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3 Best Ways to Use Popular Hashtags


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Created by the team at Twenty20.

Just using popular hashtags on social media is not enough to grow your company's Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook following. Learn to use relevant, unique growth hashtags to capture the attention of your target audience then learn the secrets to convert that attention into deep engagement by using relevant, authentic imagery.

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3 Best Ways to Use Popular Hashtags

  1. Popular Hashtags 3 Best Ways to Use
  2. Hashtags can help your business grow massively.
  3. "What are the most popular hashtags?" Everyone’s first question is,
  4. Top 5 hashtags on Instagram (each with 250 million+ posts): #love #instagood #me #tbt #follow
  5. But, most marketers stop here and get this one thing wrong…
  6. Popular Hashtags vs. Growth Hashtags
  7. Popular hashtags alone don't help you grow.
  8. A post with “popular hashtags” gets lost in the sea of social.
  9. Users won’t find your post if it’s 1 in 250,000,000.
  10. To get exposure with growth hashtags, be like a thoughtful, SEO expert.
  11. Popularity isn’t enough #1 Look for the right mix of volume and competition.
  12. What’s better? #beach (72,145,512 posts) #beaches (721,127 posts)
  13. There is 100xmore competition with #beach vs. with #beaches.
  14. Target hashtags with enough volume to indicate substantial interest, like #beaches.
  15. But, beware of irrelevant hashtags.
  16. Be Highly Relevant & Unique #2 Create dynamic content unique to your business.
  17. Find uniquely popular hashtags in passionate, niche communities.
  18. 43% increase in likes on similar photos by adding hashtags relevant to the Twenty20 community. EXAMPLE:
  19. Meaningfully infiltrate the feeds of your target users with specific & relevant hashtags.
  20. Go further with authentic images #3 Convert users’ attention to real action.
  21. Hashtags are a first step in attracting attention on social.
  22. The next step is to drive engagement with images.
  23. Twitter has reported: “Tweets with images get 313% more engagement.”
  24. Effective images in your social posts can’t feel vague, spammy, or like overused stock photos. Just like with hashtags,
  25. Use images that feel like they belong in your consumers' feeds of user-generated-content.
  26. Authentic images are the best way to convert the traffic from growth hashtags.
  27. Review: 1. Popularity isn’t enough 2. Be highly relevant & unique 3. Go further with authentic images
  28. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS
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  30. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS