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  1. 1. SCHOOL OF FAITH (THE REAL MEANING, LIFE AND KINDS OF FAITH) CHAPTER 1 FAITH IS NOT….Before we look at what faith is, I would like us to look at what faith is not. This will help uswhen we look at what faith actually is, because it will help us not to add it as anotherdefinition of faith. It is the definition not another. Don‟t add, let it be fundamental.Faith is not hopeFaith is not hope. Hope lives in the future but faith lives in the present, the now not later.Hope is the assurance, surety or certainty that something will or will not (not may or may not)be in the future but faith see things already done in the now. Hope makes you smile while theboat is sinking but faith makes the boat afloat. Hope says „I know I will get it by God‟sgrace‟. So one who lives by hope will say „I know things will get well again‟ but does not seethose things as done in the now. Faith says „I have gotten it by God‟s grace‟. Faith thereforesees things done and done well in the now, not later or near future. Many people pray in hopeand not in faith. When God revealed this to me I realized that I had been praying in hope forso long a time. It changed my life. I changed from hope prayers to faith prayers. I used to say„I know I will get it‟ after my prayers but now I say „thank you Jesus, I know you have givenit to me‟. Hope is an expectation for a thing desired, needed, or wanted. Faith lives beyondexpectation, desire and need. It sees things as already received not in expectation that it willbe given them but that it has really been delivered. They have it in the now and so theiractions are consistent with their faith. For example, if Abraham after hearing from God thathe should leave his country, kindred and father‟s household and go to a land that He will
  2. 2. show him, had said, Lord I believe in you absolutely but I will not go, his actions would hadbeen inconsistent with his faith. His faith would have been questionable because faith stirs upone to act accordingly and in consistence to the specific word for it was that word he headthat generated the faith in him. Many people have a „faith hope‟. They think that they justhave to see their request granted in the now in the hope that God will grant it later. So inreality, they do not have it or believe that they do have it in the now but they accept that theyhave it in order that God will give it to them later. This is not faith; it is „faith hope‟. It is amisconception of what faith is. The devil uses this to keep many believers miserable if hefails to keep them in the realm of hope prayers. God answers faith prayers, not hope prayersor „faith hope‟ prayers. He who prays in hope should not expect answers from God. Faith andhope are two different principles and work differently though from the same Spirit.Jesus said „when you pray, believe…‟ Mk. 11:24. „When‟, not „if‟ meaning you will definitelypray. And when you are praying, believe! Not hope, but believe! The Bible in Basic English(BBE) translation puts it this way, ‘…whatever you make a request in prayer, have faith’.Note, it is „have faith,‟ not “have hope” or „faith hope‟. The lord answers faith, not hope.They are different principles. Faith is not hope and hope is not faith, just as goats are goatsand sheep are sheep though they are all domestic animals. No cow is a goat; no mango is anorange or fish a toad. In the same way, these two, faith and hope, function differently, thoughfrom the same Spirit. I will like to reveal a truth in this scripture, it says ‘…whatever…’ andGod meant it when He was saying it because He is Omniscient, Omnipresent andOmnipotent. „Whatever‟ means „Whatever‟ and nothing is left out of „whatever‟. Reader,your present situation is included in that „whatever‟. All this while God has been waiting foryou to come to Him in faith not hope or „faith hope‟ and he will answer you immediately. Donot have faith in God for some things but have faith in God for all things because whateveryou ask in faith will be given you. Scripture says, ‘And all things, whatever you make request
  3. 3. for in prayer, having faith, you will get’ Mt 21:22 (BBE). Nothing is left out of ‘And allthings…’ All situations are covered in it but in making the request in prayer, scripture saysmake it „having faith’ not „having hope‟ or „faith hope‟. Notice also that it says „havingfaith’, this is present continuous, so it is not one time or often nor regularly but always. It isthis faith that God answers and respond to and not hopes. Anybody can hope whether theyare born again or not but it takes faith to relate with God in prayer and in life. Faith is nothope and hope is not faith just as a cow is not a monkey and a fish not a toad.Faith is not believeBelieve is not faith. Faith surpasses the point of believe. Though used interchangeably, whencritically examined, believe is not faith. Many believe but may not have faith. Believe simplymeans „to accept as true‟. You can accept a thing to be true but if you do not act on it, it willnot yield any result. Faith does what it believes. Faith is a doer not an accepter; it accepts thething said by God as true and does it. Faith is inside-out. Believe is outside-in. The word ofGod (specifically, rhema) comes from outside and gets into contact with your spirit. Thenfaith is imparted into your spirit. This faith then expresses itself from the inside otherwisenobody will know that it is there. It is the works of faith that shows that faith is there. With noexpression, nobody will know you have faith. When believe becomes outward, then it is faith.Believe accepts only, faith adds actions to what is accepted. He who believes only should notexpect results. You can‟t say „yes I believe I am healed but get me some paracetamol‟. It issick people who take paracetamol not healed people. No healthy person takes medicine; it isfor the sick. So after having received healing from the Lord in prayer, what is the medicinecoming to do? I am not against taking medical treatments but I am against drug abuse. If youare healed as you claim you believe and still take medicine, then, it is drug abuse because youare not sick yet you take drugs. It therefore implies that you believed but you did not havefaith. It is faith that heals not belief. For example, if a malaria patient has been given some
  4. 4. drugs to take in order to cure him/her and this person collects the drugs believes that if hetakes the drugs he/she will be healed but never takes the drug yet every time he/she keeps onsaying that I believe if I take the drugs will get well, will that heal him/her. The drug, yes, isthe cure or treatment for malaria, the patient‟s accepting this to be true (believing in the drug)is good but that will not heal him/her, not even his/her confession that I know I will get wellif I take the drug. It is her taking in the drug that will heal her. Though this analogy is notperfect when it comes to spiritual issues yet the principle remains true. Believe without actioncan kill you but faith does not kill for scripture says the righteous shall live by faith.Therefore believe is not faith and faith is not believe because believe can kill but faith neverkills but rather it gives live. The woman with the blood issue who came to Jesus Christwould not have been healed and probably die later in it if after believing that if she gets toJesus Christ and touch the herm of his garment she will be healed yet did it not. No matterhow many times she confessed her believe in this, if she had not done it she would have gonehome the same and probably die in it since medical treatment could not help her. Believeinitiates the process but faith implements it. Believe therefore is like an idea. Until that idea isimplemented it will not change the situation of the one it came from. In fact they are manygood ideas in the cemetery because the people who had those ideas never implemented themor shared them. Assuming the one who invented the modern day computers neverimplemented his idea and died with it, there would be no computers today unless anotherperson comes out with that same idea and implements it. Believe is like having an idea butfaith is having the result of the idea and the idea itself. Believe is limited and unnoticed butfaith is limitless and visible.Faith takes God at his word but believe accepts God‟s word. Accepting, and accepting andacting, are two different things. Do you make faith prayers or believe prayers? God answersyour faith not your believe. Begin to reposition yourself and relocate from believe prayers to
  5. 5. faith prayers and you will see and experience awesome things from the Lord. Every good giftand every perfect gift is from the father of lights (James 1:17). It will be poured into yourbosom like rain pouring on dry fields. Let‟s look at this scripture:¶5 So the people of Nineveh believed God, proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from thegreatest to the least of them.6 Then word came to the king of Nineveh; and he arose from his throne and laid aside hisrobe, covered himself with sackcloth and sat in ashes.7 And he caused it to be proclaimed and published throughout Nineveh by the decree of theking and his nobles, saying, Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste anything; do notlet them eat, or drink water.8 But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God; yes, let everyone turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands.9 Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that wemay not perish? (Jonah 3:5-9 NKJV)The people did not only accept God‟s message from Jonah but they also demonstrated it.They acted it out. Even animals partook in the fasting. Can you imagine a king sitting onashes with sack cloth if he didn‟t have faith? There was a sincere repentance by all, it wasdeep and complete. Repentance is „a change in mind‟ resulting in a change in behavior,attitude and direction. If one was moving towards the East and repents –changes his mind- hedoes not only change his behavior and/or attitude and continues to move in the same directionbut there is a change in direction, he now has to move towards West. A repented soul actsoppositely to the thing he/she repented from. It is a change in mind resulting in a change in
  6. 6. direction. There is always an action to show that one has changed. A change can not behidden; it will always show itself. So is faith.In verse „10‟, scripture says ‘when God saw what they did’. There was a seeing of what hadbeen done by the people of Nineveh. God saw their demonstration of faith in him. Faith isseeable. It will always show up. It will always express itself once it is there. They believed,acted it out in the form of fasting compelling even animals to fast alongside with them, Godresponded. God responds to only faith. If they had believed only and had not acted it out, Godwould not have responded because He sees only faith and not believe. God hears andunderstands only the voice of faith. Every belief that does not express itself is no belief at all.Action must be on belief for God to see it. God saw and changed his mind. Hallelujah! Godchanged his mind because Nineveh believed and acted it out. If only such faith isdemonstrated, there will be changes in the heavenly places. ‘When God saw…..’ Has Godseen your demonstration of faith? Act out what you believe. How can you say I am healedand be in bed? Get out of the bed as normal and healthy people do and carryout your dailyactivities as healthy people do. When God sees your faith, He will take away the symptomsalso. Let what you say be consistent with what you do. Many Christians live in the realm ofbelieve but that realm is miserable and full of frustrations because one lives apart fromreality. It does not yield any results. We are to come before God in faith not believe. Believeis not enough, it is limited and invisible hence unreliable. It is faith that pleases God notbelieve. They are different principles and therefore function differently. If the people ofNineveh after hearing Jonah‟s prophecy had said thank you so much Jonah, we believe yourmessage but never implemented that believe, they would have perished because God wouldhave seen nothing. One must however not fake his action for God hates pretence.Faith is not sensual
  7. 7. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is independent of one‟s feeling. That is, faith is not based onfeelings. I often hear people say, oh! I feel am healed. You are not. You don‟t really believe.When people ask you, how do you know if you are saved? They often say, I feel changed,happy or light. This means when you feel unhappy, heavy or when you have sinned, you arenot saved. You are healed because God said so and you believe him and so you live as he hassaid. Healing is not a feeling; it is what God has said. You are saved because God had said;‘…if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God hasraised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes untorighteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation’ (Romans 10:9-10NKJV)The word ‘believe’ from the scripture is translated from the Greek word, „pisteuo‟ whichmeans „to have faith‟ or „credit‟. And by implication, it means to entrust ones spiritual well-being wholly to Christ. When you believe, you have just credited (deposited) truth into yourspirit, and that truth is what sets you free because when you know the truth, it brings freedom.That is why you are saved when you believe. It is faith that does it. So faith is the thing notfeelings.The BBE puts it this way, ‘… if you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and have faith inyour heart that God has made him come back from the dead, you will have salvation’ Rom10:9So immediately you say with your mouth, „Jesus is Lord‟ and „have faith in your heart‟, youare saved. It has nothing to do with feelings. Scripture didn‟t say and „feel in your heart‟ but„have faith in your heart‟. Feelings are fruits of salvation, not an indication of salvation.Good feelings may come when one is born again but that is not salvation. They may point tosomething- salvation, but they are not necessarily the indicators of salvation. Salvation is
  8. 8. solely based on what God has said about you, not what you feel about yourself. Salvation isnot a thing of emotion; it does not dwell in that realm. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is eternal,feelings are temporal and time bound.Scripture also says in John 1:12-13 that:‘But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to thosewho believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of thewill of man, but of God’.The Greek word translated as „believe‟, is the same word used in Rom 10:9, „pisteuo‟. So youare saved by faith. You are saved because God says so. He says if you believe in your heart(not your head) and confess with your mouth (not your mind or head) the Lord Jesus, you aresaved. So if you do it sincerely you are saved as the word says. Just like that. The feelings area product of the salvation; not it but a product of it. Feelings are temporal. If you base yourhealing or salvation on feeling, you will be loosing and gaining your salvation and health asoften as your feelings change. That is, you will be born again many times as often as yourfeelings change or as regularly as your feelings change. But that is unscriptural. You are bornagain once and for all. Feelings are temporal but faith is eternal. Feelings are bound to changebecause that is their nature. Feelings are not meant to be permanent; therefore, faith cannot bebased on feelings. Faith is solid, pure and holy.Life in Christ is a life of faith not a life of feelings. It is a spiritual life not a „soulish‟ life.You can not believe with your soul- will, intellect, and emotions. In fact, it is impossible tobelieve with your soul because faith is of the spirit, not the soul! In scriptures, the word„heart‟ does not refer to the biological heart but your „you‟. That is your spirit. If not, thenwhen a born again, tongue speaking, anointed man or woman of God is about to die, we canjust transplant their hearts to unbelievers and they will go to heaven. Know that you are a
  9. 9. spirit. That spirit- the real „you‟- has emotions, intellect, and a will- thus, has a soul whichcan think, feel and will. You are however not a soul but a spirit. I have a mobile phone but Iam not a mobile phone, so you have a soul (will, intellect and emotions) but you are not asoul. You as a spirit live in a body. You are not a body but you live in there. I live in a houseat Bolga-Soe but I am not a house. Hence, man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body. Thatis why you are a human being. That is a „being‟ in a body. This means there are other beingswithout the human aspect. Now getting back to Romans 10:10 and other scriptures, theexpressions; „heart‟, „inner man‟ and „inward man‟ all refer to the actual you- your spirit. Sowe believe with our spirit not soul or body. Never base your salvation or healing on feelingsbut on the sure word of Christ Jesus.Faith is not what you seeFaith is independent of seeing for it is not based on sight. It functions in a higher level. Therealm of sight or appearance is not where faith dwells; instead, faith determines this realm.Faith is not perceived by sight; faith is spiritual. It is what is spiritual that determines what isseen physically. In fact, most of the time, they are mutually exclusive and are oftencontradictory. People often say „seeing is believing‟; even some Christians affirm this saying.But that is a lie. It is a serious lie from the pit of hell designed to strategically shift and equatefaith to sight. Believing is seeing! Not the reverse. Scripture reveals this clearly in 2Cor 5:7(For we walk by faith, not by sight) (KJV). The Greek word translated as walk is „peripateo‟.„Peripateo‟ means to tread all around, i.e. walk at large (especially as proof of ability);figuratively, to live, follow (as a companion or votary):--go, be occupied with. I like the lastaspect. It says „be occupied with‟. Inserting this in place of walk in the above scripture givesan interesting revealing. It reads this way; „For we are occupied with faith, not by sight‟. Thisis wonderful. „We...’ refers to us, Christians, the verb „are…’ is present continuous meaningwe are always, not often or regularly or even most of the time but always. Then it says „…
  10. 10. occupied with faith‟, we are filled with faith, we are occupied. There is no room for sight, weare occupied. This is our normal state; we are occupied with faith always. Then it says, „…not sight‟. This means there is the possibility of being occupied with sight just that we are notsupposed to. Being occupied with faith simply means that our lives are lived on faith and byfaith, and being occupied with sight simply means our lives are lived on sight and by sight;that is, what we see physically determines our next move. Therefore faith and sight aredifferent rules of life. Sight makes you out of sight but faith gives you insight. The Bible inBasic English translation put it this way „For we are walking by faith, not by seeing’ 2Cor5:7. The Holy Spirit through St. Paul is exhorting us not to walk by seeing but faith. Lookcarefully at Mk 11:24 and you will see this truth;"Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receivethem, and you will have them’.Jesus said you believe before you receive. Meaning you believe before you see, „…when youpray, believe…‟ it is after the believing that „you will have them’, not the other way round.But after praying, I often hear many say „I don‟t see any change‟. I still have pains andheadaches, toothache and they go on and on. They want to see before they believe becausethey believe „seeing is believing‟. But that is a lie. Faith ignores sight. It does not deny thembut true faith ignores them. Sight strangles faith. It makes things appear untrue, introducesdoubt which gives birth to fear and fear kills faith. The word says;25 Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. 26 And whenthe disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, "It is a ghost!" Andthey cried out for fear. 27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, "Be of good cheer! Itis I; do not be afraid." 28 And Peter answered Him and said, "Lord, if it is You, commandme to come to You on the water." 29 So He said, "Come." And when Peter had come down
  11. 11. out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. 30 But when he saw that the wind wasboisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, "Lord, save me!" 31And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, "O you oflittle faith, why did you doubt?" Matt 14:25-31‘30 but when he saw…..’ It was the seeing that strangled the faith with which he waswalking on the water. And he sank. As long as he did not see the waves of the sea, he walkedon the water. When he walked by faith, he walked on the water but when he walked by sight,he began to walk in water. Faith makes you walk on your problems and limitations but sightmakes you walk in problems and limitations. The Greek word translated as „saw‟ is ‘blepo’which means to be aware, perceive, regard or take heed. It is only when he regarded or tookheed of the wind that he began to sink. Faith in Christ disregards all but Christ. When youtake heed of your sickness or its symptoms or regard them, you will sink. But as long as youregard scripture which is the truth and take heed of it, you will walk on sicknesses anddiseases and nothing will harm you. I choose to walk on problems and not in problems. Faithwalk is an „on‟ walk which is victory, not an „in‟ walk which defeats. Never say or believethat „seeing is believing‟. It is a „killer lie‟, thus, it will kill your faith if you allow it. Let therebe relocation from sight life to faith life. Then you will be victorious in all you do. Scriptureis clear on this when it said;‘For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcomethe world--our faith’ 1 John 5:4 NKJV.It says ‘For whatever …,‟ that includes you and me, reader! „Whatever‟ means „whatever‟and that leaves no one out. The question however is; are you born of God? Once you are bornof God there are no options, you are an over-comer. It does not matter what is happeningaround you or in your life for that thing cannot change who you are, an over-comer! After all,
  12. 12. you became an over-comer by being born of God, not by the presence or absence ofhappenings or difficulties. What happens around us should never determine our next move inlife. Faith life is an „over-comer‟ life but sight life is an „over-comed‟ life- a life that has beendefeated and made meaningless. You are born of God by faith and once you are born of God,you have over-comed the world. It is the born of God that overcomes the world. You are nottrying to overcome. You have done it already. It is a done deal. Faith overcomes all, sight isoverwhelmed by all. Choose one. Notice the tense „overcomes‟ which is present continues;meaning the overcoming is at infinitum. Everyday you are a victor, why, because you areborn of God. It is faith that puts you in this position. Refuse to let what you see deceive you;do not let it entangle you either, but live by faith. It is not what you are seeing but what youbelieve that determines what you will get.Faith is not as you hearThough faith comes by hearing, not every hearing is of the ability to impart faith into onesspirit. The hearing that produces faith must be of the word-the rhema. It is not just anyhearing but a hearing that is of the truth. Any hearing different from this kills faith. Faith andwhat you hear are two different things and may even be contradictory. God is telling you onething through his word and the environment is giving you a different message altogether. Ifsome one says to me „I hear they have given the job to another person but God also told me itis mine‟. I will tell him, your problem is the hearing. Why did you hear it? In 1John 5:14, it iswritten;„And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will,he heareth us: (KJV)God does not hear us when we pray not according to his will. So if what you heard is not inaccordance with God‟s will, why accept it as true. Why hear it? Just behave like your father-
  13. 13. God, for He does not hear us when it is not his will. So also don‟t hear anything that is notGod‟s will. You may say what is, and how do we know God‟s will? It is very simple, weknow his will already; His word is his will. Every situation has a scriptural solution. Giveyourself to the word. Let the word dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Search it diligently andwhen you find it, get hold of it. Hear it! Do it! And live by it.Jesus said „as I see my father do so I do‟. Faith life is never based on what you hearespecially when it contradicts what God has said. Don‟t hear it! God has assured you that youwill get the job and that is his will. Then you later heard, probably from a reliable source (butnot from God), that the job has been given to another person and you choose to believe thatwhen God has not given you any contrary message. It is a serious mistake; therefore hearonly what God says. Don‟t hear anything outside his will no matter how true it may appear.His will is his word and once you know it, hold unto it, and never doubt it. What you hear, ifyou don‟t subject it to scripture can kill your faith. Note that what you hear varies because itis temporal but the word of God is constant; it is dependable, reliable, delivers what itpromises and is eternal. Faith is of the constant- the eternal- not the variable. Faith is not avariable but a constant; it does not vary from place to place or from time to time. Scripturesays faith is eternal, not temporal! It endures forever; it is an everlasting, ever livingrelationship with God. Faith is not a momentary character or something you resort to when inneed. It is the life of every believer and abides forever. Scripture says;‘And now abide faith’ 1 Cor. 13:13.„Now‟ is present continues, meaning infinitum; this implies faith is outside time and space.That is changes in times and seasons do not affect faith, it is independent on time, it is abovetime. We can grow old but faith, though it grows, does not become old. Have you ever seenan old faith before? The answer is emphatically no!!! But have you seen an old man or
  14. 14. woman before? Sure!!! You may be living with one even now. We grow old because we arelimited by space and time. Time is above us. We cannot tell what will happen next except it isrevealed to us but the realm of faith is above the realm of time and space.Faith is one of the things that will remain; it has no end. When we get to heaven, faith will bethere just like love, because faith is eternal. There will be love in heaven because love willremain, so is faith and hope. So when you hear his voice, do not harden your heart (Heb 4:7).Abraham heard from his environment, his own body and his soul- you are old- but chose tobelieve the voice of God (Rom 4:17-21). Today choose to hear only God! Faith is not whatyou hear from the environment! Before you accept something as true make sure that it iscoming from God apart from this no matter the source of a message never believe it; do nothear it.Faith is not intellectFaith is not „what you think‟ but „what is‟. It is not „a thinking‟ but the „thing‟. It is not likethe thing but the thing itself, it is the substance, the title deed itself. It has passed fromthinking to the thing. Faith is not intellectual; it is not an idea, an option or opinion nor aconcept of the mind. Faith is neither a rational thing nor irrational thing. It has nothing to dowith man‟s intelligence but everything to do with God‟s wisdom. Geniuses do not have morefaith than any other person. It is not ingenuity but supernatural impartation. Faith is not aconcept of the mind, something brought up by man. It is not a mental activity. Faith is beyondthe mind‟s capacity. If faith were an intellectual activity, then all the Bible scholars shouldhave been devout believers. All professors would have gone to heaven and illiterates to hell.But as we know, most of them are unbelievers, sometimes even busy fighting God. Faith isfar from logic. Logic is a thing of the soul whereas faith is a thing of the spirit. Faith goesbeyond ones mind. Your head is not capable of believing in God because it was designed to
  15. 15. house thoughts drawn from faith; for this reason, people struggle to understand God. Theyuse logic, a thing of the soul but God is beyond logic. How do you use logic to explain whatis beyond logic? Scripture says,„…by faith we understand…..‟ Heb. 11:3Understanding is a product of faith. Understanding God is a thing of faith, not the mind. It isby faith that we understand not by logic or the mind. But by faith, understanding is madeperfect. That is why Christians do not struggle when they read Gen. 1 and 2. They understandby faith that God created the world and everything in it, for by faith we understand. It isimpossible to understand God without faith. Scientists and philosophers use logic, a thing ofthe mind; if God created the world, then where was God? But they fail to understand that Goddoes not need the world or anything in it to exist but that everything-the world and all that isin it- rather need God to exist. „Intellectuality‟ will pass away but faith lives forever (1 Cor.13:13). Faith is not a mental assent, agreement or power. One cannot just mentally acceptsomething and think that it is faith, faith always expresses itself in the things it does. Forexample, if you believe in prayer, it will always be the first resort when you are in need. Ifany other thing comes before prayer, your faith is in that thing not prayer. If you are sick andthe first thing you do is go to the hospital or see a physician then you do not really believe inprayer, it is mental assent. I am not saying one should not go to the hospital or seek the helpof a physician but that should be a direction you received in prayer. If God is your last resortor one of your resorts, then you are living in mental assent not faith. To put it clearly, what orthe one you consult first when you are in need is your god/God. It does not matter what orwho you say you are, if the first thing you do when you are in need is not prayer or somethingof God‟s direction, you are living in mental assent. You agree mentally with God but notspiritually and we do not relate with God in/with the mind but with the spirit.
  16. 16. The things you believe may be facts, but facts are not realities. Facts are not eternal; they toowill pass away but faith will remain. Faith is the reality. Hence, it brings one into reality.Reality is truth. Truth is what the thing is, not what it is like or what it may be. So never say Ithink I am healed for it is unscriptural. Healing is not a „thinking‟, but a reality. You arehealed because God had said in scripture „by my stripes you are healed‟ (Isa. 53:5, emphasisadded). Note that it did not say „you will be healed‟ or „you may be healed‟ but that you arehealed. It is the now; you are healed. That is, before the feelings of sickness came, God hadhealed you already. He had paid the full price for you to be totally healthy. So whensicknesses come near you, you just tell them wrong direction and they will vanish because itis illegal for you to be sick. Christ has saved you from both sin and sicknesses. He bore bothon the cross. When he said „it is finished‟, he meant it. Total health is as free as salvation is.This is a reality. It is independent of what you think. You believing or not believing do notchange its reality. I will like to reveal an insight that God gave me. He told me one day, sonwhy don‟t you live in divine health rather than divine healing? Immediately, I realized thatdivine health surpasses that of divine healing because divine healing means you may get sickbut recover by grace. But divine health means you will never get sick. It was a hard truth butI got hold of it and believed it. This may appear ridiculous but it is the truth. Only what Godhas said is the truth, even if it does not make sense. After all we walk by faith and not bysense.In the same vein, one is born again because God said so. You are more than a conquerorbecause God said so. You are an ambassador because God said so. Stop thinking and startliving reality. Faith cannot be limited to what the mind can comprehend. The mind is toosmall to contain faith. Logic and intellect, though good, are of the soul. Live the „faith life‟and not the „think life‟!