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08 24-11 - issuer program - equities


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08 24-11 - issuer program - equities

  1. 1. has built the first global news, data, research, education and socialnetworking platform that is a complete paradigm shift for its visitors and members, aswell as the exchanges, public companies and market sectors it is quickly becoming the premiere social network and comprehensiveresource center for “self-directed investors” from around the covers a broad spectrum of investment types and market sectors,including but not limited to Stocks, ADRs, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures andCommodities from 300 Exchanges around the is not only the first global platform to offer its unique combination ofservices, it is also the first platform that allows a publicly traded company, or “Issuer”to edit and enhance its presence on the platform, through the ability to upgrade itspresence, ensuring the accuracy of information and data, broadening the spectrum ofcontent to include company blogs and even its video and rich media content via theEquities Media Studio, controlling its news dissemination and social footprint throughthe Equities Newsroom and “Dashboard” as well as converting surrounding bannerspace into corporate graphic look and feel, including company logos, slogans, etc. Comprehensive – Accurate – Unique Active – Reactive – Interactive
  2. 2., Inc. ("EQUITIES") developed its Global Financial Network around the world’s financial markets,their exchanges, listed companies and investment professionals; as well as the EQUITIES members, which arethe self-directed investors that use an online trading platform to manage their investments.This vision is exemplified through “MY-FI” (My Financial Network) – MY-FI is the Social Network that is fullyintegrated into the platform. It allows members to communicate with each other, as well aseasily share data and content found on with other members. MY-FI is truly global, allowingmembers from countries and markets around the world to connect and share. While MY-FI is being launchedas a part of the platform, it is also a proprietary stand-alone platform of its own, that is fullyfeatured; and which can potentially be integrated into other financial internet platforms, creating an evenlarger potential audience. “Are you on MY-FI?”EQUITIES provides its members, visitors and an ever growing network of partner sites with real-time, delayed,or end of day quoting, as well as charting, data, multilingual news, timely and accurate editorial, globallyrenowned research and more on virtually all of the publicly traded companies (Issuers) listed onapproximately 300 exchanges worldwide, at no charge to the Issuer, or EQUITIES members.
  3. 3. Publicly traded companies (Issuers) around the world consistently strive to improve visibility and grow their shareholder base. To facilitate the Issuer in reaching its goals, Equities offers the Issuer a unique suite of enhancements for an additional fee:• EQUITIES provides all Issuers the ability to update their corporate profile information themselves, as needed.• EQUITIES allows all Issuers to add content to tabs below their summary pages, which provide a variety of features such as company updates, streaming video, blogs and graphics, in addition to the quotes, charts, research and news.• EQUITIES offers Issuers the Leaderboard banner space directly above their Summary Page allowing the Issuer to enhance its branding, or even offer its products and services.• EQUITIES also empowers an issuer to reach the members, by pushing “Notices” of new and updated content to members that have shown interest in the issuer, as well as enabling direct communication with members that wish to engage.• EQUITIES thereby levels the playing field for smaller public companies to attract the attention of investors that are researching and looking for investments in specific market sectors.
  4. 4. PLATINUM ISSUER PACKAGE $1,000.00 /MONTH - $10,000.00 /YEAR• Corporate Graphics, Logos, Colors, etc. – The Platinum Package Client will take control of the top 728X90 Banner on the Issuer’s Summary Page, allowing the addition of corporate graphics and logos, marketing information, etc.• Current Corporate Data – Each client will be able to update their corporate information using the “Company Update” tab, located directly below the quote window, as often as needed, ensuring that corporate information is accurate.• Company Video– A “Company Video” Tab is located next to the Company Update Tab which opens a video viewing window directly below the quote window, on a client’s summary page. The Equities Media Studio is used to archive and manage the video and other rich media that can be displayed in the Company Video window.• Equities Media Studio – Video Email, Video Business Card, Video PowerPoint, Video Shareholder Letter, Video Press Release and Media Gallery – These are EXCLUSIVE products that empower a company with the ability to create, manage and archive multi-media content. Up to 10 seats (users) are provided, additional seats are available at an additional monthly charge.• Company Blog – A “Company Blog” Tab will be available to all of our members, giving them the ability to maintain a company blog, to provide insight and communication with their current and potential investors.• Equities Newsroom – All of our members will have a “Newsroom” Tab, located next to the Company Blog Tab, which opens a complete Pressroom below their Summary Page. The issuer will also receive a back-end “dashboard” with which they can put out their official press releases, as well as manage their “Social Media Footprint.” The Issuer also has the potential to embed the newsroom into their company website at an additional fee. This product can ultimately be managed by the client, or by staff, for an additional fee.• Package Management – A Corporate Client can hire the production teams to create and maintain virtually all of the above mentioned products and services, for additional fees.• Sector Saturation Banner Package – An Issuer can secure banner placement on virtually every Summary Page in their sector, with the exception of other Platinum Issuer pages, for an additional $10,000.00/year.