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Clubs Away Brochure digital

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Clubs Away Brochure digital

  1. 1. Golf events Our bespoke events are carefully tailored to suit your every requirement. Collaborate with us on a blueprint and we’ll build your dream event, leaving you to focus on what’s important – promoting your business. PGA pro host Our PGA pro hosts are drawn from some of the world’s finest coaches and players, and provide a unique and comprehensive service. They will be with you from morning until night, on and off the course, using a mixture of golfing expertise and local knowledge to help you get the most out of your event. Holidays Our package deals are hand-picked by our industry experts based on personal experience; if we recommend a course, hotel or restaurant, it’s because we’ve played, slept or eaten there. We work hard to find the best deals on the finest courses and accommodation, making for a true insider experience. The home of 5* golf travel & events “Clubs Away really do absolutely everything.” “I cannot thank you enough for making this the easiest and simplest of events to arrange. It ran perfectly and we will be sure to continue to use your services.” Donna-Marie Evans, Marketing Manager, LG Clubs Away is a golf travel and events company, founded by industry experts to cater for the increasing demand in corporate hospitality. Our passion is for our enthusiasm and knowledge of golf to improve your business. Clubs Away was born out of a love of the game and a desire to help you create better client relationships. We remove the hassle of booking, organisation and worry, presenting your clients with a tailored and memorable golf experience.
  2. 2. About us It’s a truth as old as business itself that sometimes, the best way to close a deal is over a round of golf - and we stand by that. Which is why we work hard to take everything out of your hands and leave you free to enjoy the game and good company. Our bespoke end-to-end service is tailored to your needs; we help you craft the perfect environment for team-building days, business outings, or simple relaxation. Our dedicated booking team takes care of you; from travel arrangements to organising venues and events, we provide the full package. All of our hotels are five-star; just sit back and enjoy the golf break of your dreams. Event branding Finding a great venue and coordinating a great game of golf is where we start but it’s by no means the end. We tailor all of our events to really help you make your guests feel special. We don’t just do the basic golf ball branding and pitch forks, we offer a service to brand every element of the day, from the initial invite to the end of event presentation. Management team Clubs Away has a dedicated management team. Whether it’s hiring the venue of your chosen event, arranging flights or organising transportation, you can rest assured that we will take care of the full process. The team will be available at all times for any last-minute changes or alterations; we like to provide the full service. Trackman analysis Golf analysis isn’t just for the Pro’s. Now you can unleash the potential in your swing with our state of the art Trackman analysis system. You’ll have all the tools to jump ahead and understand how to hit straighter and further. With our Trackman we have the perfect opportunity for you to bring that special element to any event or trip. Handpicked venues How can we recommend a venue or resort if we haven’t been and tried it for ourselves? Answer is, we can’t! More importantly, we don’t, which is why you can be assured that all of our venues are handpicked. Some are picked for events and some for trips but speak with one of our management team to find the best option for you. These aren’t just the best, they’re the best of the best. PGA pro host Our PGA Professional is on hand to create a unique environment and provide world class golf instruction. Whether it be a golf clinic for all your guests or one to one VIP lessons, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy the insight gained from some of the best coaches. Detailed planning At Clubs Away, we focus intensely on tailoring your event to you and your clients’ needs. You will be assigned your very own highly experienced event manager who will guide you through each stage of your event. Using their wide knowledge and understanding, they will work hard to create a unique, perfectly-tuned environment and experience for you to enjoy. Why choose us? Clubs Away was born out of a huge love for the game and we want our clients and customers to enjoy their golfing experiences as much as we do. We want to help you build better relationships with clients, friends and family through the love of this beautiful game. We work with businesses and individuals to create industry leading events as well as holidays to handpicked 5* resort destinations across the globe. We are here to help you relax and enjoy the experience along with your guests. We’ll remove the organisation stress and venue research, taking the worry away right through to the 19th hole. You’ll go away with memories of a great event or trip to cherish. See below what truly sets us apart, all wrapped from the only travel and events company to provide a PGA professional to support your event or holiday.
  3. 3. Events Our events are designed with a single goal in mind: to give you and your clients the perfect corporate golf experience. Our experienced event managers guide you through each stage of your event, catering to your every need and taking care of all the details; we provide tournament administration and expert instruction, as well as comprehensive branding services to keep your brand clear and present in every aspect of your event. 1. Get in touch To get started, we’ll need a few details about what you want to achieve with your event. Our venue-finding service is complementary, and once we have some initial information, we’ll work with you to explore a range of possibilities for your event. 2. Proposal Once we’ve worked together to finalise your options, we’ll develop a proposal consisting of various possibilities for your event or break. The proposal will include prospective packages, venue options, potential itineraries, and possibilities concerning the theme, branding and format of your event or break. 3. You decide Once you’ve had time to digest the proposal, we’ll work with you to put together all the elements of your bespoke package. We don’t encourage you to go with the most expensive package or the most exotic location; our recommendations will focus entirely on what you want to achieve with the event. 4. Booking & promotion We negotiate the best possible price on your behalf, using years of industry experience and knowledge of the world’s resorts and courses. You can rest assured that you will receive the best possible deal. We know the key to success in corporate events is having the right team on board, making clients and colleagues feel valued and appreciated, and cultivating the perfect atmosphere. We deliver this all the way from custom designed invitations to comprehensive branding. 5. Finishing touches At the end of the consultation process, we’ll have a final meeting with you to make sure everything is in perfect order. Once you are entirely satisfied that everything is as you’d like it, it’s time for you to sit back and let Clubs Away do what we do best. We’ll work hard to guarantee a peaceful, idyllic experience, which means that you and your clients can hit the range, play on the green or relax at the resort without a care in the world; we’ll handle everything. We can even tailor your event with a PGA pro or tee off with Trackman, the ultimate golf swing analysis system. The steps we take to make your event memorable     “I told Clubs Away my budget and they over-delivered on the value. But the second aspect is that they know how to make our clients and us feel special.” Jon Porter, Director, CW Duke
  4. 4. PGA pro host We are the only golf travel company in the industry to offer our extensive PGA pro host service. Our world-class professional will be with you from morning until night, acting as a concierge, local guide, coach, organiser and partner. Whether you want to enjoy private lessons from one of the world’s finest teachers, or eat your favourite food at a little- known local culinary gem, your PGA pro host will make sure your entire day is everything you want it to be. How will our PGA pro make the difference Swing biomechanics Greens in regualtion Break 30 putts Driving distance Management / strategy Strength & conditioning Nutrition Warm up drills 1. Consultation One of our PGA Pros will meet with you directly in order to gain the best possible understanding of what you might want. Our Pros have years of experience and a thorough knowledge of every element of an event, so they will be more than happy to provide ideas and recommendations. 2. You decide Once your event is beginning to take shape, we’ll work with you to put your package together and ensure that you’re happy with it. Our Pros have a great deal of experience arranging and attending events, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. 3. No hassle Once we’re certain of your desires, we’ll work hard to realise them. We negotiate insider prices for courses, resorts and extras, as well as handling travel, golfing equipment, and anything else you might require. Our service is designed to remove all the hassle of organisation and administration, and free you up to enjoy your event and build relationships with your clients. 4. Local knowledge Our Pros will use their experience and connections to get you the perks that other companies can’t; whether you want the most luxurious suite in the whole resort or a private table at the most exclusive restaurant, our Pros have the expertise. 5. World-class coaching When you opt for a PGA pro host, you gain access to the same level of coaching as any PGA great. All our pros have been present on European and US tours and have taught some of the best players in the world. They are also equipped with the latest golf coaching knowledge and technology, giving you the true PGA professional experience. The steps we take to make your event memorable              “From start to finish, Clubs Away were professional, dedicated and adaptable, we didn’t have to organise anything – This meant we had more time to talk to our clients.” Kevin Markall, Managing Director, Dragon Air Conditioning
  5. 5. 1. Get in touch The process begins when you see something you like – a resort, a course, or even a country. From there, you can get in touch with us via our website or directly by phone. We’re always available, and waiting to answer any queries you might have. 2. Making it yours Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll devote some time to talking through your request with you. Whether youre set on two nights at the exclusive Conrad Hotel in Quinta do Logo and eighteen holes at Monte Rei, or just fancy hitting some golf balls in Portugal, our job is to take our service and make it yours. Once we have a sense of what you’re looking for, we’ll put together a range of options. We’ll focus on staying true to your vision, but we’ll also throw in a few curveballs; we like to surprise our clients with bold ideas. 3. We take it from there Once we’ve put together your package, your job is done! We take it from there, arranging flights, booking accommodation, taking care of transfers and make sure everything it exactly as you’d like it. Once you’re away on your holiday, we don’t forget about you. In fact, every one of our holidays has a staff member appointed to it, who is tasked with taking care of every detail as your adventure unfolds; they’ll put together tee-time templates, competition formats and itineraries. We don’t just promise 5* golf travel; we deliver it. “Yas Links in Abu Dhabi is the most amazing golf resort I’ve been to. It was the perfect venue to host my annual client trip away and without doubt will be visiting there again soon.” Mr Phillips, London “Dona Filipa & San Lorenzo Resort was golfing paradise. The location, choice of golf courses and weather was amazing. I can’t wait to go back.” Mr Griffith, Surrey The steps we take to make you feel special   Handpicked holidays Apart from our bespoke corporate service, we also offer high-quality golfing holiday packages for enthusiasts. Our selections are based on real, in-depth experience of some of the finest courses and hotels across the world, and our prices are negotiated to bring you the best possible deals.
  6. 6. Brand your experience A well organised event is just where we start, but the opportunities to increase your brand exposure with Clubs Away are endless. We can brand products right from the first invite through to the presentation award evening. While we can brand products with your logo, we understand that a brand is far more than just that. Our creative team can apply your brand across everything so you’ll have one cohesive approach from start to finish. “I get invited on many corporate events and when it comes to organising my own, I trust Clubs Away totally understands me and my brand! They build a package that’s not only memorable, but totally unique and different. It’s just great to work with a creativly led events company. Terry Macleod, Envira-Mech Services Your brand isn’t just a logo, it’s your values. How you act on these is intrinsict to establishing a coherent brand experience for your guests. We will aim to build on your proposition, creating an event, adding real value in your own unique way. These are the key areas we can tailor your event experience. Play your game Welcome your customer Dress your venue Reward your winners
  7. 7. The perfect upgrade A Trackman is the ultimate analysis system, giving you the tools to understand your game and ultimately jump ahead. A combination of smart software and cutting-edge radar systems makes Trackman the best performance- enhancing software available in the industry today. Smash factor Spin rate Launch angle Carry Ball speed Club speed Dynamic loft Attack angle Club path Face angle          
  8. 8. Clubs Away Limited Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX +44 (0) 207 689 7507  