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Maximize revenue and profits with neuromed7® topical


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In-office Dispensing of OTC NeuroMed7 Topical Anesthetic
A high margin retail dispensed topical anesthetic product

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Maximize revenue and profits with neuromed7® topical

  1. 1. MAXIMIZE REVENUE AND PROFITS WITH NEUROMED7® TOPICAL ANESTHETIC! Dispense NeuroMed7® Topical Anesthetic Directly to Your Patients!
  2. 2. PRESENTATION AND PERCEPTION! NeuroMed7® can be used as an additional revenue source that both creates a high margin income stream as well as preserving both clinician and treatment room times for procedures only. Limit treatment room and clinician time with patients to procedures only as opposed to anesthetic onset wait time by dispensing NeuroMed7® to patients directly for self administration.
  3. 3. CASE STUDY: One of our higher producing LASER hair and tattoo removal customers is now purchasing and dispensing nearly 500 tubes per month throughout 9 locations. The combined facilities produce a margin stream of over $22 per tube on a monthly basis! They are reporting a very high efficacy and return customer rate, while freeing up clinicians and treatment rooms for revenue producing activities.
  4. 4. SIMPLE PROCEDURE Simply provide patient with the written application protocol and application video to instruct patients on proper application. Instruct patient to apply 15 – 20 minutes prior to appointment. NeuroMed7® has an approximately 60 minute duration of efficacy. It is important to notify patient of the duration and treatment time for best results. This process is used successfully by high patient volume clinics for LASER tattoo and hair removal, microneedling, injections, permanent make-up, waxing and other minimally invasive dermal procedures. This product may not be suitable for highly invasive or ablative procedures. Topical anesthetics of this or any brand or type should not be used on broken or not intact skin.
  5. 5. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION • Rapid onset topical anesthetic • Lidocaine HCl 4% combined with absorption/penetration enhancement formulation • Formulation designed to reduce some of the common mild adverse reactions such as reddening or burning of the skin • Non-oily, non-gritty cream form
  6. 6. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Rapid onset – initial onset 5 – 10 minutes – peak onset 15 – 20 minutes • Medium duration of efficacy – approximately 60 minutes • Over-the-counter (OTC) for easy access to patients • May be dispensed directly to patients during consultation • Easy to apply and remove • Supplied in single-use sanitary packets and multi-use tubes • Comparatively low cost (see per-gram cost comparison document) • Cost savings item
  7. 7. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • High margin revenue generating item • Product can be dispensed to patients at time of consultation – prior to procedural appointment • High margins for patient retail dispensing prior to minimally invasive dermal procedures • When dispensed to patients who self-apply according to instructions, reduces treatment room time as well as clinician wait and procedural wait times. (leaving treatment rooms and clinicians available for paying procedures as opposed to anesthetic applications and waiting) • Simple application protocol with video demonstrations • Two year shelf life
  8. 8. HIGH VALUE • Comparatively low cost - maximum of $22 per 2.2 ounce (63 gram tube) – as low as $17.50 for high volume orders (240 units or above in increments of 12 and 24 units per box) • Reduces anesthetic cost per procedure – nearly the lowest cost per gram compared to competitive alternatives • MSRP for to-patient dispensing $42.95 per 2.2 ounce (63 grams tube) – comparatively lower cost per gram than most competitive alternatives (YOU set the retail dispensing price – can be higher or lower depending on YOUR preference and business goals!) • When dispensed at MSRP, you can realize a 49% - 59% retail dispensing margin for your clinic – turns a standard clinic cost item into a high margin clinic profit revenue generating stream • Reduced treatment room and clinician time with patient by dispensing NeuroMed7 directly to your patients for self administration - TIME IS MONEY!!!!
  9. 9. ROI MAXIMIZATION • Calculate your margins based on patient procedure flow X your margin per patient (margins are 49% - 59% per tube, depending on order volume) • See the monthly margin chart on slide # 14 provided for quick reference • Envision the time and money saved when conserving treatment room and clinician time by providing NeuroMed7® directly to patients!
  10. 10. SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATIENTS • In order to succeed with this product, it must be applied properly and in an effective dose • Clean and disinfect the treatment area • Apply 3 – 4 ml’s. (size of about a US quarter dollar) to an approximate 4”x4” area • Rub in a vigorous circular motion to each area of the face or body for at least 30 seconds per area • Allow to penetrate for 15-20 minutes • Some clinicians prefer to occlude for more painful or aggressive procedures (some also prefer a slightly more aggressive dose – maximum is approximately 9 ml’s for one procedure) • Clinician can easily remove product with alcohol prep pad prior to test procedure • Product has a two year shelf life. Patient can use product for future or follow up procedures as well as to mitigate post-procedural pain for closed, intact skin.
  11. 11. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE • OTC TOPICAL – FDA MONOGRAPH COMPLIANT: CFR 21 – 348 Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics • FDA NDC# REGISTERED 54723-175-22
  13. 13. INVESTMENT AND ROI MSRP for single 2.2 (63 gram) tube $42.95 (you set your own price) WHOLESALE, COST and % MARGINS # of units Cost/each Cost/box Margin @ MSRP 6 tubes $22 $132 49% 12 tubes $21 $252 51% 24 tubes $20 $480 53% 48 tubes $19 $912 56% 240 tubes $17.50 $4,200 59%
  14. 14. MONTHLY MARGIN REVENUE # of procedures/month Revenue/month Cost/month Margin/month 12 $515.40 $252 $263.40 24 $1030.80 $480 $550.80 48 $2060.80 $912 $1,148.80 240 $10,308 $4,200 $6,348.00