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Module 2: Overview of Topics


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Published in: Law
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Module 2: Overview of Topics

  1. 1. TOPICS • Inside the Mind of the Jury • Two Different Views of the Courtroom • The American Jury System • Eye-catching Statistics • The Case for Storytelling • The Tools
  2. 2. One Step At A Time … • A common remark I hear from those who have taken this course is that due to the vast amount of content, it can feel like “drinking water out of a fire hydrant.”
  3. 3. One Step At A Time … • My advice is not to attempt to master all of these techniques, but instead to focus on just a few at a time.
  4. 4. One Step At A Time … • The same applies here. If you try to tackle everything with all of the zeal, fervor, and gusto of a missionary beginning a religious Pilgrimage, you are going to get overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel.
  5. 5. One Step At A Time … • The performing arts is not a spectator sport. It’s experiential. Preparation and “learning by doing” are critical elements of honing this craft.
  6. 6. “Life is about the journey; not the destination.”
  7. 7. The Wisdom of Dogs Bella
  8. 8. The Wisdom of Dogs “Wisdom usually does not fall from high places. I have learned more from my dog than from all the great books I have read. The wisdom of my dog is the product of his inability to conceal his wants. He puts his head on my lap, wags his tail and looks up at me with kind eyes, waiting to be petted. No professor ever told me I might live a more successful life if I simply asked for love when I needed it.” – Gerry Spence