Advanced production


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Advanced production

  1. 1.  Plantsbrook School 20311 Michael Deakin-6053
  2. 2. Parallel editing Slow motion Length of shot Animation Green screen/ Point of view blue screen Zoom Graphics Cutting TransitionsRotation Special FX Costumes Lighting Movement Angles Editing Location Camera Actors Mis-en-scene Sound motif Camera shots Diegetic Soundtrack e.g.- long shot, medium shot and close up Key Elements Sound Dialogue Sound effects Narrative Non- Diegetic Voice-over
  3. 3.  Nick Fury is director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an international peace keeping agency. The agency is a whos who of Marvel Super Heroes, with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When global security is threatened by Loki and his cohorts, Nick Fury and his team will need all their powers to save the world from disaster. After Loki steals the infinitely powerful Tesseract from Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. puts together the group that hes had in the works for years. Gathering Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow, the team of "Lost Creatures" takes on Loki and his army to save the world.
  4. 4.  Budget: $220,000,000 Opening weekend: $110, 000 Gross takings $1,370,807,000 (worldwide) Staring: Robert Downy Jr. Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Adventure Credit: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures Producer: Victoria Alonso Original Music Soundtrack: Alan Silvestri Cinematography: Seamus McGravey Editing: Jeffery Ford Casting by: Sarah Finn, Randi Hiler Country: USA Languages: English, Russian Runtime: 143 minutes (2 hours 23 minutes)
  5. 5. The Avengers movie trailer opens with a long aerial shot that establishes the location, the mis-en-scene includes a city consisting of burning cars to establish a dangerous and violent setting. All of these shots include editing of faded to black and then transitioned with a non- diegetic sound of a deep instrument to build up tension. There is then a slow motion shot indicated below to enhance tension and highlight the sense of danger shown in the Mis-en-scene Then a voice over comes over the violence over the first location and turns into a character’s diegetic dialogue. His sentence about danger is the cut by a woman in fear, this represents the danger
  6. 6. After all the fighting scene, it cuts to a low angle shot of the previous character, establishing his position in the movie as being crucial and powerful to the whole movie. Then afterwards showing multiple shots of him so the audience can get an idea of what his personal appearance is, showing his scars and attire.A few seconds later on in the trailer there is anumber of shots that represent the Hulkchanging into it’s bulk form, this is a shortsequence of shots aimed to show how thehulks human form changes so drastically, this isa very short shot to only give an anticipatingglimpse of The Hulk. The use of blue screen in this shot allows this shot to have added lightning effect to show the Power of Thor’s hammer, it also enables them to give a more atmospheric feel by being able to change the background weather to add a darker feel to the movie shot.
  7. 7. This shot here shows a close up of the character’s lower body as the suit of armour comes off him automatically, this emphasizes the genre of Science fiction that is in the movie, this is also emphasised by the non-diegetic sound effects of robotic noises, establishing the characters abilities.The slow motion effect added on to this shotrepresents these three characters as very heroicand serious, this is also emphasized by their bodylanguage and facial expressions being veryupright in posture and focused expression withtheir eyes. In terms of lighting as well, All of themembers are in focus while the background isout of focus, showing their importance. This extreme long shot establishes the action taking place in this movie, the Mis-en-scene includes expositions and gun shots as diegetic sounds, also establishing the science fiction genre of the movie by showing fictional technology. In terms of sound, the predicted sound effects are replaced by an atmospheric sound track including very tense musical techniques that explains the mood of the shot without the sound effects.
  8. 8. This camera angle is an over the shoulder shot, it shows a clear point of view of a conversation between two characters, from this point of view we can see the speaking character’s facial expression and body language towards the other person very clearly, along with the attire that he is wearing.The two shots of this character consecutively are very muchrepresenting him as a powerful and intimidating character.The first one representing intimidation and the second powerby this low angle shot shown here and also the setting inwhich he is placed being an old building as a locationpossibly being compared to royalty or power, and also by ispossession of a weapon in his hand with a formal attiremaking subconscious to us of men of power This shot here is again in slow motion, this time to make the audience sink in the action of the danger taking place. The focus on this shot is mainly the destruction being caused with the glass breaking and the size comparison between the hulk and the other woman, this is why the camera position is set up right and is a medium shot.
  9. 9. The narrative of these two scenes are shown by the character’s dialogue in saying that “This is not a team, but a time bomb” This is him implying that they are dangerous together, this is then re-enforced by a picture of the Hulk then destroying glass 1 shot later. In the next shot the location is then changed to the familiar city that most of the action is taking place, implying this further and show that this violence is ongoing to add more interest.This shot here of Captain Americabeing helped up creates a very strongemotional response of pain anddetermination. The pain shown by hisfacial expression and the hand gestureto show their determination. This close up of Iron Man’s face is meant to show the added on effect of the dirt on his face and also the rips and tares of his suit to also suggest the violence and action of the movie.
  10. 10. This camera shot is intended to be unstable to give a sense of danger occurring in the shot, it is A tracking shot of Iron Man as he is constantly fighting as he is travelling, this shot is not slowed down or with added music, this is because in the previous shot the background music is building and now that Iron Man is in battle it has reached its climax and is now showing a roar version of the action. The constant diegetic sound effects added with the constant camera movement, and the use of momentary silence all come together to make an extremely tense shot.This shot makes use of rotation. The camera rotates in acircular motion, showing all the characters as they are in acircle together. This shot establishes the characters as theydo things that establishes their persona, e.g. – Iron man ismaking use of his jet thrusters and the Hulk is roaring. Thisshot also gives a good establishment of the Mis-en-scene asthe rotating camera is showing all the angles of the beatenup area to establish the action that may have taken placethere. There facial expressions also show anticipation, alsosuggesting a battle is about to take place. The close up of the character’s face and the dropout of soundtrack once again enhances tension , also the spot lighting of the characters face forces us to focus on his features as he is showing blank expression, making it ambiguous for the viewer to understand what’s about to happen.
  11. 11. This two shot of both Iron man and the spaceship is shown to emphases the size difference of the two, this is done in two ways, one by the size comparison itself and also by the special effects added of the graphic building apparently exploding as the ship crashes into it, showing the weight of it.The cut shot to the Marvel logo is introducing the associatedcompanies that made The Avengers, it has come first most likelybecause Marvel is known for making superhero comic books andtherefore could be a wide range of superhero films, the brand nameis very well know too.The Paramount Pictures logo comes shortly afterward to also informthe viewer of the production companies that have contributed toThe Avengers. This comes in very quickly and then fades back intodarkness, following the theme of most of the shots taken in theAvengers.The Avengers logo then comes in with highly edited and graphicdesign, establishing the theme of the movie of being highlydecorative and high levels of production. It is also in very typicalSuperhero Writing. The date of the release is also in the same format, giving its theme of bold 3D writing a signature style.