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The 3 C’s are The Real Way to Make Money Online


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So you are looking for the real way to make money online and probably wondering what the heck are the 3 C’s are.

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The 3 C’s are The Real Way to Make Money Online

  1. 1. February 2nd, 2013 Published by: MikedThe 3 C’s are The RealWay to Make MoneyOnlineThe 3 C’s are The Real Way to Now along with those 3 things youMake Money Online should always be educating yourself by reading self-helpCheck out the article here books and listeningSo you are looking for the real way tomake money online to audios of people who are in lifeand probably wondering what the heck where you want to be.are the 3 C’s are. Turn your car into a university by turning off the musicMy friend Chris talked about them in and/or the talk radio and startthe 15k formula which listening to positive a training program only available One of the great things about thefor Empower Network affiliates. Empower Network is we have our own audios updatedWhat he talked about in that training weekly that you canvideo was thatmost online marketers make things so download and listen to.much harder Now lets get into the 3 C’s of makingthan it needs to be. money onlineThere are 3 simple things you must dodaily to makemoney online. 1
  2. 2. February 2nd, 2013 Published by: Miked types of traffic to bring eyeballs to your site. • Social Media Traffic • Paid Traffic • Word of Mouth • Search Traffic • Return Traffic Capture Leads: The real way to make money online is to capture those leads that come to your webpage or landing page.The 3 C’s of Making MoneyOnline By capturing the leads you can keep in contact with • Create Traffic people who saw something about your • Capture Leads page that they • Convert Sales liked.Regardless of what others tell you this Maybe they are not interested rightis now orthe real way to make money online. maybe they might be interested inCreate Traffic: something else youTraffic is the life blood of any business. Imagine having have.a brick and mortar business with no The captured leads would be sent toone walking in your email whereyour doors. you can setup an auto-responder toHow long do you think you’d stay in send them automatedbusiness?Your online business is no different. If emails. You can also send them dailyyou do not get broadcasts of thingseyes on your page than you can’t makessales or build going on in your business. Most people need to see somethinga following. several times beforeThe real way to make money online is they buy. In my case I had to see theto use the follow Empower Network 2
  3. 3. February 2nd, 2013 Published by: Mikedoverview video 3 times before I made them daily your business will grow andthe decision and that if you help enough otherwas over a few weeks period.Convert Sales: people get what they want, you will get what you want.Some will buy when they land on yourpage or directly from If you liked this article, then check outpaid advertisement but the majority of some other ones I have writtenpeople will buy later Catch me on Facebook and Twitter as well.when they get to know you better andcan trust you.Be yourself and show people in youremail list that you area real person. Invite them to see avideo of you or participatein a questionnaire. Email your list atleast twice a day inaddition to your auto-responder.In fact not everyone uses an auto-responder; some peoplejust email their blog to their list dailyor just update their listwith the latest products or what theyare doing that day.One of the best ways to get your listknowing who you areis to hold a Google hangout or a livetraining and invitethose on your list to participate andinteract.The Real Way to Make MoneyOnlineThe 3 C’s are the real way to makemoney online. By doing 3