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Becoming More Productive by Micah Mador


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I've long been interested in productivity and digital efficiency. Over the years I've picked up tips and tricks by many amazing individuals and organizations. I've always loved sharing the latest and greatest so this is a first stab at organizing all these tools that have always been scattered in my brain and on my computer. Learn to be productive like a boss!

Here are a few recent posts on productivity my boss, Seth Levine, and I wrote:

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You can be much more productive. Here’s how

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Becoming More Productive by Micah Mador

  1. 1. Becoming More Productive Micah Mador @micahmador
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Agenda • Ideal Setup • Calendar • Communication • Email • Organization • Chrome extensions • Tips & Tricks
  4. 4. –Thomas Edison Vision without execution is hallucination
  5. 5. GSD* & Doerocracy *GSD - Gettin' Shit Done. Usually referring to some sort of work.
  6. 6. –Johnny Appleseed –This turtle and many successful people
  7. 7. Ideal Setup • Dual Monitor, External Keyboard + Mouse • Mouse Speed (increase) • Shortcuts Mac/Windows (minimize mouse use + maximize search) • Flux (save your eyes) • Magnet or spectacle for window management
  8. 8. Calendar • Live by it! • Automate meeting scheduling (mixmax,, calendly,, clara,, etc.) • Work blocks vs. events (different colors or calendars) • Sync across all devices
  9. 9. General Communication • Team projects: Slack • Create an understood communication hierarchy 1. Call/Text 2. Voxer 3. Slack 4. Email • Develop a sustainable and consistent frequency and notifications for each
  10. 10. Email • Inbox, Gmail, Mail, Outlook • NEVER leave something in your inbox • Answer, snooze, archive or send to a to-do list • Learn to BCC • Grammarly
  11. 11. Organization • Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, Evernote • Don’t spend all your time creating them • Keep it simple • Write everything down and keep it searchable • Sync on all devices + keyboard shortcuts
  12. 12. Chrome extensions • Password Manager • Dashlane • LastPass • 1Password ($$) • Save articles/links to Pocket
  13. 13. Other Tips & Tricks • Text expander (don’t type the same thing twice!) • IFTTT & Zapier • Starred pocket items to Evernote through IFTTT Recipe • Profiles on Google Chrome
  14. 14. DEMO!
  15. 15. • Ideal Setup - Mouse speed, Keyboard Shortcuts, F.lux • Organization - Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, Evernote • Email hacks - Textexpander, Steak,, Mixmax, Calendly • Chrome extensions - Adblock, Pocket, FullContact, MatterMark, LastPass or Dashlane, Grammarly, Search Current site, • Other cool things - Accompany or Charlie, IFTTT & Zapier, Toggl, Magnet • Apps (Share iOS screen with quicktime via USB cable) DEMO
  16. 16. Questions Additions Suggestions
  17. 17.