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Instagram Standards


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Surviving in the digital age can be complicated. This is a presentation I put together for a non-profit seeking to help Artists survive in the digital age by growing their Instagram accounts organically.

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Instagram Standards

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  2. 2. Customer Avatar Template Specialty Coffee Shop Customer Goals & Values Avatar Info Challenges & Pain Points Goals: ● What is your customer trying to achieve Values: ● What matters most to your customer ○ Quality, convenience, exclusivity, etc... Age: Gender: Relationship Status: # children: Location: Pain Points: ● What obstacles are your customers seeking payable solutions for? Challenges: ● What service/product/ secrets are they willing to pay Sources of Information Objections & Role in Purchase Process ● What information resources do your customers gravitate to? ● books/ blogs/ websites/ subreddits/ podcasts/ etc... Objections to the Sale: ● What are some common obstacles your business faces during the checkout process? Role in Purchase Process: ● What authority does your customer have in the decision making process? Goals & Values Avatar Info Challenges & Pain Points Goals: ● Seeking quality coffee from baristas that excel in their craft ● Searching for new coffee/food experiences Values: ● Premium quality food ● Great customer service ● Is willing to pay more for a better experience ● Supporter of local coffee shops Age: 21-45 Gender: Male/Female Status: Any # children: Any Location: El Paso, TX Pain Points: ● Struggles to find quality coffee ● Knows about coffee culture but has not found your business yet ● Tired of Starbucks and seeking new environments Challenges: ● Loves and respects coffee but they don’t know what they don’t know about coffee culture ● Can’t find a local coffee shop in the area that provides a great environment Sources of Information Objections & Role in Purchase Process ● Follows food blogs/channels ○ I.e- Tasty ● Follows local coffee shops on social media ● Interacts with foodie blogs, subreddits, magazines Objections to the Sale: ● More expensive than normal prices ● Slower than normal coffee service Role in Purchase Process: ● Decision Maker
  3. 3. Instagram Standards What Makes A Killer Instagram Profile & Experience?
  4. 4. Creating High Quality Content What Is Quality Content? ➔ Defined By Engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares) ➔ High Resolution ➔ Does Well on Every Channel ➔ Content That Brings Out Emotion ◆ Humor | Shock & Awe | Food Cravings | Sexual Attraction | Etc… The Answer Is In The Results (Try multiple formats until you find a winner) Look To Nationwide Brands For Inspiration Not Local Competition If All Else Fails Hire A Professional Content Creator For Help
  5. 5. “Content is king, but context is God” - Gary Vaynerchuck
  6. 6. Your followers are allowing you into their daily lives Don’t slack off on quality/creativity or you will lose followers faster than you made them
  7. 7. Use ALL of Instagram’s social tools (Picture/Video Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, Live) Instagram Rewards The Power Users The Instagram Maximum Growth Formula 1 to 3 Picture Posts (per week) 1 Video Post (per week) 4 to 8 Stories (per day) Go Live For 1 Hour (per week if possible)