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Switchpitch campus md


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CampusMD SwitchPItch EdTech Presentation

Published in: Business
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Switchpitch campus md

  1. 1. Market Analytics Technology Platfom CampusMD
  2. 2. CampusMD • We are the leading brand in telehealth services for college campus students • CampusMD provides parents of students an additional ability to support their child’s college success. • Recurring revenue model • Low cost option to enter growing market Project Objective: • Extend trusted customer relationships with an additional high value service to serve college students and their families. • Provide Technology platform to manage response tracking for a online and offline campaign
  3. 3. ProjectDetails Core Assets: • Strategic Partner: American Well; Proven Standard for Health Care • American Well Platform: • Real time account activation to their physician practice • Flexible pricing engine • Adoption in College Housing market • Convert EDR and PEAK (over 60,000 beds combined)
  4. 4. ProjectImportance • High Importance • Test model for spring semester • National Rollout Next Fall • Test email responses, web traffic, posters, pamphlets for messaging efficacy and conversion • 12 week project ($15,000) • Additional Markets • Off Campus Housing • Faculty/Administration • Graduate Students/Post College