Task 3 classic fm


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Task 3 classic fm

  1. 1. TASK 3
  2. 2. Masthead – simple serif font. Header Main cover lines in gold to make it stand out, gold indicates sofistication. Images on top of the main image is an unusual feature but makes them stand out from the rest of the cover. Barcode & Price Flash – advertising the CD’s book and DVD’s rated Date of issue The main image is a group picture which is unusual for a magazine cover, but the group shot reinforces the classical genre of choirs and orchestras Another smaller scale image of the three boys makes it harder to determine the main image and the main focus of the page The target audience of this magazine is obviously people who are interested in classical music, and enjoy reading a simple sophisticated magazine. This cover is paticularly directed
  3. 3. Masthead – simple serif font. 6 images split up the page and make the images and text easier to see. Footer – tells people about the full tracklist to your free CD’s Page numbers and summaries in pink – reinforces feminine audience. Page numbers indicate what is on each page so that the reader can find it easily. Page details on top of the images, a different way to show what’s on each page. The target audience for this contents page is again people who are interested in classical music and want to read about the latest news and music. The contents has quite a feminine feel to it with the pink colour scheme and simple sophisticated layout. Date line – shows date of issue. Under each page number and summary there is a bit more detail to draw the reader into reading that page.
  4. 4. Heading ‘DOCUMENTING RALPH’ is in a serif font making it look simple but mature – reinforcing the target audience of the magazine. The amount of copy on the page indicates it is aimed at people who enjoy reading and are interested in detailed text about classical music. The text is in columns splitting up the page and the text making it easier to read. Images relating to the text, the images are almost in a storyboard format. Black and white images add a more sophisticated tone to the page and make it look more mature. Black flash to advertise the documentary that is also included in the magazine, the black box makes it stand out on the subtle cream background. The target audience for this magazine article is adults between the ages of 25-40, this is because of the subtle colours on the page and the amount of writing indicates it is for intelligent, intellectual people interested in classical music.