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Monmouth Informed Decision Making Final v2 020914


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Monmouth Informed Decision Making Final v2 020914

  1. 1. All content contained herein is proprietary and confidential. This is property of MD&A and is not to be reproduced or used without their written consent. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. Focus On: INFORMED DECISION-MAKING Michael Donohue & AssociatesMD&A Presented By: • Signage • Digital Media • Content • Emerging Technologies • Revenue Opportunities
  2. 2. STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT: Page 2 | February 2014 Strategic Assessment will improve decision-making to support the Business Objectives. To find the best possible solution, quickly and efficiently, we need to learn more about the factors that contribute to measurable success. Our process is linear but looks for the intersection of many factors to form the best possible solution that directly meets your business objectives and delivers the envisioned ROI. In this case the Business Objectives are in aggregate those revenue opportunities that will be derived from optimized Ad sales, sponsorships, digital media and digital mobile - interactivity platforms.
  3. 3. Page 3 | February 2014 ASSUMPTION: Monmouth Park Wants To: • Assess & Optimize the value of all media and engagement platforms • Attract guests and sponsors • Enhance experience for guests and sponsors • Build Brand Equity • Improve ROI for Corporate and Sponsors - Lessees
  4. 4. Page 4 | February 2014 ASSESS AND OPTIMIzE ThE CURRENT, PLANNED AND POTENTIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL PLATfORMS UNDER ThE PURvIEw Of MONMOUTh PARk AND ITS AffILIATES INCLUDING: All Monmouth Park venues: Existing or planned Video Screens • Finish line • Bill Boards on park perimeter (Route 36) Existing or planned Digital Signage • Betting Terminals • Freeplay gaming room • Summer stage / amphitheater • Hotel • Expanded Festival areas • Convention Center • New Grandstand addition • Off Track betting locations: Hillsborough, Woodbridge, others Digital Platforms • APPS William Hill, Fan Candy, (free play and later betting related) • Location based engagement Beacons, RFID, Mag Stripe, Paper Ticketing, QR codes, Bracelets Social media with real time analytics and play out CRM and loyalty platforms The planned Assessment will allow us to identify and quantify the size and scope of any advertising, sponsorship, or related revenue opportunities. This will in turn provide us a means of optimizing the revenue from the various platforms. The assessment will include a look at other emerging technologies such as FreeD from, drone cameras and social texting from as an example.
  5. 5. Page 5 | February 2014 TEChNOLOGY vETTING: NEXT GENERATION GUESTS & PATRONS Need next gen technology...but it is only valuable when it... • Solves a problem or answers a question • Excites and supports the theme and feeling of the MONMOUTH brand • Creates a pathway to user experience, educates, evokes participation, or sales • Collects data to identify a pattern that can lead to conversion, improve experience, lower costs... • Informs us about the who, what, when and where of MONMOUTH Park’s guests
  6. 6. Page 6 | February 2014 The project entails delivering a Technology Assessment and Optimization Strategy to ensure that MONMOUTH ultimately provides the best experience for track property guests and as such attracts premium sponsors as well as advertisers. This will serve to garner the most revenue from the available media opportunities. We will work with MONMOUTH to ensure that we have assessed the overall media landscape and that MONMOUTH is optimizing its many media opportunities across multiple platforms. We will also assess whether MONMOUTH has the requisite infrastructure to support the distribution of compelling content using integrated digital signage and mobile applications. All of this will be achieved through an “Informed Decision Making” process that will allow us to identify and integrate “best of class” technology with scalable content and content creation / management methods to meet the current and future needs of MONMOUTH Park. This will include assessing the Park’s current offering as well as planning future digital signage capabilities within and outside of the Park. We will also assess MONMOUTH’s general infrastructure for optimized content delivery. The assessment will also consider the use of emerging technologies in the service of guests and MONMOUTH’s goals. ThERE ARE fIvE PRINCIPAL MEDIA COMPONENTS: Overall Opportunity Assessment: 1. Video Screens 2. Digital Signage Platforms 3. Digital Platforms 4. Creative Content, Content Management, Technical Infrastructure 5. Revenue and Revenue optimization OvERvIEw:
  7. 7. Page 7 | February 2014 APPROACh: We propose to act as the master consulting entity for MONMOUTH, managing the process and a select group of associates in concert with MONMOUTH to: STEP1 Audit & Assessment to align with MONMOUTH’s corporate business objectives and Location Specific Stakeholders to Identify short and long term goals and opportunities. • Improve property value, and lessee ‘magnetism’ and loyalty, and drive ROI and ad revenue opportunities • Support MONMOUTH Brand and build awareness through key content and related services with upgraded capability • Improve ability to support improved corporate and commercial messaging through optimized digital signage and infrastructure capability • Improve guest experiences through the appropriate use of technology: Mobile, NFC,WIFI, Digital Signage • Quantify and Optimize revenue opportunities around all media and sponsorship based upon findings
  8. 8. STEP3 Page 8 | February 2014 Identify features/capabilities that meet specific measurable goals identified above • Better understand location demographics to improve guest - visitor experience and revenue generation. • Communicate ad hoc and planned / time and behavior driven events and opportunities. (sales, gaming & recreational events, membership opportunities.) • Mobile e-commerce and venue experiences to enhance overall visitor experience and foot fall. STEP2 Establish Property specific unique creative and thematic threads and narratives that adhere to Corporate and Property guidelines and drive the creative content across multiple plat- forms including but not limited to digital signage, mobile, internet and other emerging platforms. APPROACh CONTINUED
  9. 9. Page 9 | February 2014 STEP4 formulate a Content Management strategy / platform Supported by the necessary technology and business partnerships as well as tools. Scope and vet the requisite Technical Infrastructure Covering all aspects of storage, networking, CRM, analytics, mobil-interactive, play out and digital signage display utilization, digital signage allocation and screen types. Identify and Execute the Creative Solution - System Based on all previously mentioned criteria and develop the platform best suited to develop and deliver creative seamlessly. Accurately Assess and Quantify the advertising and sponsorship opportunity for solicitation to potential partners. APPROACh CONTINUED STEP5 STEP6 STEP7
  10. 10. Page 10 | February 2014 MD&A CREATIvE CONTENT MANAGEMENT ADvERTISING & SPONSORShIP ASSESSMENT Page 10 | February 2014 ENGAGEMENT TOPOLOGY: MD&A Michael Donohue | Thomas Moroney Overarching coordination of engagement and associates resulting in deliverable. CREATIvE Agency | Ryan Brown/iA | Dave Jenssen Creative theme and narrative, content creation, branding and programming across multiple channels. ADvERTISING & SPONSORShIP ASSESSMENT Rob Perlstein | Dave Jenssen Asses revenue potential from various media and digital sales. CONTENT MANAGEMENT Dave Jenssen Execution, distribution, post production, MAM, content distribution and playout.
  11. 11. Page 11 | February 2014 CONSIDERATIONS/OBSERvATIONS The “Informed Decision Making” process ensures that a foundational structure is established to ensure that the scoping of specific operational elements is complete and in alignment with corporate and property goals and objectives. The process promises to certify and streamline the next steps in the deployment cycle. Our suggestion is to conduct the due diligence inherent in the process before committing any investment and: Define the business objectives Design the high level advertising and sponsorship opportunities across multiple media and digital platforms. Develop the creative criteria to bridge both short term creative design and long term planning The driver is maintaining MONMOUTH / core branding and theming while delivering targeted messages and content to reach guests while meeting budget and ROI drivers. 4 4 4
  12. 12. Page 12 | February 2014 We will proceed as follows: Needs Assessment / Requirements Definition Creative: Lead Visioning session(s) Content Management: Identify and scope a content management platform and strategy Advertising and Sponsorship Assessment: Identify and scope the advertising and sponsorship opportunity Our recommendation of the strategic associate consultants herein is based upon years of experience in the deployment of emerging media technologies across a variety of challenging environments including digital signage, broadcast, mobile, social and media asset management. We feel that this requires technology agnostic niche experts to assess and deliver the best Vision/Strategy. CONSIDERATIONS/OBSERvATIONS CONTINUED
  13. 13. IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS Needs Assessment / Requirements Definition: Facilitate internal stakeholder engagement and conversation to determine corporate goals and property specific goals. Meet with Corpo- rate Marketing, MONMOUTH’s Agency, Leasing Strategy stakeholder, CIO, Architect, Interior Designers and Development and Construction- Management. We will bring in cross cultural/division business development and user centered process engineer Susan Heller and Thomas Moroney to capture and map business objectives to capabilities and develop the Assessment Matrix. Creative: Participate in Visioning session(s) with your creative team to establish or review the creative criteria for the content across multiple de- livery platforms. We will bring in Ryan Brown, (see:, password: md&a) and Dave Jenssen who has run one of the most successful digital signage arrays in the world at 3 Times Square (see: to participate in this session. We would validate the creative against your budget and ROI drivers. Naturally your CMO and Agency would participate in theses sessions. Content Management: Help to scope and vet a Content Management Platform based upon the present and planned future needs of the system. Vet consultants, vendors and partners suitable to provide highly specialized post production and VFX services for digital signage applications as well as MAM strategy and deployment. Enlist the input and services of Ryan Brown, Dave Jenssen and Jason Koehler. Advertising and Sponsorship Assessment: We will bring in Rob Perlstein and Dave Jenssen to help us properly assess and accurately quantify the value of advertising and sponsor- ship across the various media and digital platforms. Part of our work will be to look for potential venues within the context of the Mon- mouth Park venue. Page 13 | February 2014
  14. 14. All content contained herein is proprietary and confidential. This is property of MD&A and is not to be reproduced or used without their written consent. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. ThANk YOU Michael Donohue & AssociatesMD&A