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How to Get Featured on SlideShare


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Created by the team at Twenty20.

SlideShare is a hugely underestimated channel for distributing your content.

Over the past 8 months we have seen a tremendous impact by following a very predictable and repeatable formula.

SlideShare has a huge audience and getting featured on SlideShare's homepage is an amazing way to drive SEO juice for your content. We've got it down to a repeatable formula and decided it's too good to keep to ourselves. Learn the 3 steps to creating a feature-worthy SlideShare.

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How to Get Featured on SlideShare

  1. The Simple Guide to Get Featured on SlideShare
  2. Over the last 8 months, We have unlocked a predictable strategy to get leads from SlideShare.
  3. Getting featured on SlideShare is a huge opportunity: 70%+of SlideShare’s views come from search. 70M unique views of the homepage monthly.
  4. SlideShare’s high page rank will launch your content to the top of search results. The SEO Hack:
  5. SlideShares featured on the homepage are hand-picked by staff. Design with this in mind.
  6. 193kviews 24uploads Our quick stats: 91%featured
  7. Here’s how we do it. (and how you can too)
  8. WAIT! Want to read this as a high-quality PDF? DOWNLOAD
  9. 3 ways to get featured on SlideShare: • Write skimmable content • Powerful CTAs • Use authentic photos Overview:
  10. 1 Write skimmable content
  11. SlideShare readers move fast and look for value.
  12. Create content to inform, inspire, and educate. Share unique insights or talk about trending topics.
  13. Use 1 sentence per slide. (2 sentences max.)
  14. Display your data and ideas visually. Graphs, charts and big numbers work best.
  15. 2 Design Powerful CTAs
  16. Essential Strategy: Get SlideShare users to click off to your blog or landing page. (Save your deck as a PDF from Keynote)
  17. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS Example CTA
  18. Use a strong call-to-action to convert SlideShare views to engaged users.
  19. 3 Create beautiful slides
  20. The essential way to get featured is to design high quality slides.
  21. Use bold colors, authentic images and clean graphics.
  22. At Twenty20, we “eat our own dog food”. We license the authentic photos we use from
  23. This helps us quickly create beautiful, engaging SlideShares. (18 in a row featured on the homepage)
  24. 3 ways to get featured on SlideShare: • Write skimmable content • Convert views with CTAs • Use authentic photos to create beautiful slides Conclusion:
  25. Looking for more Insights from our Growth team? READ OUR BLOG
  26. All background photos sourced from real people on Twenty20. Follow us for more useful SlideShares
  27. Share this SlideShare with your team. DOWNLOAD & SHARE They’ll thank you later.