Research Powerpoint: Walt Disney Company


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A research powerpoint on the Walt Disney Company that encompasses a brief overview of information about the company. Made for COM 208.

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Research Powerpoint: Walt Disney Company

  1. 1. Innovating Mass Media Since 1923THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY
  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY• Diversified Multinational Mass Media Corporation• Largest Media Conglomerate in the World• Holdings in Film, Television, Travel, Theatre, Radio, Music,Publishing and Online Media• Owns Production Companies, TV Networks, Theme parks,Record Labels, Theatres and Publishing Companies•
  3. 3. CREATOR AND HISTORY• Founded October 16, 1932 by Walt and Roy Disney• 1923-1928 Silent Films• 1928: Mickey Mouse Debut, an Icon is Born• 1940s: Venture into Television• 1955: Disneyland Opens• 1980s: Disney Theatre Begins• 1990s: Disney Renaissance of Movies• 2000s-Present: Pixar Films, Acquisition of LucasFilms LTD
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENT/CORPORATE VISION• One of the reasons why Disney has a reputation of delivering aseamless "magical" experience to its guests in all of its operations -theme parks, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, etc. - is because it hasone overriding vision and mission for all of its business operations.• "The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the worldsleading producers and providers of entertainment and information.Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services andconsumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovativeand profitable entertainment experiences and related products in theworld."
  5. 5. WHAT DOES DISNEY DO?• The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries andaffiliates, is a leading diversified international familyentertainment and media enterprise with five businesssegments: media networks, parks and resorts, studioentertainment, consumer products and interactive media.
  6. 6. HOW IS DISNEY USED• EDUCATION• Disney Media and Disney Interactive create products used toenrich classroom learning environments and Disney Parksoffer educational experience tours• HOME• Disney’s vast media networks cover TV, film and radio.Theme parks and resorts are geared towards families andtheir consumer products range from kitchenware to stuffedtoys.• BUSINESS• Disney Business Services include studiorentals, advertising, meeting rooms and convention sites.
  7. 7. DISNEY PROFITS• Disney is a for-profit company• Disney makes money from its many holdings including adrevenue, studio rentals, movie ticket sales, amusement parktickets and more.• The Walt Disney Company made approximately $9,964 milliondollars in the year 2012
  8. 8. SIMILAR TO DISNEY• Comcast/NBC Universal• Sea World Parks and Entertainment• Time Warner• Viacom• News Corp• Vivendi Universal
  9. 9. DISNEY IN THE NEWS• Is There a Walt Disney–Steve Jobs Connection?• This article is about Walt Disney and Steve Jobs and how these two leaders wererevolutionaries of their time and how they had their similarities and differences inhow they ran their companies and engineered new and creative products.• Analysts: Disney layoffs tied to Lucasfilm, Marvel acquisitions• This article discusses the Walt Disney Company’s recent announcement about layingoff workers. The article goes on to speculate that the layoffs are tied to the recentacquisitions of Lucasfilm and Marvel and the redundancies in jobs it created.• Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company to Address Chicagoland BusinessLeaders at Executives Club Luncheon in Schaumburg• This news release is about Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger speaking to a sold out crowdat a Chicago business association on managing creativity and leadership at theworlds largest media company.
  10. 10. INTERESTING JOB AT THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY• Good Morning America Producer• Responsibilities:• Pitching story ideas, booking characters/experts, arranging shoots, field producing,writing scripts and live segment producing. Strong writing and research skills areessential, as is the ability to work on a short deadline. Experience with DV shootingand Avid Editing is preferred. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule and travelas necessary.• Qualifications:• Minimum 3 years experience broadcast news producing• Non-Technical Skills: Strong writing skills and experience in field producing andsegment producing.• Familiar with Outlook and Inews.