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Michael A. Duch | The World's Most Beautiful Churches Part I


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Michael A. Duch on the most majestic, sacred places in the world.

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Michael A. Duch | The World's Most Beautiful Churches Part I

  1. 1. THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES PART I Michael A. Duch | Majestic images of the world’s most sacred places
  2. 2. LAS LAJAS SANCTUARY, COLUMBIA Built: 1916-1949 Located inside the canyon of the Guáitara River
  3. 3. BORGUND STAVE CHURCH, NORWAY Built: 1180 A medieval wooden Christian church
  4. 4. GERGETITRINITY CHURCH, GEORGIA Built: 14th century It is an active establishment of the Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church
  5. 5. BETHLEHEM CHURCH, IRAN Built: 17th century It is decorated with 72 paintings, including depictions of the Last Supper and the Expulsion from Eden.
  6. 6. VISCRI FORTIFIED CHURCH, ROMANIA Built: 13th century It was once a chapel but was turned into a single-nave church in the 16th century.
  7. 7. KING’S COLLEGE CHAPEL, CAMBRIDGE Built: 1446 Has the world’s largest medieval stained glass.
  8. 8. ST BATHOLOMEW’S, LAKE KÖNIGSSEE Built: 1134 Only accessible via boat or by way of a long hike.
  9. 9. HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA, ICELAND Built: 1945 It took 38 to complete construction, and now serves as both a church and observation tower.
  10. 10. RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF MARY MAGDALENE, JERUSALEM Built: 1888 It is the resting place of Princess Andrew of Greece.
  11. 11. SAGRADA FAMILIA, SPAIN Built: 1882, although there is constant construction to this day. Attracts more than three million vistors a year.