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Pubcon WordPress SEO


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WordPress SEO session deck from Pubcon Austin 2013

Published in: Technology
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Pubcon WordPress SEO

  1. 1. Epic WordpressAdvanced Setup for Rankings, Traffic, & Loyal Visitors Part 1 Presented by: Michael David michael david | | @tastyplacement
  2. 2. Epic WordpressInitial Setup Important Considerations on Install: Dont Use Default “Admin” for Username Dont Store Database Backups on Server Hosting: Apache/Cpanel Hosting: Remote Database? (Megahosts: GD NS) michael david | | @tastyplacement
  3. 3. Epic WordpressInitial Setup Your Framework: Think Before Using “Overlay” Frameworks Can Add Features, but Harder to Change Less Universal, Harder to Get Help, Guest Auth? Responsive Templates Best Mobile Display Solution Creates Perfect Index Why Design? michael david | | @tastyplacement
  4. 4. Epic WordpressInitial Setup Set Up Ping Services: WordPress Pings When You Post Set Up Pings at Dashboard>Settings>Writing Dont Bang on the Publish Button, Repeats Ping Find a Good Ping List via Google Search michael david | | @tastyplacement
  5. 5. Epic WordpressPro Tips When Writing/Posting Make Appetizing Thumbnails: Make Facebook & Pinterest Thumbnails for When Visitors Share Opengraph? michael david | | @tastyplacement
  6. 6. Epic WordpressPro Tips When Writing/Posting Getting Images into Search: When Pushing Images in Image Search: -Text Proximity Has High Impact -Alt Tag Has Medium Impact ...(but do both+Title) Images Push Content into FB/Pinterest Posts With Images Just Do Better michael david | | @tastyplacement
  7. 7. Epic WordpressPro Tips When Writing/PostingEmploy Epic Post Thumbnail: Premium Themes Handle This Gracefully -Use It or Lose It -Makes Blog Page & Cat Pages look Pimpn -Just More Images for Social Sharing michael david | | @tastyplacement
  8. 8. Epic WordpressPro Tips When Writing/PostingSome Epic Post Thumbnails in Action: michael david | | @tastyplacement
  9. 9. Epic WordpressPro Tips When Writing/PostingLinking to Your Own Content in Body: Can it Influence Rankings? ...Meh – Relevant to Source and Destination – Link to Money Pages – When Overdone: Trashy and Spammy Some Interlinking Is a Quality Signal/Non-Spam Signal – Why? michael david | | @tastyplacement
  10. 10. Epic Wordpress Installing and Configuring W3 Total CacheHow WP Renders Pages:But if We Make Pages Static: michael david | | @tastyplacement
  11. 11. Epic WordpressInstalling and Configuring W3 Total Cache What W3 Total Cache Does: Creates static cached pages, faster load Browser caching: instant subsequent pages EZ integration of CDN Minifies JS, CSS michael david | | @tastyplacement
  12. 12. Epic WordpressInstalling and Configuring W3 Total Cache Lets Install from WP Admin (5 min): Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Download & Activate Adds “Performance” tab on Dashboard Navigation Next: Setup michael david | | @tastyplacement
  13. 13. Epic WordpressInstalling and Configuring W3 Total CacheSetup: Lots of Options Page Cache: Enable Minify: Enable, Play With Settings Database Cache: Enable Object Cache: Enable & Cross Fingers Browser Cache: Enable & Cross em CDN section michael david | | @tastyplacement
  14. 14. Epic WordpressInstalling and Configuring a Content Delivery NetworkCDN: How it Works Delivers your content faster Reduces load on your server michael david | | @tastyplacement
  15. 15. Epic WordpressInstalling and Configuring a Content Delivery NetworkCDN with CloudFlare: Setup Signup at (free & paid) Transfer account info to W3 TC michael david | | @tastyplacement
  16. 16. Epic WordpressInstalling Broken Link CheckerBroken Link Checker Plugin Free Plugin Monitors for Dead Links Checks content, Nav, & Comments Uses LOTS of server resources michael david | | @tastyplacement
  17. 17. Epic WordpressInstalling Broken Link Checker Lets Install from WP Admin (5 min): Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Download & Activate Adds This Box to Main Dashboard michael david | | @tastyplacement
  18. 18. Epic WordpressUsing Broken Link Checker Moderating Broken Links Edit URL, Edit Page Content, or Simply Unlink Remember to Turn Plugin Off/Down michael david | | @tastyplacement
  19. 19. Epic WordpressKeeping Out Bad Bots and Scrapers with .htaccess Bad Bots and Scrapers Waste and Steal Check Your Server Logs - - [31/Aug/2012:07:11:37 -0500] "POST /wp-cron.php? doing_wp_cron=1346415097.3102951049804687500000 HTTP/1.1" 200 20 "-" "WordPress/3.4.1;" - - [31/Aug/2012:07:11:36 -0500] "GET /services/social- media-consulting-austin-tx HTTP/1.1" 200 9011 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; discoverybot/2.0; +" - - [31/Aug/2012:07:15:15 -0500] "GET /wp- content/uploads/testing-negative-seo-thumbnail.jpg HTTP/1.0" 200 219507 "-" "facebookplatform/1.0 (+" michael david | | @tastyplacement
  20. 20. Epic Wordpress Keeping Out Bad Bots and Scrapers with .htaccess Block the Bad Bots With .htaccess File Google this: “AskApache Blocking Bad Bots” AskApache Page Has Copy/Paste .htaccessErrorDocument 403 /403.htmlRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /# IF THE UA STARTS WITH THESERewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^(black.?hole|blackwidow|discoverybot) [NC,OR]RewriteRule . - [F,L] michael david | | @tastyplacement
  21. 21. Epic WordpressAdvanced Installation for Maximum Performance And Now to Mr. Bey Q&A Follows michael david | | @tastyplacement