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Ups Lpd Presentation


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In Class Special Project that took me months to complete

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Ups Lpd Presentation

  1. 1. Michael HunterUnited Parcel Service
  2. 2. 8070605040 Revenue302010 0 UPS USPS Fed-EX
  3. 3. Major Competition: Federal Express (Fed-Ex)Revenue: Out of the 4 competitor companies UPS falls 2nd in the list of companies for having the highest revenue at 49.54 billion. Major Competition: Federal Express (Fed-Ex)
  4. 4. Paper Shipping FeeFree Online Internet Shipping
  5. 5. Program where you strive to be more Eco-Friendly eachtime you ship your packages with UPS.
  6. 6. 1.2E+09 1E+0980000000 NOW60000000 7 YRS40000000 15 YRS20000000 0 Gross Profit
  7. 7. Michael HunterUnited Parcel Service