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Tips speaking in the public.


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Tips speaking in the public.

  1. 1. Tips Speaking in the Public By : Mia Rusmiati
  2. 2. Elements of Public Speaking• Vocal technique• Eye Contact• Gesture• Humor
  3. 3. Vocal Technique• Intonation, tone of voice, rhythm of speech, or the strains of tone in pronouncing words.• Accentuation or accent, dialect. Do stressing on certain words that are considered important.• Velocity (speed). Do not talk too fast.• Articulation, the clarity of the pronunciation of words.• Inflection - intonation, tone of voice changes; avoid the same pronunciation for every word.
  4. 4. Eye Contact• View of the audience; brush view of the entire audience.• Of view right at his eyes!
  5. 5. Gestures• Natural, spontaneous, not artificial.• Full, not piecemeal, no doubt.• In accordance with the words.• Use for emphasis on important points.• Do not over do it. Less is more!• The most Important gesture: to SMILE• Movement of the body include: facial expressions, hand gestures, arms, shoulders, mouth or lips.
  6. 6. • Each movement contains three parts: the Approach (The Approach) - The body is ready to move; Movement (The Strokes) - movement of the body itself; and Back (The Return) - back to its original position or normal state.• Varied, do not be monotonous. For example constantly clenched fingers on top.• Do not pass up the body movements that are not meaningful or do not support such talks: holding the collar, play with mike, wringing her fingers, and scratched his head.
  7. 7. Humor• Use Natural Humor! Do not try to be a stand up comedian!• Pause just gives the opportunity for listeners to laugh.• Engineering humor. For example, changing the lyrics of the song with new words humorous.
  8. 8. Thank You