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Social media copywriting samples - Micah Enloe


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Some samples of branded social media copywriting.

Published in: Marketing
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Social media copywriting samples - Micah Enloe

  1. 1. MICAH ENLOE Social Media Copywriting Samples
  2. 2. Brands I’ve worked with
  3. 3. The following is a quick sampling of over 10 social media posts out of 100’s for the brand Aaron’s
  4. 4. Living room style should never be puzzling. #ownit 12,000 likes, 224 shares
  5. 5. This little piggy went to This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy went wee wee wee when she got a HP 15.6” Notebook without credit. 2,279 likes, 57 shares
  6. 6. Cuddling releases good feels. Aaron’s releases good deals. #CuddleUpDay #ownit 27,000 likes, 664 shares
  7. 7. There’s only one more piece we could add to this 8-piece Parker Living Room set to make it better. And that’s a personal drone delivering a puppy. #ownit today. 4,980 likes, 107 shares
  8. 8. Awe look, the world’s most eligible couch. How handsome is he!? #BachelorPremiere #ownit 1,200 likes, 77 shares
  9. 9. Put on that American flag bandana, pour Canadian gravy all over your fries, and then just dump it on your head because if you’re an American Outlaw you deserve to watch the Final on a brand new Aaron’s TV! #ownit @Fifaworldcup #WordCupFinals 3,267 likes, 41 shares
  10. 10. #TBT to when you got tired of people saying #TBT. By golly, stop throwing things. Today is #BrandSpankingNewLivingRoomThursday. #BSNLRT #ownit @ Aaron’s 2,879 likes, 63 shares
  11. 11. It’s about mariTIME! Today, we simply say thanks for what our honorable Coasties do for us every day #CoastGuardDay 3,934 likes, 123 shares
  12. 12. Man’s best friend may be a dog, but a woman’s best friend is a classic vintage style bedroom set. Cheers to both! Happy #NationalDogDay #Ownit today 6,644 likes, 129 shares
  13. 13. Let your entire family do the jiggle-wiggle-shimmy-foxtrot-boogie in the beautiful land of OWNERSHIP. It’s new. #ownit @ Aaron’s. A balanced breakfast always includes bacon, bacon-wrapped-bacon, bacon waffles with bacon-syrup, and a glass of freshly-squeezed bacon-juice, all served on your Aaron’s dining room table… the color of bacon. #InternationalBaconDay #ownit
  14. 14. Happy #NationalIceCreamDay #ownit Strawberry - You’re fiery and sassy aren’t ya!? You’re a Roman strawberry-obsessed conqueror! - I’m not, really, any of those things. - You are today, Mmm kay!? Chocolate - From the Mexican jungles of old, an elixir of the gods was forged! - You really need to stop screaming. - Let’s all scream for ice cream, no!? Vanilla - Ahhhh, the nectar of cool clouds and orchid sky dreams and happy birdies and honeysuckles!!! - I don’t really like it THAT much. - Watch It, buddy. I don’t like ice cream - What, in the Holy Neapolitan, is wrong with you!? - Well, it’s because… - Shhhhhh!!! Expandable graphic
  15. 15. Thank you