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Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Over the past years the rise of new media technologies has increasedcommunication between people all over the world and the Internet. It hasallowed people to express themselves through blogs, websites, pictures, andother user-generated media. Also it has allowed people to use thetechnologies to create finished products that go towards the media industry,society as a whole have been able to use technologies to help them do tasks.This procedure has allowed me through research and planning as I had thechance to have a vast variety of options open for me, and I was also able toadvertise my music video through social networks such as Facebook, Twitterand YouTube this has generated a target audience for me easily whereas inolder generations audience was created through advertisements on TV,newspaper article or word of mouth, therefore I believe technology hascontributed towards my final product as it has allowed me to create a targetaudience.Furthermore I have used new media technology to create my main productand ancillary texts because of the enhance in software’s and digitaltechnologies has proven to show a better presentation of information,therefore I was able to use sites such as xtranormal, prezzi and blogger topresent my research methods and also show evidence of the construction ofmy main product and ancillary text.Additionally in the construction process of my main product I used the Macbook for creating the soundtrack, the software Garage band allowed us tocreate a track out of scratch, however at first using this software was quitechallenging because I had never created a track before but because of certaintutorials available this has allowed me to develop skills without delay. Also thesoftware itself had basic instruments that we tried and tested and it had agreat melody matcher this process was very fun and we were all happy withthe end result of the soundtrack as it matches with our music video theme.
  2. 2. After we finished creating the soundtrack we recorded the artist’s vocals ontop of the track, Garage band has a certain function that allows voice to berecoded over the soundtrack this process was fairly easy however we did havesome problems with the voice because once the voice was recorded we couldnot hear the voice therefore we had to make sure the microphone was directlyopposite the mouth and the singer had to sing louder than usual.I also used the Mac book to edit our music video as we had used Final Cut Pro,the software allowed us to edit the footage promptly and the functions waseasy to use, however at times we had to always render the footage and we hadalso accidently lost a scene because we had pressed the incorrect key.Nevertheless we were able to retrieve the lost footage, and managed to finishthe editing process and music video itself on time. Also what I liked about FinalCut pro was that we were able to use the text writer and create a similarconcept of writing for the chorus like Kayne West ‘All of the lights’.Furthermore for the construction of my ancillary text I used my own laptop Iused the software Corel PaintShop Pro X4 it is similar to Photoshop CSpersonally I prefer using Corel PaintShop because it allows me to finish the taskquicker because I am able to play around with the functions and see what isavailable for me to use, therefore this was an alternative to Photoshopbecause I do not have Photoshop on my laptop, additionally I used the digitalcamera to take pictures for my digipak and magazine advert and whilstresearch existing magazine adverts and digipaks I used mostly the internet asthis was a faster and efficient way to help me research for my ancillary texts.Therefore whilst creating my main product the process was always dependenton new media technologies this is because the enhance in technology hasallowed society to do tasks efficiently.In addition during my research and evaluation stage the internet was my maindependency as I used YouTube to watch existing music videos and analysethem and create a mood board to help me with ideas for my own music video,furthermore I was also able to use Survey monkey which helped me create anonline questionnaire to send to my audience through Facebook and Twitterbecause this helped me understand what my audience would like to see in amusic video, also this was very reliable as I could view how many people had
  3. 3. completed the questionnaire and how many skipped the questions. ThereforeSurvey monkey allowed me to research and plan my ideas for a music video.Also to receive audience feedback we posted our music video on Facebook andYouTube therefore we were able to advertise the music video globally as manyviewers were able to view the video and comment whether they liked thevideo or not and what can be improved. This has helped me very much in myevaluation stage as I could see what we did wrong and what was correct, also Iwas able to see how we could have improved the music video to match theaudience’s preferences. Furthermore whilst I was creating my evaluation I usedXtranormal which is an online video maker, windows live movie maker which ison my laptop, prezzi an online zooming editor and slide share to uploadpresentations and word documents for online presentations. These are all thesites I used to construct my evaluation, they were very simple to use howeverat first I did not understand how to post the presentation on my blog but then Irealised I have to use the embed code to paste on my blog and post it so thatpeople can view my work.I believe because of the rise in technology I am able to present my workprofessionally and I am able to gather information and analyse documentsefficiently. Whereas few years ago I will not have been able to use technologyfor such work because I was quite novice to new media technology, but theexperience of using these technologies has allowed me to enhance my ownskills for future use.Additionally I was able to use my Blackberry a Smartphone to take pictures formy magazine advert and I was able to save my digipak as a jpeg file andadvertise my ancillary text through BBM therefore I was able to generate alarger audience of all ethnicity and gender for my media product. Similarly therise in smart phones also contributed to my evaluation stage as I was able togenerate feedback for my music video and was able to create a targetaudience.In conclusion I believe technology has helped me through the process ofmaking my main product and ancillary text very much as I was able to use awider range of variety to portray my skills in my work, and I have enjoyed themaking of my music video and I have learnt specific skills that will also help me
  4. 4. in the future because now I am able to create documents and presentationsusing a different variety of new media technology. Overall the construction,research and evaluation stages were largely dependent on technology;however I did use some paper based articles for inspirational ideas for mymagazine advert. Moreover the enhance in technology has allowed me and mygroup create and present our music video quicker and we was able to deliverthis to a large audience.