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Volume integrated portfolio of services lr-ml


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Volume integrated portfolio of services lr-ml

  1. 1. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceSfor small and medium-sized
  2. 2. 02 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS contentS 03 Introduction 12 Lithographic printing 04 Volume’s integrated competencies 13 Mailing and fulfilment services 05 How our integrated approach can help 14 Web development and hosting services 06 Our design services 16 Promotional items 08 Data intelligence 17 Your contacts at Volume SMB 10 Digital printing
  3. 3. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 03IntroductIonVolume is a leading marketing services agency supporting our inTeGraTed PorTfolio of marKeTinG suPPorT serViCes:some of the world’s largest, most successful and demanding international clients. Since 1997, Volume has been enhancing its • Full design studio • Email/mobile internal online and offline resources to improve marketing and • Data processing/ broadcastingsales performance. In 2010, we’re proud to offer the same level management • Web design and of capability and services portfolio to smaller entities. Adopting • Digital/litho printing optimisationan integrated approach to your marketing activities can help • Mailing/fulfilment • Proactive and your budget go further, whilst delivering better results. • Social media dedicated account and digital management communication
  4. 4. 04 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS voluMe`S Integrated coMPetencIeS KnowledGe is Power Our integrated services have been refined through many years of industry experience; our creative services and account management were bred from Volume’s corporate offerings; our data and print teams were born from the acquisition of long-term suppliers.
  5. 5. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 05How our IntegratedaPProacH can HelP eXPerienCe Has TauGHT us THaT inTeGraTion deliVers Powerful adVanTaGes for ClienTs` marKeTinG iniTiaTiVes, inCludinG:• Consolidated specialist services • Reduction in the time spent In addition, we have access & resources, providing a managing multiple suppliers to the latest marketing holistic view • Visibility of the production technology innovations • A single point of accountability process, from design to delivery via Volume’s key account from our dedicated client experience and can add • Reduction in unnecessary services team transport costs between valuable insight to your • Reduced administration and production sites marketing plans by utilising billing using a single supplier our in-house data experts.
  6. 6. 06 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeSourdeSIgn ServIceS s B u s i n e sh Our design studio provides you with mixed wit as much help as you need. If you have your own design team, or use an agency, pleasure we can provide additional resource and extra capacity to help you meet your deadlines. We’re experienced in template-driven, multilingual flow-ins enabling consistent, accurate collateral that retains campaign-design integrity. A bar w ith a v fun with unlim ited food Bar 18 71 prov ides fant iew. and have ing skills you soak astic pi k, relax your gam up the tch view Eat, drin inks. Test hing With VI match-d s while plim entary dr fore watc P balcon ay atm and com table football be y seats ospher e. ox® and it’s a gr and a pa on the Xb P match se ats. eat way to mak y bar, n from VI e your the actio that little day bit mor rson e spec T per pe ial. £80 + VA For only Book n ow for £40 pe just ok call r perso out, to bo n Don’t miss 132 8 1302/1 0118 96 y@re adingfc. To book , call th e Readi ospitalit 0 ng
  7. 7. day urs Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 07 Th Frida y day Thurs o ) in)n ian!) magic to serViCes we offer: (+aucti (+auc chari ty go to roceeds Ber kshir e – All p okingham, our tic k • Campaign concepts • HTML email build and ress! ncy d oad Street, W adstreettav e F g kin e in fa , 29 Br ro Wo pa template creation t com www.b s Com la hy no Street Taver 9 773706 – tor n • Design for on- and off-line W d roa 18 01 to Mo – u td is Bar c The B 1AZ – Tel: er A k L campaigns • Web build, hosting and RG40 Sup t Wor 280 th in £ o Pa ed at used t els • Multilingual artwork maintenance Top le – ook u Val s to be oy wh ork 01lot i 4 all he w t e f’s Tab fs to c you e air .T ta and literature • Corporate identity Che eli ch eal for at rep ny car ied ou a r Haw ecial m riends on be car our p ost y a sp your f (for u can ce of e. s a bo • Artwork for print • Branding and home ) a a pl enien cusines • Colour retouching and r le on v you 0 peop c o1 • In-house digital rs t s! pporteogle u image editing photography studiol su 0 6 our l oca you to y ee wer e- big thank – Fr 00 Bre n • Flash animation/presentation v Ltd lus £1 ze orth tary o ed Ser ,p pri dw A All service pairs ( 0) n Wa pleme at the fas R car s re o £30 Com t stay Break al ard pt h nig Bed & Natio n tow e of u n l valu Lio autifu ing ind by05 d a be t buil ltshire s i A Tru ck, W o per ts Lac am c e – H produ elcom D gc WK auty ) isin y dra Frida e 0 n of b th £6 y fu -da w r (wo two ’s rn 02 t Ta ve the oad Str ee from Br Theay Friday ay ian!) Thursd magic er ift vouch £25 g
  8. 8. 08 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS data IntellIgence daTa aCCuraCy is ViTal To any CamPaiGn or marKeTinG iniTiaTiVe. yeT iT`s jusT one of THe serViCes our daTa Team ProVides. Understanding what your data is telling you is key to the success of your business or project. As a result, we have put significant investment into this area. We are one of the leading providers of UK, EMEA and worldwide marketing-database solutions, offering bespoke solutions that manage expectations from both clients’ IT and marketing processes. And of course we can help to ensure you are compliant with data-protection regulations, and are utilising best-practice guidelines to make the most of this most valuable asset. • Data hygiene • Unrivalled • We support some • List cleansing international data of the largest and expertise smallest brands in the • Data matching UK, and • Data insight & analysis • Build & management are as adept at dealing of marketing/ • Consultancy around with 500 records as transactional best practice and data- with 100 million databases protection compliance
  9. 9. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 09 AT&T 3G 6:13 Saturday, June 13 benefiTs • Intelligence and insight • Reduces process wastage • Marketing tracking • Allows for customer-centric daTa communications • Quick marketing deployment • Data-protection compliance and best- practice use of data A B C D
  10. 10. 10 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS dIgItal PrIntIng our Combined eXPerienCe and ProfiCienCy in daTa and diGiTal PrinT means THaT we are able To deliVer HiGHly TarGeTed marKeTinG iniTiaTiVes. We work with you to get the most out of your data and as a result recipients receive relevant printed communications with both text and imagery being customisable. We run to an HP Indigo 5500 press that can print up to seven colours and has the ability to print on various substrates, from foils to magnetic stock to transparencies and adhesive materials. It is colour – calibrated to match lithographic output, meaning we are able to advise on the best production output and cost reductions using a combination of lithographic and digital print if required.
  11. 11. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 11effiCienCies To be Gained from diGiTal PrinTinG:• Lower set-up costs – no requirement for plate creation• Faster turnarounds – meet tight deadlines with next-day delivery on most print projects• Print only what you need – print short-run, high-quality full-colour items with no waste or storage issues• Easy to update – revisions to files can be made quickly and easily • Personalisation – integrate data profiles to produce targeted print projects • Lower minimums – request smaller quantities and purchase only what you need• Environmentally friendly – less impact on the environment
  12. 12. 12 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS lItHograPHIc PrIntIng PrinT runs THrouGH our Veins aT Volume We have a long history of delivering lithographic sheet-fed print of the highest quality to the tightest of timescales, and we have carried that expertise forward as a vital part of our integrated offering. For long print runs and prestigious print projects that may require the use of single spot colours, we operate two B2 five-colour Heidelberg Speedmasters. We are also proud to boast full in-house finishing capabilities with all our laminating, folding, stitching, creasing and collating undertaken at our production site in Reading.
  13. 13. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 13 MaIlIng and fulfIlMent ServIceS Volume ProVides a ranGe of fulfilmenT serViCes These range from hand-enclosing multilingual, multi-version product-launch packs, to large, bulky or bespoke items and handling returned mail and updating databases. In addition, we work closely with our postal suppliers to obtain the best postal rates and entry solutions for our clients’ mailings to UK and international destinations. For your mobile and email marketing briefs, we offer bespoke email and SMS text-deployment software.
  14. 14. 14 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS web develoPMent and HoStIng ServIceS Web design and build Internet marketing, social-media marketing and We will design and develop a best-of-breed online presence smartphone applications for your business, incorporating all the skills, technology, We deliver internet marketing expertise including creativeness and planning used in the corporate market at a pay-per-click and on-page/off-page Search Engine Optimisation. cost that delivers an affordable ROI for any SMB. We incorporate social-media and smartphone technologies to support the products and services of our clients and deliver awareness through the methods preferred by their target audience.
  15. 15. 15E-commerce Mobile/email servicese-Retail requires secure and robust digital technology, Permission-based email marketing is the quickest, from fast download speed and easy yet dynamic most cost-effective way to reach your customer and navigation to secure payment systems and reliable prospect database. Volume’s bespoke email and SMS hosting. We use experience gained from delivering text-deployment software enables personalisation in high-demand results to some of the biggest global addition to managing your unsubscribes to ensure organisations in the world to offer the same expertise full DM compliance. Full delivery reports are provided and knowledge to the SMB market-place. after every send, be they email or SMS campaigns that are deployed.
  16. 16. 16 Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS otIonal ProM IteMSCan’t see exactly what you want yet? Good! We love the opportunity to put together something unique for our clients. And we have all the integrated services you need to make it happen. Where there’s a will there’s a way!
  17. 17. Integrated PortfolIo of MarketIng ServIceS for SMall and MedIuM-SIzed buSIneSSeS 17YourcontactSJoanne Hindley Daryl Swinden Paul Butler Michael FarisDivisional Director Divisional Director (Data) Account Director Account Director your camera phone has a bar code reader app, such as Google ZXing, you can scan these Quick Response (QR) codes to send us an email:
  18. 18.