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Nmdl final presentation


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Reebok Digital Strategy

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Nmdl final presentation

  1. 1. Reebok Digital Strategy Michael Awada NMDL Final Presentation
  2. 2. Target Audience • Broad Target Audience (Men & Women) • Multiple demographics and behaviors. • Psychographics (Fitness & Athletic minded Individuals) • Values: Fitness and healthy lifestyle
  3. 3. Key Performance Indicators • Unit sales in store • Ecommerce sales • Digital Impressions • Retweets, follows, & likes
  4. 4. BIG IDEA • 1.Buy ANY pair of Reebok athletic shoes • 2.Follow us On Twitter • 3. Tweet us a picture of you and your shoes the MOST CREATIVE PITCTURE FROM THE MOST SPONTANIOUS PLACE!!
  5. 5. BIG IDEA • 4. Hashtag #REEBOKFIT in your picture. • 5. Winner of our contest will be shown in our next commercial displaying their creative idea and picture they tweeted us for the world to see!
  6. 6. Tools & Tactics • Social media strategy (Twitter, Instagram, &Facebook) • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Google Adwords • Google’s Pay-Per-Click • Effective Landing Pages
  7. 7. Budget • Reeboks’ annual working budget $10.35 million for North America • 10% of that we would use for our full digital strategy • Leaving us with $112,500 as a monthly budget! • 1.35 million annualy
  8. 8. Summary • To cap off my campaign I think with our big idea of “most creative picture in the most spontaneous spot” will launch and instantly become trending on Twitter and other social media. • Great idea to get people to go out live a healthier and fit lifestyle and tweet us while they’re at it.
  9. 9. Summary • We have a solid healthy budget and our digital strategies I think couldn’t be better for our type of campaign. At the end one lucky consumer will be in a commercial, which shows him and the tweet, he sent out to win our contest! • BE THAT LUCKY WINNER… BUY REEBOK #REEBOKFIT