Different Kinds of Love


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Different Kinds of Love

  1. 1. . . WELCOME TO LOVE POWER Know about the different love.
  2. 2. . <ul><li>The love of your family is different from the others. You cannot change the love of your family, not like the love of your friends like you easily to change the love of them but family not. The love of your family is still on your heart until the end. The love of your family is very closer than the love of your friends, like super close than the friends are or what we called super friends. </li></ul>Love of Family
  3. 3. . <ul><li>The love of your friends are different of the love of your family. The love of your friends are just simple and sometimes it comes very more than friends and that’s what we called “in Relationships”. You can easily break the love of your friends but you cannot forget the moment with your friends when the time you are having fun with them, and the love is also called treasure like the love of your family. </li></ul>Love of your Friends
  4. 4. . <ul><li>The love of your girlfriend and/or Boyfriend is very different to friends and family. The love of “in relationships” is called Golden or Silver which never erased or never changed like the love of your family. Sometimes when you just played the love of “In Relationships” then you can easily break the relationships in both of you but you can’t forget him or her about the love of both of you. </li></ul>Love of GF and/or BF
  5. 5. . <ul><li>•The love of your relatives is just like the love of your relatives but sometimes the family of yours and your relatives can be able to fight about the problems and you can be also hate your relatives its because they hate your family but sometimes the love of your relatives will be back its because your are near to a place like neighbors. </li></ul>Love of your Relatives
  6. 6. . <ul><li>The love of your neighbors is also different. Sometimes you and your neighbors will fight and that’s the time that you will change look each other or what you feels each other and the love of both you will change like weather. Sometimes its very difficult to solve the problem of your neighbors because they are times that they don’t wanna talk to you or they hate you or something etc. </li></ul>Love of your Neighbors
  7. 7. . <ul><li>The love of god is the same as the love of your family and though all the people. You always love god like the love of your family. God also loves you with all his full heart. He crucified for us and he always gave us blessings even though sometimes we have a sins but us, talking bad words, and doing bad things and bad example to the other people. That’s all one of the reasons why god/jesus crucified. </li></ul>Love of God G O D
  8. 8. . <ul><li>Created By: MJ </li></ul><ul><li>Designed by: MJ Uploaded by: MJ </li></ul><ul><li>Presented by: MJ </li></ul><ul><li>Animation by: MJ </li></ul><ul><li>Background by: MJ </li></ul><ul><li>All was created by MJ! </li></ul>Creation by Creative People
  9. 9. . <ul><li>Not all the information in this presentation is correct. Please do comment if you have any complains about the presentation, Kindly Comment Good, Kindly Complain in a good ways, not a good ways. Please be calm down when you read a wrong information in this presentation because you only have to do is to comment the presentation but please be sure that comment a complains in a simple, don’t comment a strong words and bad words. </li></ul>Reminders Thank you!