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Authentic assess part 1


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Real world learning and assessment.

Published in: Education
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Authentic assess part 1

  1. 1. Michael Harding Professor Johnson Cur 528 / Week 3 assignment AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT PART 1: MACHINE PART LAYOUT DESCRIPTION Authentic learning and assessment is relatively a new method for teaching, learning, and assessing that invokes a student-centered model for in which students learn in a real-world environment. Implementation is usually found in workforce training situations by companies seekingto improve knowledge and skills of employees or offered to employees seeking higher level positions or grade levels. Instructors are fully competent in discipline areas of knowledge and or skills and can effectively engagedstudent learning for desired or required proficiency. RUBRIC; Criteria for this project assessment are as follows:  Students will follow presetguidelines to ensure lab or classroom work area is properly prepared for safe productive environment. All performance steps will be observed and graded for proper chronological order.  All tools (hand and powered) should be checked for safe and proper operation and will be observed by instructor.
  2. 2.  Accuracy of project layout will be observed and measured for proficiency in establishing item dimensions using proper measuring tools and instruments.  Assessment is given for student’s ability to set up stationary and hand power tools.  Students will be assessed for proper utilization of personal protection items.  Knowledge of proper identification of tools and accessories will be graded for associated industry terminology and use in communicating comments pertaining to objectives.  Students will be assess for ability to problem-solve for occurrences not foreseen.  Students will be observed for ability to collaborate with group members working together on projects. Also maintaining proper attitudes and behaviors will be observed.  Students are encouraged for critical thinking and asking questions AND EXPRESSING DIFFERENT WORK CONCEPTS OR METHODS THAT ARE COHERENT, LOGICAL, AND TIME/COST SAVING.  Assessment scoring will be based on a 1-5 scoring rating with; 1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Very Poor. Students failing to meet any scoring requirements will be assessedan “F” for failure of assessment; actions in such an occurrence will be determined by instructor and administrative representation and policy and recommendations.