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Mic narciso media portfolio 2013


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Online copy of my Media Portfolio

Published in: Business
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Mic narciso media portfolio 2013

  1. 1. pORTFOLIOJohn Michael N. Narciso+63 925.825.3697mic.narciso@gmail.comMedia
  2. 2. Work ExperienceNew Media Officer - Teddy Casino Senatorial Campaign(December 2011-May 2013)• Strategy Development for Social Media• Copy Writing and Content Writing for Infographics and other digitalplatforms• Website Development and Administration• Crisis Management for OnlineFreelance(July 2007-Present)• Speech and Correspondence Writing• Media DesignCorporate Communications Manager - Barlines Reinforcing Steel Co.(April 2010 - March 2011)• PR Writing and Media Liaising• Advertising and Strategy DevelopmentSkills• Software - Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects;Sony Vegas; Corel Draw;• Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram (platforms);Hootsuite, Tweetcaster, Twitlonger (tools)• Website Managemement – Wordpress (Development andAdministration); Drupal, Joomla (Administration)• Other Media related skills – Photography, Public Speaking, JournalismEducationUniversity of the East ManilaAB Broadcast CommunicationJune 2005 - October 2009University of Santo TomasAB Communication ArtsJune 2003 - March 2005Ateneo De Manila UniversityHigh SchoolJune 1998 - March 2003Ateneo De Manila UniversityGrade SchoolJune 1991 – March 1998John Michael N. Narcisomobile no.: 0925 825 3697e-mail :
  3. 3. I am a publicist by profession, specializing inOnline Media. I have prepared publicity collateralsfor both the public and private sector as part oftheir advocacy or marketing campaigns.While Online Public Relations remains as mymain forte, I also have my share of offline work,where the messages I crafted were presented toan offline audience, through speeches and printmedia.For more information, I may be contacted at+63.925.825.3697 or
  4. 4. ONLINE PUBLIC RELATIONSI worked as the New Media Officer of Rep. Teddy Casiño, who ran for the Senatein May 2013. My tasks included creating strategies and aligning them accordinglywith the different parts of the campaign platform, copy writing of Infographics andcontent for Social Media, revising and maintaining his website and designing othercollaterals needed for the online campaign.FREELANCEAs a freelancer, I wrote various solidarity messages. One of the people I had theopportunity to write for was Hon. Nelon Alindogan, Administrator for Luzon ofthe Cooperative Development Authority. These messages include speeches andprinted messages for events of different cooperatives.I also did graphic design for presentations or business proposals. One of thenotable designs I was an Infographic for Thumbparty Games. They used design aspart of their board game proposal for the different groups in the Tourism Industry.CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONSAs the Corporate Communications Manager of Barlines Reinforcing SteelCompany, I wrote our company’s Press Releases, conceptualized Print Ads andliaised for publishing. In my one year there, I managed to get at least half a pageof publicity in Architecture and Construction Magazines. The result of the publicitymanagement gave the company wider business opportunities, from small housebuilders to the reinforcing needs of seminaries and water treatment plants.
  5. 5. CONTENTSTeddy Casiño Senatorial Campaign:• Copy Writing for Infographics• Copy Writing for Social Media Content• Ghost Writing for Blogs• Website Management• Photo Quotes• Anti-Smear site• Social Media FeedbackBuy Pinoy Build Pinoy Movement Christmas 2012 CampaignFreelance Speeches and Solidarity Messages Graphic DesignCorporate Communications Barlines Reinforcing Steel Company
  6. 6. TEDDY CASIÑO SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN• Copy Writing for Infographics• Copy Writing for Social Media Content• Ghost Writing for Blogs• Website Management• Photo Quotes• Anti-Smear site• social Media Feedback
  7. 7. I did copy writing tasksfor Infographics which ourCreatives Team would translateinto more visually appealingdesigns. Before the Infographicsare released, we do a finalreview of these materials beforewe schedule them for posting.Copy Writingfor InfographicsInfographics showing the benefits of the proposed 1 Million Solar Roofs Act, which will expand the ex-isitng Renewable Energy Act.
  8. 8. Infographics showing the benefits of the proposed 1 Million So-lar Roofs Act, which will expand the exisitng Renewable EnergyAct. Right: Infographics explaining the benefits in adopting aFree and Open Source Software Policy through HB 1011 or theFOSS Act.Copy Writingfor Infographics
  9. 9. Infographics showing the what consumers can spend on whenVAT is removed from utilities such as water and electricity.Copy Writingfor Infographics
  10. 10. I also drafted the copy for the official SocialMedia Accounts of the principal, emulatinghis voice and tone when engaging netizens.cOpyWRITIngFOR SOcIaL MEdIacOnTEnT
  11. 11. cOpyWRITIngFOR SOcIaL MEdIacOnTEnT
  12. 12. In “Jewels of the Pauper”, Father Dela Costadescribed the Filipino’s inclination to music asa treasure that we take pride of. True enough,we Pinoys show that love through singing anddancing. Who doesn’t know Gangnam Style,the Macarena of this decade? I’m also sureyou’ve heard “Pusong Bato” being belted outby the young and old alike.All monumental proof that people are unitedby music, whether as singers or dancers. Ouraffinity and talent for music is somethingworth sharing with everyone.Ito yata ang rason bakit ang eleksyon aymistulang pambansang piyesta ng mgasayaw at kanta. Pinoys seem to enjoy learningabout candidates through song and dance.It has become an imperative for candidatesto encapsulate their electoral agenda in 30second-sound bites or jingles. Unfortunately,not all succeed while some merely bank onname recall. Last Song Syndrome (LSS) langang habol.While a lot of campaign jingles are liftedfrom “formula” songs, our campaign jingle,“Pagbabago para sa Karaniwang Tao”, isan original track composed and performedby indie protest musician Karl Ramirez. Hewrote the song originally for his upcomingalbum and later tweaked the lyrics for thecampaign.Without any bias, the track is very catchy.Team Teddy volunteers have been sharingstories of strangers in jeepneys using the“Pagbabago” song as ringtone or vendorshumming the tune after their sortie rounds.Congratulations to Karl for causing LSS usingmeaningful lyrics calling for land reform,industrialization, workers’ welfare and lowerprices.Taking cue from its catchy melody, TeamTeddy eventually created their own dancesteps with matching music video. We weresurprised when friends different regions ofthe Philippines and the world started sendingus their own choreography and dance videos.As of writing, there are at least three versionsof the ”Pagbabago” dance. I would like to takethis opportunity to invite everyone to sendin your own dance video for our campaignjingle by March 30. Let’s compile them intoone video and show the world that we areunited as we dance and call for change forthe ordinary people.It’s time to dance like you have neverdone before. Sa saliw ng bagong awit ngpagbabago.# also helped develop content for Teddy’sWebsite by ghostwrting for his blog. Thisentry was written in appreciation of our lovefor music and to promote as well the efforts ofsupporters in creating their own dance stepsto accompany our campaign jingle.Takbo ni Teddy: Dance like you’ve never danced beforeWRITIngFOR BLOgS
  13. 13. I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senate.It has been a hectic two years preparing for thethree-month senatorial campaign. My wife kids meas her bedspacer while my two young boys say theymiss their father. But it hit me that our OFW brothersand sisters are missing more milestones becausetheir kids or siblings need them to survive.For someone like me with no political pedigree andmillions to spend, running for the Senate is an uphillbattle. I knew of its sacrifices, the challenges wehave to overcome. Well meaning friends advised methat after my stint in Congress, I should just takeit easy and chase more realistic dreams. I’m stillyoung, they said, and can pursure other endeavors.But I realized that others have much harder timespursuing simpler dreams, such as finishing highschool or getting a regular job.After having authored and co-authored 627 Housebills and resolutions, people were telling me “Teddy,ikaw na!” But knowing how a lot of Juans and Nenasare disgusted as I am with how the legislative branchof the government is, I realized it’s not yet time tostop.I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senate.Yes, the system is dirty and has not benefited theordinary folk. It has forced our brothers and sistersto lose faith in our country and leave for greenerpastures abroad. The cynics are telling us to backdown and just watch our taxes go to waste.We may have the right to be cynical. How manyyears have we gone through this, anyway? Parangsanay na ang karamihan. But contrary to cynicism,our country still has hope. I believe every Filipinohas something to gain and nothing to lose in thestruggle for social reform.I am Teddy Casiño and I am running for the Senatenot because it will be my personal gain but becausemy victory will be a gain for ordinary folk like us.As I keep on saying, my run for the Senate is notabout me. It’s about you and me, and the kind ofrepresentation we want in the Senate.We have no illusions about the Senate. It is and will bea conservative and reactionary institution even withsomeone like me there. But with the broader people’smovement, we shall be a powerful team in pushingfor reforms from within. We will be pushing laws foragrarian reform and national industrialization. Forbetter access to basic goods and services, livelihoodreforms and other agenda in our platform. We willraise awareness and create solutions, so that wecan somehow make this government work for thepeople.I appeal to everyone to not lose hope and expressthat hope through the simple act of voting. I offermyself as someone you can hope with and act within making this country better.I am Teddy Casiño and we — you, me and everyoneelse who aspires to make life better for the ordinaryfolk, are running for the Senate.# the #TeddyDaycampaign, there was aneed to appeal and reachout to the human emotionsof people. I drafted thisblog to inspire more peopleduring the last stretch of thecampaign.WRITIngFOR BLOgSA Personal Appeal on #TeddyDay
  14. 14. Developed the senatorial campaign website, usingWordpress CMS.It features:• A slideshow of featured contents and pages,• Clickable headers that lead to its respectivecategory feed,• A two-column RSS Feed for press release andblog feeds,• Featured infographics related to current eventsand other advocacies,• A widgetized sidebar with links to social mediaaccounts, a Twitter feed and quick links to otherpages in the site,• A footer with links calling for resources for thecampaign.WEBSITE dEVELOpMEnTand adMInISTRaTIOn
  15. 15. A lot of positive messaging was derived throughphoto quotes, lifted from speeches and pressstatements of the Principal. It greatly helped inpresenting him in a more positive light, whilepromoting contents from the website. These photoquotes were scheduled for posting at a time socialmedia had a higher volume of traffic.phOTO QuOTES
  16. 16. anTI-SMEaRWEBSITE(Sample content)On dining with ImeldaQ: Has Teddy forgotten Martial Law and forgiven the Marcoses by dining with ImeldaMarcos?A: No. Teddy remains firm in his fight to bring justice to the victims of Martial Law, as wellas victims of human rights abuses during the past administrations. Teddy also authoredthe following measures:1. House Bill 0954 or An Act Mandating Compensation to the 9,539 Class Suit Plaintiffsand 24 Direct Action Plaintiffs who Filed and Won the Landmark Human Rights CaseAgainst the Estate of Ferdinand Marcos;2. House Bill 1693 or An Act Mandating Compensation to Victims of Human Rights Viola-tions During the Marcos Dictatorship;3. HB03288 or An Act declaring September 21 of every year as a “National Day of Re-memberance” in memory of the struggles and sacrifices of the Heroes and Martyrs of theMartial Law Era and;4. House Resolution 1297 Opposing the Renewed Proposals to Bury Ferdinand Marcos atthe Libingan ng mga Bayani for being a grave travesty of Justice and Monumental Histori-cal Distortion tantamount to declaring as a Hero a Dictator that committed gross crimesagainst Humanity.When this photo was used against him, Teddy personally replied by posting the following:“This was taken during the bday of Armida Siguion-Reyna. The birthday celebrant herselfasked me and my wife to join her at her table. I could not refuse. We excused ourselvesright after finishing our meal.”Ellen Tordesilla, the owner of the photo, said that Teddy smiled only for the camera anddid not talk to Imelda – far from accusations that he was enjoying a meal with Marcos’wife.Source: part of the Crisis Communications plan ofthe campaign, we developed an Anti-Smearsite, which answered and counteracted theblack propaganda against the principal.Thanks to the keywords we used, the sitecame up on the first page of search engines.
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIAFEEDBACKThe content generated for Teddy’scampaign has allowed him to be oneof the most talked about candidatesonline during the elections. Thesupport received also made him oneof the top candidates with the mostpositive mentions on Social Media.Data presented was lifted from Ci8’sElections Portal,
  18. 18. Buy Pinoy! Build Pinoy! is an advocacy campaign,both online and offline, calling for the consumption ofFilipino-made products. Several NGOs got togetherin calling for consumers to support of Pinoy-madeproducts, usually produced by micro, small andmedium enterprises (MSMEs).Campaign Work included: Facebook PageManagement, Copy Writing Infographics anddeployment of collaterals related to the campaign.Buy pInOy BuILd pInOyMOVEMEnTFacebook Cover and ProfilePhoto deployed for theChristmas 2012 Campaignof the Buy Pinoy, BuildPinoy Movement.
  19. 19. BUY PINOY BUILD PINOYMOVEMENTSample infographics drafted for the Christmas 2012campaign of the Buy Pinoy! Build Pinoy! Movement.These were present as suggestions for Noche Buenaand Gifts for friends and loved ones.
  20. 20. Speech of CDA Administator Nelon Alindogan for the Zambo-anga Millionaires CooperativeA pleasant day to all of you.Today’s activity is a convergence. Likewise, in the aspect of our en-deavors, we also are involved in a convergence when we join coopera-tives. We put together our knowledge, time and other resources thatwe can contribute to the organization. We all have a common goal toreach, which is to address the needsof the industry that we chose to serve.We are here today to converge as one giant cooperative, pooling to-gether our experiences and letting our respective cooperatives learnfrom other experiences, despite differences in industries. I would com-pare this convergence to a full meal, wherein each dish, plays a role toadd flavor and nutrients to strengthenthe body. Likewise, each cooperative plays a crucial role that goesbeyond adding flavor and color to the economy. Each one of us has acrucial role in healing our ailing nation.We believe that, even if our organizations have different advocacies,there will always be a common ground where we all stand, where allour minds meet. This is the point where we all learn, despite the differ-ent roads we take. For example, a cooperative pushing for the growthin the coconut industry may learn a thing or two in logistical strategiesfrom a cooperative banking group. In return, the cooperative bankinggroup may learn from the coconut cooperative how to encourage par-ticipation in the group.The Cooperative Development Authority will always be your partners inachieving your goals. The CDA is mandated to push for the progress ofthe different organizations in the country, not just under the platformof our beloved President, but under the platform of the people, ad-dressing each member’s needs.As a freelancer, I wrote varioussolidarity messages. One of thepeople I had the opportunity to writefor was Hon. Nelon Alindogan,Administrator for Luzon of theCooperative Development Authority.These messages include speechesand printed messages for events ofdifferent Cooperatives.FREELANCE WRITING
  21. 21. The CDA has prepared a three-point program to address the needs of thecooperatives, not just in the Zamboanga Region, but for the entire country.To give you an idea what it is all about, the three-point program we plannedseeks to give power to the grassroots level, or individual members, andbring out the best in them, letting them harvest the benefits. We believethat, for cooperatives to prosper, we must start from the basic unit.However, we cannot do this alone. We need your assistance. This is not justthe program of the CDA. This is your program.On our end, we will implement the action needed to address the problems.We will do our part to make sure everyone’s knowledge is widened, correctall misconceptions and explain the benefits. What we need from each one ofyou would be your own little way to reach out to others, encouraging themto join and actively participate in assisting our ailing nation. Beyond thegreat benefits of participation, the reason for involvement will always be forstakeholders, and not us.The nation has been badly bruised by a lot of mismanagement in the past.Cooperative development maynot be the whole solution to the economiccrisis, but it will always play a crucial role in empowering the people andstrengthening the industries.This is now the perfect opportunity to bring out the best in every memberand encourage others to help the advocacies in cooperatives. The millionsinvested and the millions returned to the group would be pretty much use-less if the organization revolves around a small circle. It is time to increasethe circle’s area. Each one has to contribute what he can to the industriesthat aids in rebuilding the nation.Encouraging active participation in the organization will let members see amore tangible reward. Remember that personal goals are not just achievedin participation, but I believe there will also be a sense of fulfillment uponrealizing the contribution to the advocacy of the cooperative.I would like to thank you for allowing me to share my ideas to you thismorning. I would like to congratulate everyone for continuing to serve incooperative development. I also wish everyone well in the endeavors of yourrespective cooperatives.#Speech of CDA AdministatorNelon Alindogan for theZamboanga MillionairesCooperative (May 2011)
  22. 22. Messge of Hon. Nelon Alindogan, CDAAdministrator for the Annual Assembly ofthe Isabela Electirc Cooperative (July 2011)FREELANCE WRITINGOur warmest greeting on your annual assembly!The access to utilities is a right. It is the right of every Filipino. It is neces-sary for us to gain access to these services in order to catch up with thefast pace towards progress. It is hard for us to imagine how can we survivewithout services like electricity, which lights up every house or workplace.Utilities are just some of the services the government needs to provide forthe citizens. The government has the responsibility to bring these serviceto every Filipino.But sadly, there have been limitations. There is a great deficiency beforeus, that deprives others of these rights. The government needs to tap intothe resources of entities in order to fill in the gaps towards progress. Thegovernment needs to partner with cooperatives, for the latter are provento be great partners in shaping the road for the nation.This where you come in. The Isabela Electric Cooperative (ISELCO) took abig leap towards progress when it registered itself under the CooperativeDevelopment Authority (CDA). It is clear that ISELCO is dedicated in uplift-ing lives. Your intentions are clear, that you indeed provide electricity forthe people, by the people. This is your achievement.The government owes you a lot for this move. Rest assured, your effortshave not gone into vain. We wholeheartedly recognize your efforts. Well-deserved benefits await you for reaching out your hand to help the country.You volunteered to help share the responsibility, we give you your rights toprosper as a cooperative.But above all the incentives like tax exemptions, let us also remember thatthe opportunity to empower the people of Isabela will always be the great-est privilege in this action. We have the mandate, let us make the most ofit and become role models, not just for Isabela, but for the whole nation.Again, we wish ISELCO and its future endeavors all the best.
  23. 23. Infographic businessproposal commissioned byThumbparty Games for theLakbay Campaign.Graphic design
  24. 24. Barlines Reinforcing SteelCompanycORpORaTEcOMMunIcaTIOnSMedia landing for thecompany’s academic tie-upwith La Salle College -Antipolo (November 2010)
  25. 25. Media landing for Barlines and its reintroduction to the local construction industry (ArchikonstMagazine, September 2010)Corporatecommunications
  26. 26. CorporatecommunicationsMarch 2011 media landing forBarlines’ presentation at theWorld Builders’ Expo.
  27. 27. cORpORaTEcOMMunIcaTIOnSSample Print Ad made forBarlines. (April 2010)
  28. 28. Media pORTFOLIOJohn Michael N. Narciso+63