Provillus - New Beauty Trends In Hair Care And Styling


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Provillus - New Beauty Trends In Hair Care And Styling

  1. 1. Provillus - New Beauty Trends In Hair Care And StylingThe last few fashion seasons have featured many new hair styling trends. This offers an opportunity totry out new styling and hair care tips that could be perfect for your hair. This article will highlight severalnew styles and offer some suggestions about how to decide which of the new trends to try.One of the biggest new hairstyle trends is a variation of the traditional wet look. Classic wet looks relyon heavy gel products worked into the hair and slicked back into a tight ponytail, giving a somewhatsevere effect of wet hair under strict control. The new styles, seen on runways for the last few seasons,utilize natural oils such as argan, manoi or jojoba, instead of the harsh gels of years past. The oil issmoothed into the damp hair and allowed to dry naturally resulting in loose wavy tendrils that shine andglisten in a free fall all around the head. Its a great casual daytime look that conditions the hair whileproducing a pleasing style. If you like a slightly un-kept and natural look, you may want to try this newtrend.The center part is back! The newest versions establish control at the part with gels or foams and areheavily sprayed to keep the part in place. The rest of the hair can be left mostly untreated and hangingin tousled bunches or alternately hot rolled to create large but soft curls. Its a striking comparison to theold stick straight side part and much more wearable for many hair textures. As a rule, a center partworks best for those with more or less symmetrical features.Braids are all over the runways. In sophisticated winding patterns around the forehead or in back, theyare making a big impact in beauty, right now. They can be messy or neat, long or short but the best onesharken back to the early 20th century for retro appeal.Retro hair styles in general are showing no signs of waning. Short curled bangs from the pinup eraabound and are accentuated with loose waves or curls. Also, these short bangs are styled with updoswith a hat tip to the 1920s with a little retro/futuristic touch thrown in for modern flair - think of Rachelin Blade Runner as an inspiration. Those with long thick hair can handle this look quite well.Other popular trends include many types of ponytails and updos with glittery accessories. The ponytailsrun the gamut from soft curly falls to sleek slicked back strait locks. Choose the one that suits your hairtexture. Updos have been trending toward the messy side, with loose buns and hanging wisps cascading
  2. 2. around the face and neck. Updos with hair jewelry are fun for any hair type and allow for artfulexpression in your choice of accessories.As you can see, there are many new hairstyle trends out there to try. So, spice up your look andexperiment with the new styles. You are sure to find a few that will suit your sense of beauty and style.To receive a lot more facts about Skin care products go through Provillus , Typically the No 1 site on theInternet for Provillus Reviews