering supplied and installed by experienced companies).— Highest safety standards, availability levels up to Tier IV already implemented, adaptable to lower levels if desired.— Experienced operations team, which has overseen the facility for decades. Very experienced (10+ years) 24x7x365 network monitoring and operations service.— Deltalis is an underground facility, invisible from the outside. Protected and cooled by 1000 meters of solid rock.Data center— Flexible expansion from rackspace to cages to rooms all the way up to a data center within a data center for large customers.— Convenient location: alternative access via two highways from the Zurich area, 5 minutes to several train stations in the area and therefore easily accessible by public transport: one hour from Zurich, convenient goods delivery directly to the truck goods reception.Network access— Redundant fiber optic network access points with connections to different providers/carriers.— High-speed network connections with very low network latency globally, ideal as a consolidation data center.
  4. 4. Great Data Center where nodetail is too small.The first computer room is built to an initial base specificationas follows:Modular data centre Size 600 m2 (reserve up to 8 000 m2) Floor tile type Heavy grade 600 × 600mm Floor loading 12,5 kN/m2 Usable technical load 1,2 MVA, 2 kW/m2 System availability 99,999% per annum (specific SLAs) Tiering level Tier IV ready — power cables behind transformer station: redundant and separate fire protection areas, Tier IV ready — diesel generators: in separate rooms, N+N, Tier IV ready — cooling: heat pumps redundant, cold water supply redundant, Tier IV ready — UPS: batteries and switch boards in separate rooms, Tier IV readyElectrical (AC power) Incoming power Dual 100% rated connections from site supplies Power per modular data centre 1.2 MVA of technical load (additional configurations optional) supplied to racks in any combination of 3-phase AC, single phase AC Power density 2’000 W/m2 (total of 1.2 MVA technical load) Generators 2 x 560 kVA (A + B) Generator design N+N, fully automatic Fuel tanks A & B, supply for 72 hours at full capacity, (FUEL REFILL CONTRACT 24 x 7) UPS N+N Minimum battery time UPS 8-10 min per module Power consumption metering At transformers and component levels down to each single rack PDU LV switchgear A & B System N+N Transformers 2 (A & B)x 1.2 MVA N+NDesign operation parameters Design target PUE 1.2 - 1.3 (at 500 kW IT load), with ground water cooling 1.15 possible Temperature threshold 24°C ± 3°C within sensor tolerance (cold aisle) Humidity threshold 50% ± 20% RH within sensor toleranceCooling Room cooling units design N+N Power / cooling provision 2’000 W/m2 Cooling technology Water cooling Room cooling design Cold aisle containmentFire control Smoke detection High speed, Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA) Fire alarm Fully monitored automated detection and alarming 1st stage detection HSSD Aspiration Detection (VESDA) above & below the floor 2nd & 3rd stage detection Addressable analogue alarm system with double knock condition to initiate gas release Gas suppression Inergen system for data rooms and technical space Fire rating Fire rated for in excess of 60 minutesCapacity & connectivity Diverse cable routing Alternate entries into facility, through floor (power) and ceiling (data) to each room Comms trunking 4 entry points into dedicated 600 m2 data centre (additional available) Racking capacity Individual room sizes for placement of 20 to 200 racks available. Optionally fitted at manufacturer. Building management system Wago, SNMP based, KNX, separated for A and B systems, N + N, redundant fiber communications for alerting and monitoring