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  1. 1. RESPONSIBILITIES • A pharmacist is responsible for filling drug prescriptions for individuals • Understanding thousands of drugs • Counseling patients • Planning drug therapy programs. • In some cases, pharmacists may catch potentially deadly drug interactions among patients Website Link
  2. 2. • University of Florida, GaineDegree Programs • Regular Programs • Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum • Distance Education Doctor of Pharmacy • Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Program for Transfer and UF Students • Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Program (WPPD) • Transfer From Another Professional Pharmacy School in the United States • International Doctor of Pharmacy Program for Pharmacists from Foreign Countries has been discontinued • Joint Degree Programs • PharmD and MBA • PharmD and PHD • PharmD and MPH • PharmD and JD • PharmD and BS in Nutritional Sciences • •
  3. 3. Need to enter collage • Admission Requirements • 􀂾 Associate of Arts (AA) or higher degree (must complete general education requirements) • 􀂾 Completion of pre-professional course requirements • 􀂾 Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) • 􀂾 Foreign language required in high school (2 yrs), or college (8-10 cr), or TOEFL iBT score • 􀂾 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – if English is your second language • o TOEFL ( iBT version with a minimum composite score of 80, but 100 or • higher is preferred. For each subject area, the following minimum score is required: • Reading = 20+, Listening = 20+, Speaking = 25+, Writing = 23+ • 􀂾 Submission of ALL application materials by the application deadline including:* • o UF online application for admission – Select Entry Level - Professional PharmD • o PharmCAS application – Submit official transcripts and PCAT scores • o Two letters of recommendation (available through PharmCAS website) • o Personal Profile & Essay/Campus Ranking Form (submit online through UF College of Pharmacy website) •
  4. 4. Need to graduate Pre-professional Course Requirements • English • History, • Social Studies • Humanities, • Chemistry • Organic Chemistry • Biological Sciences • Physics • Anatomy And Physiology • Mathematics • Public Speaking • f/admission.pdf
  5. 5. Cost • Pharmacy school tuition through a public university costs around $3,000 -$20,500 per year for in-state residents or about $14,800 -$82,000 for the four-year program. Florida A&M University's College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has one of the most affordable programs at around$3,700 per year, while the University of San Diego in California hits the top of the scale. Because public schools are funded by local tax dollars, students from out of the area pay $9,950 -$32,800 per year. • education/pharmacy-school.html
  6. 6. Employers • 4/ats/careers/requisitio n.jsp?org=MOFFITT&cw s=1&rid=6772&source=I ndeed.com12902 Magnolia Dr, Tampa, FL
  7. 7. Why I’d be great Determination. Perserverence. Will Power If you have these three things, you can accomplish anything. Most people have to have a job to survive, so if you have to spend the majorly of your life doing something, why would you take the easy way out, or do something for selfish reasons? I want to be a Pharmacist to help people, I want to know I didn’t live my life worried about how much money I make, or if I’d get paid this week, I want to be able to think about how many people I helped this week and how many more I can help next week. This is why I’d be great because I want to be a Pharmacist for the right reasons, not for me but to help others, because if it was just me alone n the world nothing would get done, you rely on other people for just about anything and everything you have, so why not give back to the world in any way you can. Becoming a Pharmacist is one way I can try to give back to the people , and with that said, that’s what would make me a great Pharmacist.
  8. 8. In the next ten years … Plan on seeing me in your local hospital as a pharacist. I plan to have my own home my college paid for Living a life with meaning