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Module 8: The Tools


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Module 8: The Tools

  1. 1. The Tools • Our tools for becoming better storytellers: – The voice – The body • We must explore, develop, and utilize their potential to the fullest.
  2. 2. The Tools • But we are not all blessed with the voice of Andrea Bocelli, the presence of Laurence Olivier, the spell-bound sincerity of Clarence Darrow, or the rapier wit of Will Rogers.
  3. 3. The Tools • However, working within the confines of our physical being, we can all create our own magic.
  4. 4. Reaching for the Impossible Note It doesn’t matter if you hit that note, all that matters is that you reach for it with all your might!
  5. 5. The Tools • Overcoming Psychological Barriers • Authenticity: Being True to You • Concentration • Overcoming Consciousness of Self & Silencing the Inner Critic • Hearing Versus Listening • Waking Up The Instrument • Empathy for Your Client • Unleash the Beast: Openly Revealing Your Feelings!
  6. 6. The Tools • How Actors Create Emotions and What We Can Learn From It • Walk a Day In Your Client’s Shoes • Opening Statement as Story • The Language of Opening Statement • Emphasis & Impact Devices • The Power of Silence • We Have Five Senses, Not One • Opening Statement as Speech & The Extemporaneous Method
  7. 7. The Tools • Exposing the Liar, the Fool, and the Trained Pig • Breaking Down the Fourth Wall • The Director’s Eye • Movement In The Courtroom • Being In The Moment • Embrace Raw Fear • Word Repetition Exercise • Get Off the Ferris Wheel of Perfection
  8. 8. The Tools • Empowering the Jury • A Lawyer Prepares • Disengaging • Improv(ed) Legal Skills • Parting Words