Mine Subsidence Insurance Program


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Lawrence V. Ruane, Department of Environmental Protection ”Mine Subsidence Insurance Program”

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  • DEP has created the MMG Website to provide information about past, current and future MMG grant solicitations. The initial grant solicitation is closed and all
  • DEP has created the MMG Website to provide information about past, current and future MMG grant solicitations. The initial grant solicitation is closed and all
  • Mine Subsidence Insurance Program

    1. 1. MINE MAP GRANT PROGRAM AND MINE SUBSIDENCE INSURANCE Larry Ruane Administrator Mine Subsidence Insurance Program
    2. 2. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Mine Map Grant Program MMG Restore Scan Georeference Digitize
    3. 3. PURPOSE • The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) created the Mine Map Grant (MMG) to provide funding to learning institutions and incorporated nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania to: – Process mine maps and mine data into electronic formats that can be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other computer applications – And, in the initial solicitation of MMG applications, to encouraged applications by making every effort to distribute funds to all eligible applicants. “These grants create an important partnership between DEP and institutions of higher education, develop a skilled workforce for the energy sector, and continue to ensure a safe working environment for Pennsylvania’s miners.” Governor Tom Corbett
    4. 4. 2013 MMG Grantees The seven organizations that were awarded grants totaling $1.65 million are listed below with their funding amount. • Indiana University of Pennsylvania Research Institute, $484,631 • Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation, $321,968 • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, $299,534 • University of Pittsburgh, $225,000 • Harrisburg Area Community College, $122,101 • Saint Vincent College, $110,832 • California University of Pennsylvania, $85,934
    5. 5. Benefits • Providing mine maps in electronic form will improve the quality, quantity and delivery of mining information to the millions of residents of Pennsylvania's mining regions. • At the same time, the MMG provides an opportunity for learning institutions and nonprofits to train individuals in the use of the emerging geospatial technologies that will be integral to many computer operations, especially governmental operations that provide services and information to the residents of Pennsylvania. • The experience gained from creating geospatial elements of a geodatabase is applicable to almost any profession or business, (sales, marketing, engineering, medicine, logistics). The MMG will provide opportunities for internships and permanent employment with DEP and other government entities, especially the counties, with the grantees and with business and services throughout the private sector.
    6. 6. MINE MAP INVENTORIES Tens of thousands of Item Number File Location Mine Name Remarks 2601 FILCAB Victor 29 Maps in Fair Condition 2602 FILCAB Victor 40/41 maps in fair condition. 2603 FILCAB Victor 5 Map in fair condition 2604 FILCAB Victor 5 and 6 2605 Digital Victor 9 2606 FILCAB Victor 9 &10 Also see file 0262. 2607 file 409 Victor 9/10 Combines with map file 409 2608 DIGITAL Victor and Sterling Mines 2609 FILCAB Victor Mine, No. 3 Drift 2610 FILCAB Victor No 4 2611 FILCAB Victor No 9 & 10 Maps in fair condition. Also see file 0409. 2612 FILECAB Vigilant & Crescent Maps in fair condition *see file #407-all maps in that file. 2613 Digital Only Vigilant and Crescent 2614 WPA/DIG Vigilant Mine WPA Mapping *see file #407-all maps in that file. 2615 FILCAB Viking Maps in good condition 2616 Digital On Vinton #1 2617 FILCAB Vinton 3 Maps in good condition 2618 Digital On Vinton 4 2619 Digital On Vinton 5 2620 Digital Only Vinton 6 Maps in fair condition 2621 FILCAB Virginia Map in fair condition 2622 6-A-2 Virginia # 20 Mine 2623 6-A-2 Virginia 20 Maps in fair condition 2624 FILCAB Vogel No. 1 Also see map location series in File 4116 2625 6-A-1 Vossler 1 Maps in fair condition 2626 FILCAB Vulcan 1 map in poor condition. 2627 Digital On Vulcan No. 1 Mine Map Room Report Sorted by Mine Name, Operator 10/22/2012 02:05 PM Russell Coal Mining 0364 Bald Hill Coal 0597 Map Office - California District Mining Office Operator File Number Barnes and Tucker 0581 Clearfield Bituminus Coal 0418 Blubaker Coal Company 4625 Carrolltown Coal BMSO 0691 Carroltown Coal Co/Sterling Coal Co 4133 Harry Smith 4155 Unknown 4299 Joseph Tocarchick BMSO Pittsburgh Coal 0280 Pittsburgh Coal Co CLHB 3003 Boucher Cortright Coal 0681 Vinton Colliery Co 4415 Vinton Coal 1486 Vinton Colliery Co 4416 4417 Vinton Colliery 0431 Lacy Coal 0352 Crichton Coal & Coke Company 2132 Crichton Coal and Coke Unknown 4333 Allegheny River Mining 2110 Atlantic Coal and Coke 0738 Atlantic Coal & Coke Co. ALMB
    7. 7. MMG Projects • Primarily, the MMG will fund the scanning, georeferencing and digitizing of mine maps. However, it will also provide some funding for mine map and document restoration and preservation.
    8. 8. Restoration
    9. 9. Scanning
    10. 10. Georeferencing
    11. 11. Digitizing