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Augmented Reality


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Augmented Reality

  1. 1. A Quick Guide on Augmented Reality Munich, 21.05.2012 Dr. Michael Bartl Torsten Erbel© 2012 HYVE AG
  2. 2. Agenda 1 What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 2 How is AR put in use? 3 What technologies enable AR? 4 What are the market prospects of AR? 5 Outlook and Augmented Research© 2012 HYVE AG
  3. 3. 1. What is Augmented Reality?© 2012 HYVE AG
  4. 4. What is Augmented Reality (AR)? Augmented Reality Augmented Virtuality Photography / video enriched with Close to reality computer simulations and additional information animations with additional information (text, pictures, videos, 3D) Mixed Reality Virtual Reality Combined virtual and real environments with Completely artificial and computer generated additional informations environmentswith only slight resemblance to reality© 2012 HYVE AG 4
  5. 5. What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 3D reference from reality Augmentation in realtime Interactivity to virtuality Placing and moving of 3D Insertion of additional The user can inteact on objects in realtime pictures or information in realtime situation-dependant infomation videos recordings© 2012 HYVE AG 5
  6. 6. 2. How is Augmented Reality put in use?© 2012 HYVE AG
  7. 7. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Entertainment, when AR was new (about 1 Year ago…) AR Tattoo AR Baseball Cards AR Crazy Face by K.A.R.L. by NBA Sports Mag by A real Tattoo made by a tattoo shop A QR-Code on the baseball card Shows several „Funny Faces“ on the including a QR-Code that shows an shows a virtual baseball player, that iPad, that moves the mouth while animation of the tattoo image can be moved via keyboard you speak AR Smart Grid AR Magazine Cover Stern Tourist Attraction by General Electric by Gruner+Jahr / Bertelsmann by LovePlus+ AR animated energy landscape as The german weekly news magazine The japanese city Atami provides part of the multimedia presentation of „Stern“ produced several AR- public AR-spots where pictures can the GE Smart Grid project enhanced cover designs be taken with game characters© 2012 HYVE AG 7
  8. 8. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Marketing & Sales Tissot Watch Simulator LEGO Box Simulation AR Jewellery Shopping by Holition by metaio by Boutique Accessoires This App let‘s you try on Tissot Shop display that shows the Online shop that let‘s you try on wristwatches with a QR-code assembled content of a LEGO-Box jewellery without having to wear a bracelet on top of it QR-code MINI CabrioSimulator Digital Cosmetic Mirror Virtual Dressing Room by BMW by by Fitnect A very detailed 3D model of the MINI AR shop display whwere yo can try Web shop, that measures your body cabrio is displayed on an magazine‘s out different face cosmetic product and let‘s you try on clothes virtually add page virtually© 2012 HYVE AG 8
  9. 9. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Entertainment & Games Galileo AR Quiz AR Invaders AR Cereal Box Game by Sat 1 / metaio by Soulbit7 by Nestle AR-app to interact in realtime with Ego-shooter game placed in your A game for breakfast? Just turn your the german TV-show GALILEO on realtime environment – shoot, cereal box around and hold it against Pro7 destroy and look silly in public your webcam AR Golfscape AR Games for 3DS Stone Paper Scissors by Shotzoom by Nintendo by tpostmag Enhance your handycap with the AR Play Arcade-like AR-games with the Play Stone Paper Scissors against rangefinder two display-controller Nintendo 3DS your own t-shirt© 2012 HYVE AG 9
  10. 10. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Navigation & Information Wikitude LAYAR Vision Spyglass AR Kompass by Wikitude GmbH by Layar by Happy Magenta AR world browser connects the real Recognizes real world objects and AR navigation and toolkit for the environment with wikipedia displays experiences on it outdoors incl. compass et al Wikitude Drive AR Navi Word Lens Cycling the Alps by Wikitude GmbH by Quest Visual by Dennis Wegewijs A real augmented reality navigation Translates the text of any sign on the AR and Google Earth melted app that places route information go and visualizes it on the original together to simulate an experience over realtime video sign with the original font challanging cycle tours in the alps© 2012 HYVE AG 10
  11. 11. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Automotive, Medical & Military Virtual Mechanic AR in car assembly Military by BMW by Korea University by Chris Cameron Visionary yet realistic concept of AR University research study of AR Some concepts of AR technologies, supporting a car mechanic via data systems for automotive engineering that may redefine modern warfare glasses education in assembly/disassembly Medical AR Training AR in surgery AR architecture by AR dispatch by TU Munich by Armes Example of AR models in science Realistic and partly realized methods AR-models in architecture books to enhance medical education of supporting surgeries and medical presentation and books treatments by AR© 2012 HYVE AG 11
  12. 12. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Technology & Science (Fiction) Future of Screen AR into images Future of Shopping by TAT by Kevin Karsch by IBM Some interessting concepts for future Spectacular approach to insert An outlook on the upcoming changes screen technologies synthetic objects perfectly into in shopping habits powered by AR images with realistic light/shadow development Augmented Stark Glasses Holographic laser watch Future depatment store by Stark Fujikawa by adriantoma by Cisco Visionary concept of interactive Interesting but vague idea of a very How a future virtual clothes shopping eyeshades with interactive gesture portable visualization device with experience should be, to provide a control beamer, touchscreen, holographic realistic and satisfying experience© 2012 HYVE AG 12
  13. 13. How is Augmented Reality put in use?Socializing & Networking Augmented ID by TAT With this app you can scan a person’s face and gain personal information Of course lot of other AR apps have included socializing and networking features: Wikitude Layar Cycling the alps Daqui and many more© 2012 HYVE AG 13
  14. 14. 3. What technologies enable Augmented Reality?© 2012 HYVE AG
  15. 15. What technologies enable Augmented Reality?Technology behind AR Device Monitor & Camera Internet Access GPS-Module Data 3D-Object-Data AR-Software Device Position Augmented Reality Environment© 2012 HYVE AG 15
  16. 16. 4. What are the market prospects of AR?© 2012 HYVE AG
  17. 17. What are the market prospects of AR?Why AR will become more important 1. Smartphones and tablets are selling stronger than classic PCs and notebooks. Most of them are already combined with a flatrate internet access. Hence, the portability of locally relevant information will become much more important. 2. Enriched Marketing – With AR the virtual experience can be enriched by advertising, that is personalized and related to the realtime environment. Virtual Air Rights § 3. Ubiquitous Computing – Realtime enviroment equipped with relevant „Who Owns the Advertising Space in information and the opportunity to interact immediately. Today bumpy and an Augmented Reality World?” geeky due to technical obstacles, but tommorrow in common use by everybody, by John Havens because it will be simple and practical. “Augmented reality (AR) has made it possible for this same paradigm of 4. Homo Ludens – People like to play. Today the average game has played about advertising to exist via your smartphone. 10.000 hours till he reaches his or her 21st birthday. If technology catches up, Multiple apps feature the ability for ads to appear on your mobile screen as there‘s a huge potential in AR for the game developing industry. miniature virtual billboards assigned to GPS coordinates. Brands can tag the real 5. Enriched Reality is a human condition. We always try to enrich our environment world via this “Outernet,” and if they sponsor the AR browser you’re using, in information, values and aesthetics. If technology will be effortless to handle, we essence they own the virtual air rights will use them to merge our real environment with the digital one. (VARs) for everything you see. So what’s to keep multiple brands from owning the same virtual space? Currently, nothing.” Read on Source: Sasha Storz, t3n© 2012 HYVE AG 17
  18. 18. What are the market prospects of AR?Business volume potential of AR 2010 2015 2016 21 Mio. 1,5 Mrd. „To imagine the use of 3 Mrd. Augmented Reality in the future, is like forecasting the the future of the internet in 1984.“ The Economist, 2009 In 2010 the AR-business generated 21 million $. In 2015 it will be 1,5 billion $, in 2016 even 3 billion $. The prospects may vary from source to source, but the overall expectation is tending to billions rather than millions. The figures derive from reputable analysts like ABI, Juniper or Gartner, not out of the AR- business itself. So they can be counted as realistic. Source:,© 2012 HYVE AG 18
  19. 19. What are the market prospects of AR?How consumers already combine online and offline 69% 34% 9% 37% research products have looked at a online use a cell phone to text access and edit their online before going to review at least once message a friend about social network via their the store to make a before making a a product while mobile phone purchase purchase shopping 61% 39% 68% 53% want to be able toscan compare a product‘s read consumer of active adult social barcodes and access feature and price feedback on shop sites networkers follow a information on other across online retail like before brand stores‘ prices outlets before buying purchase Sources: The Economist, Nielsen Social Report© 2012 HYVE AG 19
  20. 20. What are the market prospects of AR?Imaginable implementation of AR  Extention of computer operating system interfaces to the real environment. Application windows and buttons will be displayed in the factual space as virtual devices and will be controled by gestures, glances or thoughts.  Virtualisation of various devices – displays, input devices, controls or even completely new devices  Media applications, like pseudo-holographic displays or virtual „holodecks“, virtual surround cinemas Movie: „Minority Report“  Substitution of smartphone or navigation displays, direct overlay of Twentieth Century Fox information in the environment, e. g. guidelines on the street surface, x-ray view to hidden/blocked objects „Transparent humans  Room beautification by displaying virtual plants, tapestry, window views, art, for everybody“ Interview with „futrist“ and decoration, illumination scientist Max Celko on the merging of online and offline  Advertising via virtual shop windows, virtual traffic signs, billboards et. al. world in augmented reality and how this will affect our communication. In german language.!51748/ Source: Josh Shabtai, CEO Vertigore Games© 2012 HYVE AG 20
  21. 21. What are the market prospects of AR?Why AR today does not hit the ground running Augmented Realty goes „bang!“ Augmented Reality can be sneaky Today, most AR devices are relatively delicate, smartphones Ok, this is not AR‘s fault but mostly caused by some serious or tablets are still expensive and especially the glass displays security issues refering to your phone or tablet with internet break easily. So, if you drop it, your left alone with simple connection and GPS running. Apples iOS, Windows Mobile reality (and an expensive repair bill). or Android haven‘t the same savety standards as a normal desktop with OS X, Windows 7 or Linux and a proper virus Augmented Reality is a short track runner scanner plus firewall. Hence, your phone data, your current The access to AR information is mostly bound to battery. location and your movements are an open book to anyone, Smartphones and tablets consume a lot of power. If GPS, who knows, how to hack into your device. And any not-so- internet, bluetooth and 3G is turned on and the display is at democratic government can easily spy out their inhabitants full brightness, the battery‘s life may be a matter of very few and guests. hours. Augmented Reality abroad is a costly pleasure Augmented Reality is not Augmented Reliability This may be your least problem – if you‘re George Soros. If you‘re in a foreign city and only your smartphone knows the But if you‘re on a tighter budget, the use of AR on vacation or way back to the place where you parked your car, running out business trip outside your flat rate covered country can be of battery can be fatal. The more so, if your dog‘s waiting on very expensive. The roaming rates for your mobile internet the back seat. can cost you a fortune, even before you can figure out, when Augmented Reality is an outsider that darn cathedral right in front of you will open. AR is fine in a big city on the streets with internet and GPS. Augmented Reality does not look smart That‘s the place, where you can get a lot of information. But Walking around on the street not paying any attention to imagine, your blind date‘s waiting somewhere indoors of a whats around you, because you’re fixed on the little phone huge building. Then your good old analog senses may help screen four inches before you, makes you look like a jerk. you. Even the best GPS-driven AR will not.© 2012 HYVE AG 21
  22. 22. What perspectives has Augmented Reality?Neccessary technical developements for successful AR Monitors / Visualization Devices User Interfaces / Usability • ant-glare, usable in bright daylight • accessible barrierfree information • foldable, scaleable • input and control via voice, gesture, thoughts Glasses / Lenses • simple, intuitive, precise • easy to carry, ergonomic • globally understandable and • high resolution inserts in any light situation Internet Connections • inserts are not distraction or annoying • reliable high-band connection • easy input, control (voice, gesture, everywhere anytime thoughts) • affordable abroad Smart Clothing Energy Storage • easy to use as input- and display-device • longer runtimes • tough, washable • quicker recharge • smaller, lighter, more reliable Geodata • more exact, more up-to-date information • more precise real-world simulation or emulation (e. g. in Google Earth, LiveEarth) • information about the interior of buildings© 2012 HYVE AG 22
  23. 23. Outlook Given the realization of the expected Augmented Reality is already in the AR is not a sharpe edged technology, technological progress, Augmented process of changing the ways we as it merges and blends with other Reality (AR) will very certainly become shop and sell, explore and travel or technologies like virtual reality, 3D- one of the mayor issues of the current play and spend our leisure time. simulations, rich internet apps, social decade. networking and many others. But AR will play a vital role in our eveyday use Especially in the fields of marketing, of modern communication technologies. market research, product develope- ment and sales it will have a huge Therefore, what definitely will disappear impact. In some aspects, it will probably is the phrase „Augmented Reality“ itself, become a game changer. as it will become as natural a part of our The accessibility of local and reality and will very soon be seen as Very important, yet not so obvious personalized information will become nothing „augmented“ anymore. aspects of Augmented Reality will be in completely customary, once the the fields of manufacturing, product technology to receive them will become simulation and testing, medical and pre- hasslefree and ergonomic. operative support and, last but not least, The demand for AR can be considered the use in military action. as gigantic. Almost anybody can be counted among the target group. No wonder, the market prospects for Augmented Reality are very bright and give reason to expect a huge rise of business volume for the AR market in the upcoming 5 to 10 years.© 2012 HYVE AG 23
  24. 24. Augmented Reality in Market Research  Augmented Research Visit „The Making-of Innovation“ for more thoughts on how to use Augmented Reality for Market Research.© 2012 HYVE AG 24
  25. 25. Thank you Your personal contact at HYVE: Dr. Michael Bartl fon +49.89.189 081-500 fax +49.89.189 081-400 HYVE AG Schellingstraße 45 80799 München© 2012 HYVE AG 25