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Gibbon Sussex Newtown Collina McCully Marrtown Apohaqui Brookvale Rockville Riverbank Picadilly Thornbrook Springhill Searsville Plumweseep Roachville Lower Cove Centreville Summerfield Carsonville Wards Creek Drurys Cove Parleeville Ryan Corner Mount Hebron Mount Pisgah Dingleycooch Parlee Brook Dutch Valley Smiths Creek New Line Road Berwick Sussex Corner Pleasant Ridge McGregor Brook Thompson Corner Snider Mountain Whites Mountain Jordon Mountain Mount Middleton Perry Settlement Dubee Settlement Lower Millstream Cosman Settlement McCain Settlement Mercer Settlement Kierstead Mountain Head of Millstream Mud Lake DeCourcey Lake Herbs Pond M illB ro ok Millst ream R iver M i ll er B rook Bell Brook M cNair B rook BeattyBrook SallyBrook Shar pe Bro ok K ing Brook SheckBrook Wright Brook Pa rso nsBrook SpringhillBro ok South Br anch Miller Brook FourMile Brook PorcupineBrook ThornesBrook Harry Broo k ThornesB rook DeeBrook RouseB ro ok S n yder Brook Dingley Broo k Lewis Brook GouldBrook M illpond Brook Thomp so n Bro ok Hawkes Brook Lester Brook D uncanBrook DobsonBrook McGregor Brook Kenne b ecBro ok HarrisonBrook JordanBrook Northeast Branc h Lo ng Creek H alfwayBrook Cameron B rook NorthBranchW indg a p Brook WhitesideB rook ChapmanBrook HarryBrook Millp ondB rook SharpeBrook Thornes Brook Four Mi le Brook Springhill Brook CanaanRiver Miller Brook SouthBranchM il lerBrook Long Cre ek Three M ile B rook Sny derBrook M illstream Riv er M illstrea m River Millstream River Miller B rook SmithsCreek Smiths Creek Dee Brook Kennebecasis River Kennebecasis River Kennebecasis River S mithsCree k SmithsCreek McGregorBr ook Kenne becasis River Trou t C re ek WardsCreek Trout Creek Trout Creek ParleeBro ok MusquashBrook Kennebecasis River M illstream Riv er M cNairBrook PascobacBrook M i llBrook North Br anch W i ndgapBr ook SnyderBrook Th ornes Brook Cusack Br ook MillBrook B eatty B rook McLeodBrook C hap man Brook Mill Brook Leonard Road Route 870 Brunnell Road Sunset Road G le be R oad ManitobaRoad ChittickRoad Douglas Road Anderson Road Albert Road Mulberry Road Quirk Road Lester Road Mount Hebron Road Mountain R oad SharpsMillRoad Morgan Road Sullivan R oad Parlee B rookRoad OBrianRoad Steen R oad CotterHollow R oad Frazee Road OgdenRoad GibbonMountainRoad GreyRoad Hayes Road Dubee SettlementRoad BarrettRoad Guilfoyle Road SearsRoad MineRoad M orrow R oad Wheeler Rd. IrishSettlementRoad TaitRoad Merc erSettlementRoad M cA ule y R aod Harry Brook Road MillerRoad Perry Settl em ent R oad G ailey R oad Pie rc e M ill R oad WhitesMountainRoad Route890 Cemetary Road Doherty Lane WindgapRoad Taylor Road PicadillyRoad LewistonRoad W ate rford Road Morgan Hill Road Dagnino Road Adair Road Knig htv ille Road Alw ard Road LowerCove Stree t M cFarlane R oad OldLewistonRoad McMillanHillRoad Horn brook Ro ad Aiton R oad ErbSettlementRoad Oldfield Road DruryCoveRoad CosmanRoad Mount Hebron Cross Road Adam Road SampHillRoad Earnh ardt Roa d Devin e W est Road McGregorRoad FitzgeraldRoad HortonRoad Meredith Drive W ilk ie Road Manning Road R iv erv ie w EastR oad Colo nial R oad Kier stead M ountain Loop Rd. Pleasant Ridge Branch Road Snid erM ounta in Road HazelHillRoad Plu mweseep Cross Road Old Drury Cove Road FennellRoad PlantRd. Mar ble Road Barba ra Driv e Sharps Lane OldPlumweseepRoad Penobs quis Loop R oadRoyal Ga rdenRoad ShortcutRoad Milk Boa rd Roa dDairyDaleRo ad Valleyview Road Creighton Drive Pleasa ntR idgeRoad SkylineAve. Bridge St. Goddard Road FairwayRoad EdenParkRoad Clements Brook 1st S tree t 4th Stre et Hard ingAve. G eorge S t. Lynle e R oad CougleRoad W ardsCreekRoad Route890 Knightville Road CarsonvilleRoad Rockridge Dr. Marshall Hill Road Lorie Lan e Route880 Route 121 DyerR oad Cunningham Avenue W ebste rAve. M urray Crt St G eorg e S t. Picadilly Road Taverner Road QuirkRoad YeomansRd. Carsonville Road Sugerhill R oad Chalet Lane Sullivan R oad Poley Mountain Road Winterthur Court P icadilly Road Dubee SettlementRoad LogRoad M cM illan Road Keith Road Creek Road Route 114 Riverview East Road McGregor Road MountMiddletonRoad Mount M idd leto n Road Brockview Ave. Lantern Road DeCourcey Lake Road DingleyRo ad Barret tRoad Route 121 Route 111 South C anaan R oad Route880 S chofield Road Windga p Road Route 10 O.ReganRoad Jord anRoad Route 111 Back Road ValleyviewRoad R oute 121 A dair R oad Farmview Road DagninoRoad Route 875 JordanRoad Oneill Road Meadow Lane BackRoad Old Route No. 9 Scott Road Leonard R oad FowlerRoad Aiton Road Waterford Roa d Robert St. Cathy St. Old No. 9 Bye H unt ers H ome La n e Pin e Tre e Lane Gamblin Road E rb S ettle m ent Road Watson Road Route 111 DingleyRoad Cum berlandRoad R oute 880 SnyderRoad Thom psonRoad Route 10 Route890 Ma in Stre et McLe odRoad R iv erv i ew E astRoad Appartment Road TaylorRoad R oach vil l e R oad Roachville Road Ma in Stre et Pugsley St. Sullivan Dr. Connolly Dr. Jone s Me mo ria l Park Roa d Ev ergreen Ro ad Dutch Va lle y Roa d Hyn es Ro ad Monahan Road Michael St. Tower St. WardsCreekRoad Arnold Road Everett Road Route111 MillBrookRoad W ate rford Road Mildred Rd. Valleyview Rd. Irvine Rd. Wildwoo d Ro ad Martin Rd. Joanne Rd. Myles Ave.Kevin Rd. Myles Crt PlumweseepRoad Cars onville R o ad Carso nville R oad MountHebron Road Route880 Route 880 WhitesMountainRoad McCauley StationRoad D i ngleyRoa d Morrow Road SniderM ounta in Road PearsonvilleRoad Route87 0 Pleas antRi dge Road Collina Road Route 880 Carsonville Road P arlee ville R o ad S tu d h o lm P a rish S tu d h o lm P a rish CardwellParish CardwellParish To w n o f S u s s e xTo w n o f S u s s e x V i l l a g e o f S u s s e x C o r n e rV i l l a g e o f S u s s e x C o r n e r StudholmParish StudholmParish VillageofNorton VillageofNorton SussexParish SussexParishC a rd w ell P a rish C a rd w ell P a rish S tu dh olm P arish S tu dh olm P arish S t u d h o l m P a r i s h S t u d h o l m P a r i s h S u s s e x P a r i s h S u s s e x P a r i s h B r u n s w i c k P a r i s h B r u n s w i c k P a r i s h S tu d h o lm P a rish S tu d h o lm P a rish BrunswickParish BrunswickParish HavelockParish HavelockParish StudholmParish StudholmParish H a v e l o c k P a r i s h H a v e l o c k P a r i s h S t u d h o l m P a r i s h S t u d h o l m P a r i s h Land Grant Distribution According to Date Map Upper Millstream Area Centre Millstream Area Lower Millstream Area Legend 1:50,000 0 1 20.5 Km Collector On/Off Ramp Arterial Railroad Highway Municipal Local Road Network Parish Limits Boundaries Land Settlement Land Grant200 Hydro Features Waterbody Rivers These Maps were computer-generated by Gerald Legacy and are based upon three separate land grant maps- Maps#129, 130 and 140 which are available for Viewing at the Land Registry Office, Service New Brunswick, Hampton NB. The Land Grant Distribution Date Map is Based upon data found in the New Brunswick Land Grant Database (RS 686) which can be found online at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website. Sources: Legend Land Grant Distribution Date Map 1784 to 1809 1810 to 1849 1850 to 1899 1900 > Larger Freeholders Trinity Anglican Church Madras Institution