Wayne Centr alSChool DiStriCt Facilities Preservation Project ProPosal Wayne Central School District’s Long           Our ...
Through the Facilities Preservation Project the district is proposing to• Install security cameras at the High       • Rep...
Facilities Preservation Project cost summary:                             Voting will take place on                       ...
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Wayne oct2011

  1. 1. Wayne Centr alSChool DiStriCt Facilities Preservation Project ProPosal Wayne Central School District’s Long Our Children’s Education and Learning) Range Planning Committee, which is aid and a portion of the district’s capital comprised of school planning teams, reserve fund. We are taking prudent community members, teachers, and our measures to address only the top priority architect have been working together issues in order to bring this project to the to assess the needs of the district’s community without an increase in taxes. buildings. As the committee moves forward, they are looking forward to Throughout the month of November receiving community input regarding the we will continue to seek community upcoming Facilities Preservation Project. involvement. The district will host tours of each building as well as formal and Due to the age of the schools within the informal meetings open to residents district it is imperative that we repair and of the Wayne Central School District preserve our buildings as well as address so that they may experience firsthand, safety and compliance issues in order the maintenance needs that may be to provide the best possible learning addressed through this project. environment for the students of Wayne Central. This project is focused on the “The restorations that we are considering restoration and maintenance of our with this project are, by all means, current buildings. necessary to the regular upkeep of our buildings,” said Bob Miller, Wayne General improvements include: roof Central’s Director of Facilities. “By replacements, improving accessibility, taking a proactive approach to preserving replacing corroding pipes and heating and maintaining our facilities, we will lines, fire alarm upgrades, correcting ultimately save money water leaks, improving security lighting, and prevent repaving parking lots and addressing future, safety concerns in building kitchens. unplanned de expenses.” Insi In order to maximize state aid, it is in Ou s r ol the district’s best interest to apply for Scho funding before the 2012 state budget is er emb Nov 11 passed. In addition, the project will be 20 funded through E.X.C.E.L. (Expanding
  2. 2. Through the Facilities Preservation Project the district is proposing to• Install security cameras at the High • Replace corroding water and sanitary School and additional exterior lines at the High School and Middle lighting at Ontario Primary School School and Freewill • Replace deteriorating heating lines in• Replace the public address systems at the High School all of the schools • Structural repair due to water damage• Replace deteriorating pavement at in the High School, Freewill and Freewill, Ontario Primary School, Ontario Elementary School the Middle School and the High • Replace outdated roofs in all of the School schools• Extend sidewalks to fire exits at all of • Establish controlled entryways the schools at the High School and Ontario• Replace damaged lockers and non- Elementary School compliant coat hooks at the Middle • Replace bleachers in the High School School and Freewill gym so that they are ADA compliant• Update restrooms in Ontario • Upgrade emergency generators in all Primary and Ontario Elementary of the schools schools • Update the fire alarm systems in all• Replace leaking windows and install of the schools screens at the High School, Middle School and Ontario Primary School • Improve kitchen safety and update equipment in the High School, Middle School and Freewill • Construct a new concession stand with with public restrooms
  3. 3. Facilities Preservation Project cost summary: Voting will take place on Wednesday, December 14,The entire Facilities Preservation Project will cost $14,871,896.This will be paid for by New York State Aid ($10,006,975), New 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00York State E.X.C.E.L. (Expanding Our Children’s Education p.m. in the gymnasium lobbyand Learning) money ($864,921), and a portion of the district’s of the High School, located atCapital Reserve Fund ($4,000,000). This funding will allow the 6200 Ontario Center Road,district to complete the project without raising taxes. Ontario Center, New York, 14520. TOTAL PROJECT COST: $14,871,896 Reserve $4,000,000 EXCEL $864,921 State Aid $10,006,975For a complete slide show highlighting the FacilityPreservation Plan visit www.wayne.k12.ny.us andclick on the District link.
  4. 4. Non-Profit U.S. Postage Paid Wayne Central School District Permit No. 2Questions & AnswersWhy is the district considering a Facilities Preservation Proposed changes to building aid and E.X.C.E.L. aidProject now? It is always the goal of Wayne Central are scheduled to take place when the next state budget isSchool District to promote a safe and inviting student passed, which is typically on April 1st.learning environment. Due to the age of the buildingswithin the district, it is imperative to preserve our How can I be more involved in the decisionbuildings as well as address safety and compliance issues. making process regarding this project? This fall we will continue to host tours of our buildings asWhen will the vote be presented to the community? well as conduct informational meetings, informalThe vote is scheduled for December 14th, 2011. Doing forums, and board presentations that are open toso would ensure that the district receives the maximum the community. The district is hosting a tour of allamount of building aid and E.X.C.E.L. funding. Waiting of our buildings in November, as listed below:could jeopardize our E.X.C.E.L. funding and lower our All Schoolspercentage of building aid. It is important to submit our Saturday, November 19, 10am-1pm, meet at the Highproject to the State Education Department in order to School Cafeterialock in our building aid and funding at the current rate.If our project has voter approval, the district will have the Sign up for the November tour today.State’s commitment to the appropriate level of funding. To RSVP for the tour please, contact Amy Gebhardt at 315-524-1008 orwww.wayne.k12.ny.com agebhardt@wayne.k12.ny.usWAYNE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT6200 ONTARIO CENTER ROAD • ONTARIO CENTER, NEW YORK 14520