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Cfms project (asrc)

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Cfms project (asrc)

  1. 1. Presented byMichael DaviesCFMS-ASRC Business ManagerCFMS-ASRCBristol, September 2011
  2. 2. advanced simulation research centre
  3. 3. TRANSFORMING SIMULATIONWhat is CFMS?“CFMS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, committed toaccelerating the delivery of more intuitive and powerful designprocesses.”
  4. 4. Rolls-Royce data-strictly privateCFMS Limited• A not for profit company, limited by guarantee has been established to manage delivery ofthe CFMS Vision via the CFMS Framework*• The company is known as CFMS Ltd• Member Companies are:• Airbus• BAE Systems• Frazer-Nash Consultancy• MBDA UK• Rolls-Royce• Williams F1• Activities carried out by CFMS Ltd include:• Technology road-mapping• Project scoping and facilitation• Project management support• Facilities provision• All services are available to organisations beyond the Member companies of CFMS LtdThe CFMS Framework is a co-ordinated programme of research and technology deployment projects, thescope of which has been defined to achieve the CFMS Vision*
  5. 5. TRANSFORMING SIMULATIONAdvanced Simulation Research Centre Created to challenge our perceptions of a“traditional working environment”• On-site HPC cluster• IT Lab (flexible infrastructure)• Visualisation suite• Integration room• Collaborative working areas• Hot-desking and touchdown-desking• Meeting rooms & conference facilities• Break-out areas“An inspiring and stimulating environment to encourage collaboration andinnovation, alongside the cutting-edge facilities required to support thedevelopment and demonstration of the latest technologies”
  6. 6. TRANSFORMING SIMULATIONAssociates Scheme Primary method of CFMS engagement Brings together end users, technology developersand researchers Unique programme of activities to improveawareness and identify longer-term developments• Best practice exchange• Road-mapping• Demonstrations• Networking• Forums• Technical notes/white papers• Newsletters“Introduce organisations to technologies and methodologies which will make theirdesign processes quicker, cheaper and more effective”
  7. 7. October 20107
  8. 8. Facility elementsCapability Laba facility to support collaborative research & developmentHPC – High Performance ComputerIT laboratorya facility to support R&D in emerging IT architectures
  9. 9.  An open plan office space, with flexible partitioning Focus on supporting CFMS programmes and methodsdevelopments Front office: Desktop clients with docking stations for ‘approved’ laptops Wireless internet access, Wired access to HPC and IT Lab Visualisation/Integration/Conferencing/Meeting Rooms Back office servers: 18 Xeon-based severs (development, code, email,…etc) 3.6TB storage Software stacksCapability Lab
  10. 10. HPC 2880 core clusters – latest Nehalem (six-core) chipset- Fast file server : 60TB usable- QDR IB interconnect, 40Gbps bandwidth- IBM iDataPlex, with water-cooled rear doors 1440 cores Rolls-Royce, 720 cores Airbus, 720 cores third-party Head/login nodes 2 x PostProcessing-nodes 2 X Visualisation nodes, with Nvidia Quadroplex 2200S4 GPUs OS: RHE v5.4 Scheduler: SunGridEngine
  11. 11. Rolls-Royce data-strictly privateFacility floor plan*Ground Floor LayoutITLab HPCvvvv VenusIntegrationRoom MarsVisualisationZoneGame ZoneBreak-outZone151617 18 19 20222123 24VenusIntegrationRoomMarsVisualisationZoneMax capacity = 25 people (8 peoplein baseline layout)Max capacity = 25 people (12 peoplein baseline layout)
  12. 12. Rolls-Royce data-strictly privateFacility floor plan*First Floor LayoutCFMSASRCASRCASRCASRCSaturn RoomJupiter RoomMercuryRoomNeptuneRoomTransit Zone564 31 2NeptuneRoomMercuryRoomSaturn RoomJupiter Room Transit Zone789Max capacity = 40 people in seminar roomlayout (24 people in training room layout)Max capacity = 25 people in seminar roomlayout (16 people in training room layout)Max capacity = 20 people in seminar roomlayout (6people with baseline layout)Max capacity = 14 people in seminarroom layout (4people +2 desks withbaseline layout)Capacity = 6 people withbaseline layout10111213 14
  13. 13. Rolls-Royce data-strictly privateOrganisationMember OrganisationsRR, Airbus, Williams F1, Fraser Nash, MBDA, BAECFMS BoardB Barzegar, I Martindale, P Best, N Buckland, A Burns, G Gapper, B DavisASRC BoardMartin AstonFrank McQuadeCarolyn WebbAndy WilliamsImplementationManagerMike DaviesBusiness ManagerZoe ThorneAdministratorNeil Whyld Paul EdwardsOutreach ManagerTechnical controllerOperations/FacilitiesNathan HarperIBM Support
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention

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