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How to Advertise on Instagram Like a Pro [Case Study Report]


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Created by the team at Twenty20

With Instagram advertising set to rollout to the public during Q3 2015, now is the time to get ready for this massive new opportunity for social media marketers and digital advertisers. Here is early data on how 5 companies have seen great success accessing Instagram's engaged community with tests that have been running across many industries in the Canadian market. Overall, each of these companies has succeeded by fitting in to Instagram's aesthetic and blending into the feeds of authentic user generated content

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How to Advertise on Instagram Like a Pro [Case Study Report]

  1. How to Advertise on Instagram like a pro. Case Study Report
  2. Instagram ads are rolling out publicly in Q3 2015.
  3. Are you ready to leverage this important new channel?
  4. In early tests, IG ads are producing powerful results across many industries. Travel, Financial Services, CPG and Retail All data sourced from Canadian market tests from
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  6. Sharing their new brand commitment as the first national burger restaurant without any hormones or steroids, A&W targeted a young audience with real photos in the classic IG “top-down food shot” style. 39%lift in ad recall 4%lift in message association
  7. Bold, vividly colored photo ads showcased L’Oréal Paris cosmetics in a real snowy, outdoor setting, aiming to increase brand awareness. 7% recommendations lift 2XNielsen’s average ad recall (14% lift)
  8. Aiming to change perception and generate awareness of their credit card program with 18-22 year olds, Scotiabank’s ads played off collections of items from movies with the popular hashtag #ThingsOrganizedNeatly. 20%lift in ad recall 6%lift in brand awareness
  9. Canadian Tire pushed its #ShovelitForward campaign to increase recommendations. Video ads focused on authentic kindness pushed strong results. 45%lift in ad recall 18%lift in campaign awareness
  10. To generate awareness of new destinations including Panama and Rio de Janeiro. Air Canada featured photos by Instagram influencers sent by the airline to each destination . 29%lift in ad recall 4%lift in message association
  11. These successful campaigns have one thing in common…
  12. Top brands all use authentic, real-world photos to connect and feel natural on IG.
  13. Instagram is all about taking and sharing photos of authentic moments.
  14. To perform best, use “Instagram-style” UGC in your ads’ creative.
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