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Php development with Docker


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Experiences on running, debugging, testing and deploying PHP applications using Docker

Published in: Technology
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Php development with Docker

  1. 1. PHP Development with Docker #MichaelBui2812
  2. 2. About Me Started LAMP stack since 2004, official working since 2008 Like programming, learning new things and building things Like photography, chess, travelling, trekking and sports Is father of a lovely daughter
  3. 3. Docker Build, ship and run any app, (almost) anywhere Is not Virtual Machine Availability: Natively in Linux Toolbox in Windows/OSX (macOS) Natively (beta) in Windows/OSX Current version: 1.12
  4. 4. PHP Development with Docker Run Test Debug Deploy
  5. 5. Any questions?
  6. 6. Thank you! #MichaelBui2812