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MCA brand refresh presentation

  1. 1. Transitioning the MurphyCobb brand
  2. 2. Michael Bolton - Credentials• 16 years of Brand Marketing experience B2C, B2B• Brand Management for• Sarova Hotels, BSM, BSM Rider Training, McAfee Direct ww• Leading creative visual design, implementation, tone, execution and ongoing management• Localisation
  3. 3. Executive Brand Equity ConclusionsMurphy Cobb Equity ruminations(Small town feel with a big city reach)InsightMy Agency is no longer my “go to” expert on advertising production best practicesBrand Character - Masterfully Maverick. Diligent yet daringMasterful – Expert; showing leadershipMaverick – Independent thinker; non-conformist; opportunisticDiligent – persistent; hard workingDaring – Brave and adventurous; unconventional, different, innovativeKey Building BlocksKeeping Clients in the forefront of production innovation and best practicesDriving value for our Clients across the broad media landscape (not just TV)Tailored and innovative solutions born of broad and in-depth industry experienceSmall company feel with a big company reach. Offering a broad footprint in terms of bothindustry experience and geographic spreadWe populate our offices with only those with a demonstrated and consistent level of industryexperience at the highest level and a confidence to make it happen
  4. 4. Who are we?• MurphyCobb has successfully grown to a multi- region cross discipline approach company• MurphyCobb has more scale than many competitors• MurphyCobb has a reputation for delivering results to the satisfaction of clients and agencies• Jeff Cobb has left the business• Wants MurphyCobb to be less focussed on a particular person• Build on the international reputation / equity achieved so far but expand the horizons past the partnership and “Pat & Jeff”
  5. 5. Who are we?• We are MCA• Reflecting the heritage and principals of MurphyCobb• Broadening the perception of the company from a partnership• MurphyCobb and Associates is already often referred to as MCA by clients and agencies so the jump from old to new is an easier transition
  6. 6. How do we look?• A new name requires a new logo / A new corporate “identity”• Encompassing the brand equity conclusions• Considering cost implications for usage and implementation• We ran a competition on offering $600 prize money for the winning entry• The site has over 14,000 registered designers who can submit entries for each competition• It allows us to quickly and efficiently get many designers to interpret the brief and show us their design• It allowed us to indicate the ones we liked and rank entries to assist designers
  7. 7. The BriefTop Three Things to Communicate Through Our Logo Design:• #1 • Be able to utilise the identity to define the divisions of MCA, MCAlondon, MCAnewyork, MCAhongkong, to be able to adapt the logo for the region• #2 • We check and approve things so of communication of a sense of validation, confidence and approval• #3 • Uphold the values of being Masterfully Maverick. Diligent yet daring.Our Target Audience:• Global and National blue chip companies.• CEOs, CMOs, CFOs• Advertising and creative agencies• TV, Radio, Print Industries, Professional bodies and associations.• Thought leaders in the advertising and creative industries.• We want a logo where the initials MCA are bold and the clear centre of focus• We feel that green or colour represents validation and approval would be appropriate as main colour, although we are open to suggestions• Not sure if colours should be vibrant to reflect personality of company or be muted and sober keen to see submissions in both routes• We would like a graphic or image to reflect approval or validation• Font should be bold, clear, modern, clean and legible across all uses, Do not wish to have a very complex script typeface but would consider a design with an innovative or clearly legible “signature”, style font• Open to creative case use. So London could be used with or without a capital c - ditto the main company characters• Like a lot of the work in the” We never Spam “ content with a checkmark or “seal” we are very keen that the logo reflects an affirmation of checking and approval, although we are a professional consultancy and we need to communicate as such.
  8. 8. 564 Entries!One of the most popular competitions on the site
  9. 9. The Winner
  10. 10. The Brand HierarchyThe Brand On generic material such as the ppt the Brand is MCA On the final slide MCA – Office can be used with contact detailsThe Regions Only used on website to delineate the regions we work in to align against our global customer regionsThe Offices Used for Stationary, PO’s, Quotes, Invoices, Business Cards, Signage, Email sign off
  11. 11. So New Logo – How do we look?• A new logo is only the start• We took the design to Creative agency: Creative Jar to build a new website and corporate identity• We produced a detailed brief for the identity and site and carried our several discovery sessions
  12. 12. So New Logo – How do we look?• From the website designs a new “identity” emerged which was measured against the equity results and brief• Everyone has a view on design – colours, font, images etc – It is impossible to achieve consensus due to personal taste• The challenge is answer the question “Does it meet the brief”
  13. 13. Business Cards
  14. 14. The New MCA Identity Michael Bolton Senior Digital ConsultantPresented by ContactMichael Bolton t. +44 (0) 203 214 4004 e.
  15. 15. The ppt design• Combination of black and white background slides• Used to highlight specific subject areas• Interstitials from each business area• Use of two fonts Arial for large area of text Arvo for illustration / Headings / summary slides• Use of Gray and Green palette to maintain consistency• Design consistent with website design• Flexibility to make presentation unique Presented by Contact
  16. 16. Heres how our slide interstitials look Presented by Contact
  17. 17. Figures Presented by Contact
  18. 18. Paper Presented by Contact
  19. 19. Music Presented by Contact
  20. 20. Knobs Presented by Contact
  21. 21. Mike Presented by Contact
  22. 22. Reels Presented by Contact
  23. 23. Digital Presented by Contact
  24. 24. Our Values• “Our philosophy is to develop long-term partnershipsbased on trust.• So expect us to be open with you. Expect us to addvalue through our experience and expect us to putconsiderable energy into understanding your business.• It is important to us that you think we excel ateverything we do, so expect us to ask you.• At MCA we recognise the importance of success andwe aim to make a difference at every stage of theprocess.” Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  25. 25. Our Operating Model • Our In-Country Teams are highly In-Country Expertise experienced practitioners who understand the local issues Local Local Knowledge of thoroughly Benchmarks Market Options • However, they are also supported by our Global Support Team that allows them to access superior Legal/Compliance Industry Respect and knowledge and resources globally Expertise Understanding • Our teams draw on global best practice process to help improve local processes, while they can Supports also utilize our strong analytical resources to speed up analysis and reporting Global Support Team Global Best Practice Benchmarks Process Assessment Analytical Frameworks Resources Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  26. 26. Cost ManagementFor MCA, cost management starts atbudgeting and ends at reconciliation BUDGETING Business CaseRequirement BRIEFING Budgeting Brief Agency(s) Pre flight check Proposition CREATIVE Bid / Neg. / Award Development PRODUCTION Research Pre Prod / Usage Reconciliation Shoot / Post The MCA Model ensures engagement from budgeting to reconciliation. Value can be derived from our involvement as early in the process as possible The traditional cost consultant has engagement only at creative bid stage TraditionalCost Consultant Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  27. 27. Our Coverage London Shanghai Dusseldorf Toronto New York Madrid Abu Dhabi Sydney Montevideo • Global footprint • Strong teamwork across all markets • Local intelligence with global view of production Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  28. 28. Summary• We have a highly experienced international consulting team• We can deliver value across all marketing production channels• We understand the creative development process• We understand and are knowledgeable about integrated activity• We are very sensitive about the work• We will continually challenge the status quo, understand current market technologies and benchmarks, in the pursuit of value for the business Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  29. 29. MCA have been our international production consultantssince 2006. We assigned them our Canadian business in2009.Michael is about delivering value without compromisingquality, especially important on our premium brands.His combination of high level agency and productionbackground allows him to easily engage and manage ourbusiness in all of its aspects which has also enabled him tobuild good, collaborative relationships with the localmarketing, agency, procurement teams as well as theproduction suppliers. His expertise, and knowledge of allforms of the production process allows him to have therespect from all these stakeholders, and we believe thatwithout this gravitas, it wouldn’t allow us to deliver thecritical financial value we demand across the business inCanada.Brett ColbertGlobal Manager of Procurement,Advertising and Market ResearchAB-Inbev Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  30. 30. MCA have worked with us to completely reshapeour production business. They have decoupledproduction so we can access directorial talent inthe most cost effective way that makes businesssense for our organisation and Brands.They have been challenging in their ideas, andhave been prepared to take on old fashionedthinking and turn it upside down. We are in earlystages but expect to deliver dramatic efficiency, sowe are well placed to maximise our productioninvestment.The MCA team are highly professional,knowledgeable, and valued partners of ourbusiness.Christophe GayraudNPS Purchasing – Northern EuropeReckitt Benckiser Presented by Contact Pat Murphy t. +44 203 214 4004 e.
  31. 31. Website Designs Presented by Contact
  32. 32. Presented by Contact
  33. 33. Presented by Contact
  34. 34. Presented by Contact
  35. 35. Website Templates Presented by Contact
  36. 36. Presented by Contact
  37. 37. Presented by Contact
  38. 38. Presented by Contact
  39. 39. Presented by Contact
  40. 40. The Site in Development – A Tour Presented by Contact
  41. 41. Thank you