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SEO on page optimisation


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These slides are all about search engine optimisation directly on a website. I focus on meta tags, how to find your keywords, outline common mistakes and provide useful and practical examples.

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  • SEO very well, quickly and for beginners: Michael is not only very qualified, but also a great explainer (with real examples). So, Do not look further and dive in!
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SEO on page optimisation

  1. 1. SEO on page optimisation by Michael Hörnlimann
  2. 2. What does „on page“ mean? ü  Search engine optimisation (SEO) directly on your website ü  Meta title ü  Meta description ü  No paid SEO such as Google AdWords 2
  3. 3. Examples 3 1)  Meta title too short 2)  Avoid the three dots at the end of the description meta title meta description
  4. 4. Find your keyword(s) ü  Use Google keyword planner ü Too general: high competition, for example „shoe store“ ü Therefore very hard to rank high on Google ü  More specific: low competition, but also less likely to find, for example ü shoe store for women ü shoe store Vancouver Island 4
  5. 5. h1 title ü  One h1 title per page or post ü  Multiple h2-h6 titles if needed 5
  6. 6. Example 6
  7. 7. WordPress plugin „Yoast SEO“ 7 ü  Shows you exactly what you should optimise ü  Price: free
  8. 8. Yoast: cornerstone content ü Tell Google which content on your website is the most important (page and/or blog post) ü  Link to that page/post ü  Do not mark the home page as cornerstone content 8
  9. 9. Yoast: Internal linking structure ü  Link from the tail to the head 9
  10. 10. Common mistake #1 10 ü  No HTTPS
  11. 11. Common mistake #2 11 ü  Mixed content HTTPS and HTTP
  12. 12. Common mistake #3 12 ü  Bad color contrast
  13. 13. Common mistake #4 13 ü  Lorem ipsum text on your live website
  14. 14. Common mistake #5 14 ü  First view load time to high
  15. 15. Common mistake #6 15 ü  PHP 7.x is around 2.5x faster than PHP 5.6
  16. 16. Common mistake #7 16 ü  robots.txt file is configured wrong
  17. 17. Other tips ü  Connect your website to Google Search Console ü  Make sure your website is fast and loads in less than 4 seconds (Google loves that) ü Test it with ü  Use HTTPS encryption for the whole website ü  Mobile first: website works perfect on all viewports ü  Choose your webhoster wisely 17
  18. 18. To recap ü  Have a good meta title and description ü  Use Google Keyword Planner ü  Use Google Search Console ü  Only one h1 title per page or post ü Website should load fast (less than 4 seconds) ü  Use HTTPS ü  If WordPress: Use Yoast SEO plugin 18
  19. 19. Thank you Michael Hörnlimann | WordPress & SEO expert